Recruit Selene quest guide has been updated.

GE-SG v4.5.8 Update

GE-SG will be updating to v4.5.8 on June 24, 2010. However, some content will be locked (i.e. inaccessible until later), including Expert Stances (Blunt/Shotgun/Lute/Cannon), Catherine Torsche, and Asoka.

For more information, see the related links below.
Sigh. I wish Sword 2 had detailed articles and patch notes like this (see the first link above). Lots of new raid information are listed in the sub-articles.

Launch Events
There is EXP Boost +100% from June 24 to July 01, 2010. See Now Or Never! Leveling Opportunity!. There is also a promotion for purchasing game credits online. See Play hard is passe, try PLAYING HARDER!.

Sword 2: Revelations & Asoka
Some more news for Sword 2 is available as well. I assume Sword 2: Revelations will be v4.5. For more on Collector's Edition box, see G1 E3 News. Note that Asoka can only be recruited via a quest in GE-JP, and even that quest is available only during that specific event. See Asoka Visits Japan.

Our current plan is to patch Sword 2: Revelations in August or September. [Source]

We've made the decision to release the Sword 2 Patch Notes with the release of Sword 2 later this Summer. There are so many changes happening, it is hard to sit down and write them all up. But we will. [Source]

Due to major grumbling from imcGAMES, it appears we will be switching Asoka for Sorceress Emilia in the Collector's Edition. So the box will include both Emilia the Sage and Asoka. At the moment that is the only way to get the character planned. [Source]

  1. Asoka has no quest. She is intended to be the rarest UPC in the game.
  2. There is NO way we would sell her directly on the Feso shop or the Bazaar per imcGAMES' instructions.
  3. We are selling the CE online and will ship worldwide as previously stated.
  4. It is possible we will have more boxes available and we are still in talks with imcGAMES about this. One option that has arisen is having just an Asoka box or just an Emilia (Sorceress or Sage not sure yet) box. This would drive the price closer to $75 where we'd like it.
  5. If you are expecting Asoka to be available to everyone, CHANGE YOUR EXPECTATION. She's rare, not everyone will get her no matter how we implement her.
Oh yeah, and like War Rock's CE, it will be limited to one per household AND account. [Source]

So from this thread what I am gathering is... people are QQing for the addition of Asoka in the CE box??! If not in the CE box, Asoka will be available at a later point in time by some other means. So you don't want us to give you Asoka by ONE more additional method? [Source]