Update v27.96.08 v27.93.80 delayed to May 30, 2017. Best Blowout Support Event until July 04.  

The following patch notes are translated from Korean live servers. American server is currently at v22.19.56.

For earlier versions, see Patch Highlights v22.19.56 ~ v22.38.05.

  • Revised [Saint Shot] stance. 
    • Fixed [Promise] skill bugs.
    • [Saint Mark] and Sesil's [Hunting Target] statuses do not stack.
    • [Punishment] skill does not increase damage due to [Saint Mark].
  • Revised Knight of Chaos mission.
    • Normal difficulty - removed Armonia Gloves Recipe.
    • Hard difficulty - increased overall mission difficulty, damage/HP of monsters.
    • Faster action cycles for Dullahan monsters.
  • Revised Abyss bosses in Armonia El Templo.
    • Revised skill range from 12m to 20m.
    • Increased overall damage. Reset target after some time. Teleport back to its spot with HP recovery if lured too far away.
  • Renamed Dark Priest to Priest of Fear mission.
  • Deleted enhanced levels of general equipment dropped by monsters.
  • Fixed Recruit Grandies quest dialogue issue.
  • Revised UI for party information and profile.
  • Started Natalie's Summer Event for Natalie's Summer Costume Set.

  • Added Enhanced Soul Crystals in Feso Shop (50,000 F).
  • Fixed various quest issues.
  • Started Solve the Curse Event for Beatrice/Cano's Summer Costumes, Capybara/Cockatrice Costumes.

  • Revised Rumble Fight trial further.
  • Reduced drop rate in Prison de Joaquin Gehenna Bridge, El Lago de Tres Hermanas, Dr. Torsche's Mansion Annex, and Skeleton Dungeon 2F.
  • Fixed various issues for old quests. 
  • Started Jane's 60 Minutes Event for Mary/Cherlyn's Summer Costumes.
  • Added new character - Jane , available in Lyndon Box (includes Sierra's Summer Costume).
  • Modified enhancement system to allow use of Dazzling Ores to prevent enhancement downgrade upon failure. Available for AR34+ weapons and DR32+ armors. See [GE韓測22.59.51] +7+8不是夢? 強化武防防降級功能追加 .
  • Modified Faction List (Alt+Y) and Group Chat (Ctrl+G) UI.
  • Added confirmation notice for character creation.
  • Removed old pillars from Prophet's Forest zone map, so you cannot move there by clicking on the map.
  • Started Legendary King Crab Event for Claire's Short Hair.

  • Added Armonia Episode 3 scenario. See Armonia Episode 3 Mini-Site .
  • Added new map - Armonia Gloria, accessible from Armonia El Templo (K7).
  • Added new character - Patrick . His recruitment quest begins after completing Armonia Episode 3 scenario.
  • Added new mission - Mage of Madness.
    • 3-12 players can join from Memento Mori Bible in Armonia Apostadero.
  • Added new Armonia artifacts, including unique ones for Laura and Sirius.
  • Modified enhancement system. Reduced Dazzling Ores consumed for DR32 armors, increased for DR33+ armors.
  • Modified Holy Water of Armonia effect to provide surplus levels as [Sanctity] buff after removing [Degenerate] debuff. 
    • For e.g., when used with Lv.15 [Degenerate] debuff, the character gains Lv.5 [Sanctity] buff.