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Premium Treasure Chest: Sword 2 v1.0.1

Premium Treasure Chest (2150 Gold) has been updated for Sword 2 v1.0.1 (GE-US v4.1.2). For a basic idea of how this item works, see SotNW Wikia or Wiki of the New World. You can also talk to Leonardo Express NPC in-game for explanation on how to use Premium Treasure Chest.

Daily Treasure Chest Items
The daily item list can also be accessed by talking to Leonardo Express in-game. If multiple items are listed for a day, you must choose one to receive.

MonSoul Crystal
TueLegendary Treasure Chest
Triumph Filler
AM's Boost
Enchant Booster10
Upgrade Accelerator
Socket Flux
FriLv.26 Weapon/Armor Crystal1
SatWings (7 days)2
SunRing Box
Eyeglass Box

1 Choose any one: melee weapon, shoot weapon, metal armor, leather armor, coat armor, or robe armor. Strangely, magic weapon crystal is not listed.
2 Choose any one: Lucifer's Wings, Devil's Wings, Phoenix Wings, Baphomet Horn, Sylphic Wings, or Fairy Wings.

Mysterious Treasure Chest Items
If you choose Mysterious Treasure Chest option, you receive a random item from the list below. This list is derived from datatable_premiumtreaurerand.ies inside ies.ipf file of the current v4.1.2 client.

Metal Armor Crystal - Lv.2621.5%
High Quality Sapphire21.5%
Lv.100 Enchantment Chip31.5%
Leather Armor Crystal - Lv.2621.5%
Melee Weapon Crystal - Lv.2621.5%
Shoot Weapon Crystal - Lv.2621.5%
Progressive Mithridart102.0%
Recipe - Red Arsene Circus Ticket12.0%
Progressive Painkiller102.0%
Quarters Slot Permit12.0%
Progressive Vitamin102.0%
High Quality Ruby32.0%
Recipe - Blue Arsene Circus Ticket12.0%
Andre's Costume Box52.0%
Karjalain Box52.0%
High Quality Emerald52.0%
Soul Crystal53.0%
Ring Box22.5%
Veteran G EXP Card13.0%
Lv.96 Enchantment Chip53.0%
Warp Scroll Coupon23.0%
Progressive Analeptic Remedy103.0%
Mysterious Powder53.0%
Lv.90 H EXP Card63.0%
Upgrade Accelerator23.0%
Enchant Booster53.0%
Triumph Filler53.0%
Mystic Potion52.5%
Lv.84 Enchantment Chip152.5%
Lv.92 Enchantment Chip82.0%
Eyeglass box52.0%
Pure Otite32.0%
Drop Manual - Expert (1 day)12.0%
Recipe - Green Arsene Circus Ticket12.0%
AM's Boost32.0%
Boost Potion52.0%
Defensive Fillers52.0%
Offensive Fillers52.0%
Otite Perfume11.5%
Memoirs: Veteran51.5%
Coat Armor Crystal - Lv.2621.5%
Socket Flux11.5%
Robe Armor Crystal - Lv.2621.5%
Black Oxide21.5%
Damaged Ancient Polish10.5%
Polish: Veteran40.5%
Combat Manual: Master (7 Day)10.5%
Symbol of Libra10.5%
Symbol of Taurus10.5%
Symbol of Leo10.5%
Symbol of Aquarius10.5%
Symbol of Aries10.5%
Symbol of Pisces10.5%
Symbol of Scorpio10.5%
Symbol of Sagittarius10.5%
Symbol of Capricorn10.5%
Symbol of Gemini10.5%


Amalielle said…
NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO i win 1 today, and forgot it's EBs day.. so i got 15 lvl 84 chips and otite perfume QQ