Recruit Selene quest guide has been updated.

Sword 91: Silver Rosario

Athena (f/fig) finally mastered Hanging Guard, and acquired The Wasp (rapier) from Lightning Gate. Adorabelle (f/ele) started training Occultism and Augury after using 2 Symbols of Pisces. Dumping the unwanted jewels into the new Jewel Exchanger, they got 1 HQ Spodumene and 2 HQ Obsidian.

Meanwhile, Soteira (Helena) came along with the veterans to the Land of the Dead. There was a new NPC there along with the Door of Doubt... Fighting off zombies trying to eat her brain, Soteria (Helena) soon became a veteran herself and learnt Forgotten Magic.

After struggling with intermittent lag (168.5s ping!), they refined 84 Pure Otites with 64 Mysterious Powders. Some were used to craft Silver Rosario. Enchanting the rosario is like enchanting hammers and controllers... After getting lots of blanks, they decided to use Enchant Boosters and finally got some decent enchantments.

Max. Enchantment Limit for Silver Rosario:
DEF Rating +2, Max SP +20%, Max HP +15%, DEF +5, Fire/Ice/Lightning RES +8

Romina returned from Arsene Circus with Aiming Gloves and Chevalier Gauntlets. Arsene's Treasure Chest dropped Lv.100 Daemon Sword. Miata (Lv.69 Claire) got nothing out of summoning 5 Treasure Golems and 3 Chimeras in the low-level dungeons. Adorabelle (f/ele) looted Symbol of Libra, Symbol of Aries, and Symbol of Scorpio from 10 Team Arenas.

As if the lag in Land of the Dead wasn't enough, the family spent some time in Gigante Beach with Ahab (Alejandro) and got the new record ping of 336.75s! I bet other players on the beach think my shooters have ran out of bullets...

The family also purchased Premium Treasure Chest and received the following this week:
  1. [Draw] Offensive Filler x5
  2. [Win2] AM's Boost x3, HQ Emerald x5, L84 Enchantment Chip x15
  3. [Lost] Soul Crystal x1
  4. [Lost] Soul Crystal x1
The family received a quest mail to return to Errac on an issue regarding Holy Water Chamber in Al Quetz Moreza. The masters will probably visit there next week. Fritz and his martial arts challenge is just going to have to wait. There is no need to rush and complete everything so soon, leaving yourself with nothing to do in the months to come.

There were several also instanced raids available, but the family lacked either the materials required to access them, or the proper gear to do solo-raids (which most people seem to be doing). Bleh. The family heard reports of vast EXP rates and EXP Cards in the new Caebolan premium dungeon, but since there is only 1 Primordial Pass in the vault, it will be kept for the future in case of EXP Boost events.


Maki said…
gratz on the +2dr on yer rosary starstorm :3
Eugen said…
Please, made some guides for new instant raids.
Ashardalon said…
For the instanced raids, besides Book of wind linked above, see also Virgin2's blog...

Sharffenberger (aka Vergo): 悪魔に魂を売った男 and Aruse家の女たち ~グラングマの後継者探し~
Uraeus: 鍾乳洞の大ウナギ
Rafflesia: ラフレシアの洞窟
Eugen said…
Sorry, I don't know Japanese and google translator can't help. said…
so do you still have to pay Mystery Powder to get into land of dead?
Ashardalon said…
Yes, you do. But, as seen in the screenshot, the portal for the raid is inside Los Toldos, not the Land of the Dead.