Best Blowout Support Event 2017 until July 04 (Europe) or Aug 23 (USA).  

Magic Circle 21 (Korea) is now available from Sep 29 to Oct 12, 2011. Other notable rewards include Ion Character Card, 777 Veteran Enchantment Chips, 50 Socket Flux, 3 Rose Wings (90 days), and Pet Box (Phobitan) + 200 Pet Food.

Rougeannoir Costume Set • Body Costume + Hair (Kurt)
Party Dress - Fireball • Body Costume (Ludin)

According to the data tables, there are actually 9 different variant textures for Ludin's Party Dress Costume. These variants are tentatively named Birthday, 100 Point, Amusement Park, First Step, Speak, Friend, Fireball, Brother, and Zoo. So many variant textures... IMC is running out of design ideas...

In addition, there are also 2 new costumes designated for Taiwan - Amis Malataw Costume Set (f/wiz) and Lion Dance Costume (m/mus). I will post about them some other day.

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[韓國]21차 신비한 매직 서클 오픈 안내
이번달매직 - 커트

See Party Missions for general overview of party missions. This party mission works in the same way as the normal Sharffenberger mission. If you can't take on the mobs, move everybody to a mob-free area first (e.g. I7, E4).  Use a high DEF Rating fighter as a main tank to lure Sharffenberger over.

Fury Sharffenberger has high ATK Rating and has a high chance to inflict [Stun] status. This can be removed with Refresh Mind from [Tactical Assistance] stance. Likewise, [Fear] and [Ritardi] status can be removed with Recover from [Medic] stance.

If the main tank is having problems, allocate more fighters on both sides. If the main tank dies, the secondary tanks should spam Provoke skill. His DEF is relatively high, so you can bypass it with [Shock] status using lightning elementalists, or just use skills with [Ignore DEF] property.

Since this party mission is similar to the field raid version, see Wiki of the New World: Raids for more recommendations or tactics. See also クエスト/シャペンベルガーザカース 党.

Warwolf76 (Korea) has updated his Black Skin for September 2011. To download, go to 블랙스킨 수정판, and click on the .zip files on the top-right corner of the post. There are 3 .zip files:

  • 블랙스킨 = skin pack (unzip into release\user\skin folder)
  • 폰트_기본.zip = default font
  • 폰트_떡볶이.zip = custom font

The custom font is the one so often seen in various Korean screenshots. To setup, simply copy font.ies into Granado Espada\ge folder. Rename the original for back-up. I have been looking for this font for some time, I'm glad someone finally upload it. It is a bit small though, but it reduces the likelihood that NPC quest dialogues will be cut off due to text space.

There is another nice skin here, but unfortunately, the post doesn't include any download links.

We are still taking things slowly this week, so there isn't much to report. Thelandira (f/mus) and Artemisia (Calyce) reached Master Lv.8 inside Castilla Relic mission. The weekly Griffon mission dropped Symbol of Aquarius and Symbol of Sagittarius. We got another Eye of Veilant Recipe from Joaquin Underground Prison missions. We managed to solo raid the mission once, using a subsidiary (mule/alt) family to start, and got L100 Weapon and 2 ASO Boxes... It seems like soloing is too much trouble for too little loot.

We went to Reboldeaux and commissioned Claude to craft +5 The Wits of Gemini (knuckle) and +3 Golden Feet (gaiters). The knuckle was rather friendly so far. It was upgraded to +7 with 60 Upgrade Accelerators, 2 Lacquers +5: Expert, and 2 Lacquers +6: Expert. The final enchantment [ATK + ATK Speed + Stun + Lightning/Mental ATK + Golem] was obtained after 33 Veteran Enchantment Chips and 33 Enchant Sedatives.

Unfortunately, the Golden Feet (gaiters) turned out to be cursed. When we first saw its default +3 upgrade with no socket, we already suspected it. The enchantment used 603 L100 Enchantment Chips to finally get [ATK + Fire ATK + Golem], with a rather low ATK percentage. We even had to re-enchant [ATK Rating +1] 5 times, and [ATK Rating +3] once. The upgrading process turned out to be even worse. It used a total of 780 Upgrade Accelerators, 17 Lacquers +5: Veteran, and 34 Lacquers +6: Veteran... and the blasted thing still remained at +6! Worst upgrading failure ever! From +6 to +7 is 25% (1 in 4) success rate with maximum Upgrade Accelerators... how can it fail 17 times?! This is ridiculous. We are totally poor now, so opening sockets will have to wait.

