[KOR] New Premium Character—Kiss (키스). See [YouTube] Skill Motions.

Sword 2 Launch

Sword 2 (v1.0.7) has officially launched today, after being in Open Beta since June 2. The cash shop has been updated with the following items:
  • Citadel of the Gods Pass (1-day): 800 Gold
  • Skill Reset Manual: 1,000 Gold
  • 10 Summon Friend Scrolls: 100 Gold
The feso shop has been updated with the following items:
  • Stance Books - Amicus, Testis, Rapida Espada, Cauchemar: 500,000 feso
  • Summon Friend Scroll: 15,000 feso
Now, the price of Citadel of the Gods (aka Sacred Chaos Requiem) Pass is just ridiculous. This is because Secret Area Pass allows a player access to Secret Citadel of the Gods (i.e. non-PK version of the same map) for 200 Gold. Who in the right mind will spend 4 times the price just to go into a PK-enabled version of the same dungeon?

G1-Neume said the pass price is a mistake, and will be fixed in the next patch.1 No date is given, but my guess is next maintenance since changing one number shouldn't be that difficult. Ancient Area Pass costs 125 Gold, so a proper pricing should be about 150 or 175 Gold.

X-Trap has also been updated to 2779. See Sword 2 Official Launch and Sword 2 Patch Notes for more information.

EXP Boost +30% Event
EXP rates has been increased by +30% until July 20, 2010. Here's something to be thankful for, at least.

Patch 118263
Updated various data tables in ies.ipf.
Updated (.xml) files in uixml folder of ui.ipf for user interface.

Patch 118307
Updated datatables in ies.ipf.
Updated shared.ipf for feso shop.

Patch 118316
Updated datatable_itemcharge.ies in ies.ipf.


Tuyen Phan said…
you sure SA pass will still allow you to enter the SA side of Caeb? Currently Bristia server is too laggy for me, and I don't have much time to bother trying. Also I'm afraid the AA/SA bug is still around that makes the passes expire way before they are suppose to.
Ashardalon said…
Yes, it does. I'm in Caebolan SA now. SA Pass has also been designed to allow access into Caebolan SA. This is true for all other versions (sGE, kGE, etc.) as well.

On a related note, a friend just told me the Summon Friend Scroll package in cash shop is bugged. It gives only 1 scroll, when it claims to give 10 scrolls.
Tuyen Phan said…
Glad to know that. Also did they fix the time bug on those passes?