Recruit Selene quest guide has been updated.

GE Renaissance Preview

GE-Korea has released a new GM Special Attack article on Granado Espada: Renaissance, which is supposed to be a new revision of the game. More to be revealed on June 17, 2010...

Toolbar has been revised. Added server clock (hell, yes!) and buttons for music, screen capture, and... something else. Zone map modified to color NPC names with ongoing quests.

You can customize your quarters/barracks even further... Current enchantments are now displayed in Enchant UI window. No need to move mouse over the item for each chip you used anymore.

Shiny Crystals are acquired from monster drops and quest rewards. They can be used to...
  • Buy pioneer equipment and potions from NPC
  • Insert into sockets as weak rumins (aka jewels)
  • Promote characters (but no stat, AR/DR increase) without Promotion Scrolls
  • Acquire veteran stance books (e.g. Mighty Cruz) without Mystery Powders

Update: For more shiny crystal information, see [GM TIP] 빛나는 수정.

Revised tutorial with immersion into world history and game story plots. Added new in-game character guides.

Added details for Quest window. Quest difficulty reduced. Added character wardrobe to preview costumes.

Costumes are now in a separate inventory tab. Several characters become free to recruit, including Irawan, Soso, Baek Ho, Angie, Calyce, Rio, Eduardo, and Kurt.

Enchantment Chips (up to Lv.84) are now sold by NPC. You need to complete certain quests before you are allowed to save start point in selected towns.


Almontri said…
Interesting revamp. But damnit, I wish I didn't get Ed, Caly and Irawain now. xD