[KOR] New Premium Character—Kiss (키스). See [YouTube] Skill Motions.

Sword 2 Patch: June 15, 2010

Sword2 has received 3 patches during this week's maintenance, mostly minor bug fixes and text changes. See Weekly Maintenance.

Patch 117445
Updated datatable_locale.ies in ies.ipf.

Patch 117469
Updated uixml\contextpet.xml, uixml\refinelumin.xml, and uixml\versioninfo.xml in ui.ipf.
Updated the following files in ies.ipf.
  • datatable_buff.ies
  • datatable_info.ies
  • datatable_itembundle.ies
  • datatable_itemcharge.ies
  • datatable_item_consume.ies
  • datatable_item_costume.ies
  • datatable_item_etc.ies
  • datatable_job.ies
  • datatable_loadingtext.ies
  • datatable_map.ies
  • datatable_mission.ies
  • datatable_monster.ies
  • datatable_monsterai.ies
  • datatable_monster_shape.ies
  • datatable_tip.ies
  • datatable_warp.ies
  • npcgen_auch_basic.ies
  • npcgen_bah_basic.ies
  • npcgen_btl_sed01.ies
  • npcgen_btl_ust03.ies
  • npcgen_dun_bah01.ies
  • npcgen_dun_bah04.ies
  • npcgen_dun_bah04_nonpk.ies
  • npcgen_dun_bah05.ies
  • npcgen_dun_sed04.ies
  • npcgen_dun_sed04_nonpk.ies
  • npcgen_dun_ust04.ies
  • npcgen_dun_ust04_2.ies
  • npcgen_dun_ust05.ies
  • npcgen_dun_ust05_nonpk.ies
  • npcgen_reb_basic.ies
  • npcgen_reb_req.ies
  • usa\datatable_map.ies
Patch 117474
Updated uixml\loginui.xml in ui.ipf.

Game Version Number
As you may have noticed, the version number went up after maintenance from v1.0.1 to v1.0.5. I was hoping that G1 will at least maintain version consistency so it will be easy for players to reference other editions of Granado Espada. (By version consistency, I mean, for example if Sword2 v1.0.1 = GE v4.1.2, then Sword2 v1.0.5 = GE v4.1.6, etc. Basically, add a fixed number like 3.1.1 to Sword2 version number to get the version number of other GE.)

And referencing other GE editions is very useful, because up to now, G1 still haven't release the freaking patch notes for v4.1.2! (You can check Book of Wind: Patch Notes for kGE versions.) But nuuu! They just have to mess around with the version number to make it look "original".

Facebook Event
Sword2 Facebook is collecting "friends" for some freebies - 1k = Premium Wing Coupon, 5k = Veteran Promotion Scroll + Premium Wing Coupon, and 10k = 100% EXP Boost. See GoGo #Sword2 and Free Premium Wing Coupon.

This event just reminds me of a South Park episode aired in April 2010 about collecting Facebook "friends", entitled You Have 0 Friends. You can watch it online at South Park Episode Player or read a synopsis at Wikipedia.