The Devourers have more promotions this week. Get 1 free Elegant Pandera Jacket Costume for every 3,500 Gold purchased during Sep 23-25, 2011. It seems like they are bringing out the old variant textured costumes, so we may be seeing White Bone Frame and White Dragon Coat costumes soon. You may preview them in My Dress Room from the top menu.

There were 5 disconnections this week. During the weekend, servers were closed for all 3 towns (both channels) in Orpesia. As a result, party missions were postponed.

As some players have already noticed from other blogs, there are variant textures for Dignite costumes (female only), currently available only via events for Japanese servers. The last costume of this series is Special Dignite Costume for Female Wizard.

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Imperial Wheel V (Japan) has been updated for Sep 21-28, 2011. Other featured rewards include Fate of Castilla (DR31 metal armor), Bracelet of Lust (elemental bracelet), Zweihander of Soul (great sword), Lamentation of Einschwer (pistol costume), and [Punisher] stance book. Click on image below for full-size view.

Revolver of Revenge
Pistol • ATK Rating 33 • ATK 277
ATK +5% (13) • Penetration +6 • Accuracy +15

Axe of Lie
Polearm • ATK Rating 33 • ATK 382
ATK +3% (15) • Penetration +6 • Fire/Ice/Lightning/Mental ATK +3 • ATK Speed +10%

Gaiters of Gluttony
Gaiters • ATK Rating 33 • ATK 161
ATK +3% (8) • Penetration +8 • Fire/Ice/Lightning/Mental ATK +3 • DEF +8 • Stun 4%

Evil's Desires
Weapon Costume • Great Sword

Evil's Aversion
Weapon Costume • Special (Elemental) Bracelet

Silence of Ignisia
Weapon Costume • Polearm

Repress of Spirica
Weapon Costume • Staff

Oro Oryza Costume Set
Body Costume + Hair • Soso
See 『グラナドエスパダ』日本オリジナルコスチューム大事典 47 for concept art of this costume. 

Vermelho Panthera Costume
Body Costume • Female Wizard
Variant texture for Pendera Jacket Costume

Every time I see the stance books in these web games, I keep getting the idea that Lionel and Valeria are supposed to be a new type of promotional characters. Unlike the old promotional characters (e.g. Emilia the Sage), you can get the character, but they are somewhat useless until you get the stance books. You can get the books in-game, but the drop rate is torturously low, so as to encourage players to "gamble" for them in web games. See also [PPL] Update 4 Opened!.

Hanbiton (Korea) has released a new update preview - 업데이트 미리보기 - 신규 영입 NPC 이온. All information may be subject to further changes before official release.

1. Prince of Ice
Ion is related to Archduke Felipe. After the loss of Catherine Torsche from the control of the Ten Nobles, Ion leaves his homeland to find her. His recruitment quest begins in Viron and requires Catherine Torsche. His stances are [Possession Ice] and his unique expert stance [Frost], using 2 ice bracelets. His skills include dealing [Freeze] status. The expert stance book involved Elmorc and requires Symbol of Cancer. He is included in Torsche's Dream team buff.

See Blue Moon Waltz: Ion for character details. See here for videos of [Frost] skills.

2. Telekinesis
A new wizard-only stance has been added - [Telekinesis], an advanced form of [Psychokinesis]. Unlike [Darkness], this new stance focuses on long range, multiple-target damage skills, with long casting time. It is not a levitation-type stance. The stance book can be acquired from Emilia with Symbol of Leo.

See 텔레키네시스 10렙 / 12렙 for Korean screenshot of the stance bonus and skills. See here for videos of [Telekinesis] skills. See 신규 스탠스 텔레키네시스 - 위자드의 새로운 전성기? for Korean article on the stance.

3. Costume Exchanger
Costumes will have 2 grades, and can be exchanged via a machine added to Gigante Port. You can exchange only costumes of the same type - head (hair, face, hat) and body. Using higher grade costumes for exchange will more likely to result in limited edition costumes (i.e. costumes found in web games, such as Magic Circle).

See also 새로워진 기간떼 섬! 신규 콘텐츠와 이벤트가 가득.

4. Chamber of Secrets
You can enter the Chamber of Secrets from Gigante Port. The first entry costs 1,000,000 vis, and subsequent entries 500,000 vis. Rewards include Costume Box and Gigante Lucky Coupon, which can be exchanged at the entrance. The rewards seem to be progressive, so the more you do, the better stuffs get.

See also 새로워진 기간떼 섬! 신규 콘텐츠와 이벤트가 가득.

5. New Missions
There will be 2 new missions. Deforestation Disaster mission involved recovery of 100 wood supplies. Debuffs and monsters will interfere with the operation.

Fury Auto Baron party mission will be added to challenge players who cleared Curse of Red Sunset Forest mission. When you defeat him, you can click on roulette box to end the mission. Alternatively, you can click on the scattered parts to re-spawn a more powerful Auto Baron with better rewards. Apparently, the mission gives you time to take screenshots... It has a low chance of dropping [Punisher] stance book.

6. Mission Revisions
Secret Tower has been revised. Silver Medal is still used to access it. There are 4 floors. There will be an item that increases the size of specific ghoul monsters in the 1st floor. The 3rd floor is divided into 2 stages, involving 2 General Guard Followers. Rewards (chips, etc.) are generally improved.

You no longer need 3 families to start Arsene Circus mission. However, it is still MCC1. Roulette will be added. Arsene's Secret Vault will be revised next.

See also 체험 그라 현장! 국민 미션 '궁', 이렇게 변했다.

7. Evil Weapon Missions & Quests
All Evil Weapon quests start in Viron. You must complete Lucifer's Castle Garden quests, including Time Paradox quest, to proceed. There are 4 missions and you can do it once per day. You can collect the required crafting items inside the missions.

  1. Rose (v9.2.1): Evil Cannon and Main-Gauche 
  2. Arbremon (v9.4.2): Evil Knuckle and Gaiters
  3. Sauterelle (v9.6.1): Evil Staff, Rod, and Lute 
  4. Nephthys (Pending Update): Evil Bracelets (fire, ice, lightning, special)

8. Graphics Engine Update
This is still currently under development. You can enable real-time display of light-and-shadow renders.

To: Office of Pioneering Support

Nothing much happened this week. There are still unsettled matters in Vespanola, so we will be reducing our activities in Granado Espada for a while. Qilue (f/sco) reached Master Lv.10 inside Castilla Relic mission. Pazuzu (STF) also mastered [Hapkido] stance.

The weekly Griffon mission dropped Elite Le Blanc (mus) Recipe, Symbol of Aquarius, and Symbol of Leo. The 2 Team Arena missions dropped Symbol of Aries. The weekly party missions dropped:

  • [Fury Farm] L96 Elite Armor Recipe, White Gold Bar + L100 Armor, L84 Elite Armor
  • [Fury Rafflesia] L100 Weapon, L84 Elite Weapon + 2 White Gold Bars
  • [Fury Sharffenberger] Dragon Heart Recipe, White Gold Bar + L92 Elite Armor Recipe, L100 Armor
  • [Fury Uraeus] L100 Weapon, L84 Elite Armor + L84 Elite Armor, Kobold Weapon Recipe
  • [Fury Griffon] L84 Elite Armor, Le Noir Recipe + L84 Elite Armor, Shiny Crystal Chest
Since some time ago, Leticia has been surreptitiously kidnapped and replaced by The Devourers. These alien merchants, known to "magically mesmerise customers into buying high priced merchandise that is actually worthless trash", sell their wares in Bazaar of the Bizarre, which can be magically accessed anywhere on any map via top menu button. Their latest promotion features Quinzel's Surprise X and Raiden's Box X, which include Ixia Costume (Grace), Lord Eye Patch (Grenmah), Freesia Costume (Viki), Dragon's Fury Spear (AR32 polearm), and Crystal Shooter (AR30 shotgun). These are the last boxes of the series, but we are sure there will be other boxes replacing them unless they launch the web game Dominus soon. (See Revelations of a Centaur.)

In addition, Curling Perm (f/ele) has been injected to those families who bought Gold during last weekend, so we purchased one for Adorabelle (f/ele) from the market for 4m vis. This weekend also features Straight Perm (m/wiz) for buying 2,500 Gold.

There were 5 disconnections this week.

See [v8.5 Feature] Clock Tower Raid for introduction to this MCC1 raid mission. Each level requires a key, which must be crafted from the recipes. The full materials required for each level are as follows:

Level Naraka Pure Otite Token Iron Ore Shiny Crystal
2 Lu x2 5 Veteran x1 10 50
3 Beel x2 5 Veteran x1 10 50
4 Al x2 10 Veteran x1 20 50
5 Mo x2 10 Veteran x1 20 50
6 Ma x2 15 Veteran x1 30 50
7 Than x2 15 Veteran x1 30 50
8 He x2 20 Expert x1 40 50
9 Than x2 20 Expert x1 40 50
10 He x2 25 Expert x1 50 50
11 Symbol x1 25 Expert x1 50 50
12 Symbol x1 30 Expert x1 50 50
Lost Symbol x1 30 Expert x1 50 50

Pieces of Naraka are acquired from Devil's Seal repeatable quest from the Enchantment Merchant in Viron. They also drop in Viron forests. Symbols of Naraka are acquired by processing the pieces at the same NPC.

Pure Otites are acquired from Los Toldos. In v7.5.1, you may also enter Land of the Dead by using 100 Shiny Crystals instead of 1 Mystery Powder, and can get up to 5 Pure Otites per quest. So farming them in v6.7 may not be cost-efficient due to the low amount of Pure Otites (max. 2) per quest.

Tokens are acquired from Bounty Hunter's Guild, either as roulette reward or quest reward for hunting the normal mobs. Expert Tokens can only be acquired from Accursed Occulta mission. Veteran Tokens can be acquired from Accursed Skeleton Dungeon, Accursed Bahamar, and Accursed Sedecram missions.

Iron Ores can be farmed from Castilla Mine and Castilla Relic. Tempered Pickax are sold by Ancient Magic Merchant in Castilla Ruins for 500 feso per set of 100 pickaxes (i.e. 5 feso each). Solid Pickax are sold in Castilla Garrison 1 for 1,500 vis each; if used as a basis for comparison, the feso-to-vis rate is 1:300. Depending on your server's feso rate, Tempered Pickax may be the most cost-efficient one to use. Note that pickaxes are not tradable.

This data is extracted from Granado Espada: Singapore client (v8.5).

See Party Missions for general overview of party missions. This party mission is somewhat similar to Panfilo's Protector of the Cows quest mission, which uses Rion Praire map. The objective is to protect the cows/bulls from wolves, destroy the 4 colonies, and kill Gray Wolf Boss.

Wolves (L90 Life) will come towards the cows, then return to the boss after killing a cow. If a cow is killed, there will be a zone notice, saying: The wolves killed the cow and they are returning to Gray Wolf Boss with the meat. There are [number] cows remaining. Do not let all the cows die.

If you kill the wolf before it reaches the boss, there will be a zone notice, saying: You have stopped the wolf from offering the meat to Gray Wolf Boss. Otherwise, the zone notice will say: The wolves successfully offered the meat to Gray Wolf Boss.

Send 1-2 shooters to destroy the far colonies at top left and bottom right. Kill any wolf on the way. Everybody else go towards the boss. On the way there, kill all wolves and destroy the 2 colonies near the boss before attacking it. If you take too long, the colonies may respawn, so keep a lookout on them.

Gray Wolf Boss (L110 Life) has lots of hit points, but poor Mind RES, so debuff lands on it often. Capitalize on this fact. Elementalists can inflict [Shock] status on it with +6 or +7 Bracelets of Ziz. Ranged and melee characters can try to inflict [Fear] or [Stun] status with the appropriate weapons.

After a while, there will be a zone notice, saying: Gray Wolf Boss has become very weak due to extreme hunger. When this happens, it will weaken until its stats eventually become reduced to: ATK Rating 39, ATK 21,918, DEF Rating 55, DEF 325, Fire/Ice/Lightning RES -4, and Mental RES -5.

If the wolves have offered meat to the boss (see above), the zone notice will say: Gray Wolf Boss has forgotten about his hunger after eating the meat served for him. Remaining meat: [number] pieces. This essentially means the boss has regained its original stats.

See also クエスト/狂気の牧場 and Fury Farm - Fight Brasil.

To: Office of Pioneering Support

Our family spent 2 more days in Secret Area of Caebolan this week. Both Selene (Asoka) and Ambrosia (Emilia) reached Master Lv.8, while Ryuk (Kurt) and Tlazolteotl (Ania) reached Expert Lv.6 and Lv.3 respectively. Tlazolteotl (Ania) finally mastered [Gorgeous] stance. This raised the family to Lv.46+3.

Willikins (Raven) was promoted to Expert Lv.1, and led us to the secret passage into Lucifer Castle. But it turned out that Montoro's curse could control his mind as well, so he attacked us along with the Red Hair Fighter. After their defeat, Willikins (Raven) returned to his senses, but his secret passage was blocked by a barrier. Despite the failure to infiltrate the castle, Willikins (Raven) acquired [Croisement] stance book.

We brought Magic Shoes Recipe to Andre for crafting, then threw 14 Veteran Enchantment Chips on it to get some decent enchantments. We also went on a relic exchanging spree, and traded in 1080 Gold Relic Pieces (360 exchanges) costing a total of 3,240,000 feso. Most of them yielded Ancient Gold Relics, but we also received 2 Symbols of Pisces, 5 Symbols of Virgo, Symbol of Capricorn, Symbol of Cancer, and Symbol of Sagittarius. There were way too much crap recipes as well.

We did one random run of Castilla Relic and received Elite Le Blanc (ele) and Elite Inviardeco. We also visited Castilla Tower of Chaos twice, once getting up to Light Gemini. We didn't get anything worth mentioning, but a clan member got Elite Le Noir (wiz) Recipe from the roulette. We entered the Whirlpool of Flame once again, and returned with Hell Slayer (polearm) and Le Noir (wiz).

Griffon mission dropped Symbol of Leo and Symbol of Scorpio, and 7 Team Arena missions dropped Symbol of Aries and Symbol of Scorpio. We have not done Uraeus mission since the last update, and so we went to visit the serpent again. And of course, it dropped 2 Mega Talt as expected, as well as Le Noir (mus).  Crow Forest missions also yielded Symbol of Gemini and Master B (5.2m) EXP Card. The party missions also provided 2 Constellation Symbols:
  • [Fury Farm] 2 HQ Gems
  • [Fury Rafflesia] Symbol of Scorpio, L92 Elite Armor Recipe + L100 Armor, Elemental Jewel
  • [Fury Sharffenberger] Le Noir Recipe, White Gold Bar + L84 Elite Armor, Shiny Crystal Chest
  • [Fury Uraeus] Le Noir Recipe, L100 Armor + White Gold Bar, Shiny Crystal Chest
  • [Fury Griffon] 2 L84 Elite Armors + Dullahan's Weapon Recipe, Symbol of Capricorn
Lately, one of the persistent Spanish trolls in Orpesia have used an alternate/mule - Valerious† family - to borrow high-end equipment on the pretext of being unable to complete certain high-level quests. Some well-meaning clan members loaned out their equipment to help out a weaker member, and of course, he shamelessly abused the trust and absconded with the ill-gotten gains. See here for a victim's forum topic.

Seriously, if such individuals need to debase themselves as to resort to theft, then they should go and rob banks for real money. Stealing virtual items is just petty and pathetic. We therefore urged the office to inform pioneer families not to lend out high-end equipment without asking for a collateral of equal value, since the management (G1) will not intervene in player-to-player transactions. Just because someone is of the same clan, it does not mean he would not pull off a scam. Having an in-game loan function is a really good idea, but IMC would probably take forever to implement it. (Consider how long they took just implement an in-game clock!)

Interestingly enough, a colony-holding clan, whose one or more core leader/member(s) is/are close to the above-mentioned trolls [see comments], have once again recruited the colony bug exploiter, the player of Hard‡Core family, under (yet another) new alias/family.

In any case, we have examined the various monster and recipe data for Viron Clock Tower, and have passed the information on to a few families. Perhaps, we will make a proper report on it when we are free at a later date. There were 7 disconnections this week, once during Team Arena and Party Arena.

See Party Missions for general overview of party missions. This party mission is similar to the normal Uraeus mission and field raid, except that there are additional 4 colonies and 2 Fury Reydeavaricia (i.e. King of Greed) at the egg area. The 4 colonies must be destroyed to remove the 4 buffs granted to the monsters.
  • [Explosion of Insanity]: Monster's ATK and ATK Rating increases greatly. 
  • [Control of Insanity]: Monster's DEF and DEF Rating increases greatly.
  • [Despair of Insanity]: Monster's Recovery and RES increases greatly.
  • [Agony of Insanity]: Monster's Movement Speed and ATK Speed increases greatly.
Otherwise, it is the same raid sequence - destroy eggs (do not hit the minions to avoid debuff) and kill Uraeus 4 times. Alternatively, you can designate 1 or 2 families to take care of the minions using strong area effect skills.

If the squad has problems getting pass Reydeavaricia, lure Reydeavaricia away from the egg area with 4-5 shooters. When a shooter dies, the other step up to continue luring. When Reydeavaricia has been lured away, others move in to destroy the colonies. If you still cannot kill Reydeavaricia, lure them away then die. You do not need to kill Reydeavaricia to complete the mission. The dead families can re-join the mission (i.e. return to town first) as long as the mission is still open (i.e. 5 minutes after starting).

Otherwise, destroy all eggs and kill Uraeus 4 times just like the normal raid. Uraeus cannot be hit by melee characters, so bring ranged characters. Calyce does well against Uraeus, since it has hard armor. Use Recover from [Medic] stance to remove normal [Poison] status, or Refresh Mind from [Tactical Assistance] stance to remove [Stun] status. Use Ignore Harm from [Incantation] stance for a chance to ignore debuffs. Do not hit Uraeus Minions or you will be afflicted [Uraeus Poison] status.

If you take too long, new colonies and Reydeavaricia may respawn. If this happens, just repeat the same thing above. If Uraeus disappears from view, minimize/maximize Character View Distance under Game Options (Alt-O).

See クエスト/ウレウス 党.

See Party Missions for general overview of party missions. Basically, you need to kill 8 Fury Griffons, then kill Fury Griffon Leader. Unlike Griffon field raid, there is no Griffon Egg. The annotated map below shows the approximate locations of the 8 Fury Griffons. (However, they can move about and be dragged by players.) Leave a comment if there are major discrepancies in the locations.

 All Fury Griffons have the same skill sets (icy poke, jump slam) as field raid version, except they are more powerful. Each Fury Griffon has slightly different stats, ranging from L100 to L115. They have very weak defenses, but very strong attacks. Killing them is not as much a problem as surviving their attacks.

Scouts should stay out of the Griffons' attack areas, and prepare to revive any fallen characters. Use Magic Barrier from [Incantation] stance to gain 30% chance to ignore Griffons' area attacks. Melee attackers can tank it by using Ropera (90% negate magic attack at Lv.12) from [Rapiere] stance. Con Impeto from [Prelude] stance should help a bit as well. Their skills may cause [Confusion] status, which can be removed with Refresh Mind from [Tactical Assistance] stance. Elementalists should take advantage of their low Fire RES for maximum effect.

Once a griffon dies, there will be a zone notice, saying: There are [number] Griffons remaining. So run around the map, and hunt down all the griffons. Once the last griffon dies, there will be a zone notice, saying: Insane Griffon has appeared somewhere in Vegas Javier. Fury Griffon Leader (L104 Life) will appear at a random location. Find and kill it in the same manner as the lesser chickens.

See also クエスト/グリフォン 党.

A couple of players have asked me about the party missions. I will revise and post a preview guide that I translated previously for Phalanx clan during v5.0 before these missions were officially released in Sword 2. Stronger clans can use brute force to just bull-doze their ways through these missions, but weaker clans may need to use some tactics to better manage the raids.

Only the clan leader (and vice leaders) can start these missions. Once started, there will be a cross-swords icon on the right side of the screen (i.e. between the mini-map and the chat window). Move your mouse cursor over it to show the mission name, number of participants, and remaining time before mission closes. Click on it to enter the mission. The mission entry closes 5 minutes after the clan leader starts it.

You can check the status for these missions in Clan window (Alt-Y) under Party Mission tab. If it says Reentry OK, it means the cool-down has completed and the clan leader can start the mission by clicking on the button. If it says Allowed to Enter, it means the mission has started and you may join in right away.

Since these missions are roulette-based, try to fill up as many as slots as possible for maximum loot with alternate/mule families. You can check the clan ranking on these missions via Top Menu - Battle Zone - Party Mission Ranking. The ranking should be time-based. If your clan score for a specific party mission is one of the top 10 ranks, there will be a server-wide notice, saying: [clan name] Party has achieved [mission name]: Rank [number] in party mission.

Party Mission Information
Participants: 5-30 (v6.7), 5-50 (v8.5) families
Starting Cost: 50 Shiny Crystals
Duration: 60 minutes
Frequency: approximately 1/week (specifically 10,000 minutes)
Reward: Roulette (2 items*) - Dragon Heart Recipe, Le Scarce (DR30), Constellation Symbol, DR28-29 Armor Recipe, AR31 Weapon Recipe, L100 Equipment, L84 Elite Equipment, White Gold Bar, HQ Gem, Rare Gem (e.g. Siren's Scale), Rare Gem Recipe, Shiny Crystal Chest, etc.

Note (*): In v8.5, roulette allows you to pay some vis for an additional roulette item. Thanks to Christus and Panther for the information.

There must be at least 5 participating families for party missions within the first few minutes. Otherwise, the mission will end in failure. After the initial participant verification, any disconnection will not affect the mission even if the number of participants drop below 5.

List of Party Missions
Links will be updated above when the mission entry has been posted. See also 公会全副本攻略贴.

To: Office of Pioneering Support

We have finally decided to craft Eye of Veilant (great sword). We gave the recipe to Claude who crafted it with only +4 and 1 socket, then stupid Idge kept failing the upgrading process. We re-enchanted ATK 22% • Stun 8% • ATK Rating +2 since nobody wanted to trade for it. The weapon was finally processed to +7 ATK • Undead 3S, after consuming 240 Upgrade Accelerators, 6 Lacquers +5: Expert, 8 Lacquers +6: Expert, 32 Socket Flux, 214 Enchant Sedatives, and 214 Veteran Enchantment Chips. This bloody weapon used up 75% of the $40 ESN Code we bought last week, so that's 750m vis just for +7 upgrade, using Enchant Sedatives, and opening 3 sockets.

Selene (Asoka) took her new great sword to the Secret Area of Caebolan, and tested it out on Heavenly Vespanola Soldiers. As she trained others, Selene (Asoka) herself reached Master Lv.4, while Pazuzu (STF) reached Master Lv.5 and started training [Hapkido] stance after buying it for 1.5m feso. Willikins (Raven) was promoted to Veteran Lv.4, while Tlazolteotl (Ania) was promoted to Expert Lv.1, so the family bought her [Gorgeous] stance book from Feso Shop for 850,000 feso. She started training the new stance using a borrowed tonfa.

Griffon mission dropped Symbol of Cancer and Symbol of Taurus, while 6 Team Arena missions yielded only Symbol of Capricorn. We completed 7 Occulta Bounty Hunts, and received the first worthwhile reward so far - Magic Shoes Recipe. Crow Forest missions also yielded 2 Pieces of Naraka and 1 Letizia Shiny Box. All other missions just dropped junks as usual. The party missions went as follows:
  • Mad Farm: L84 Elite Armor, Siren's Scale Recipe + L84 Elite Armor, Kobold Weapon Recipe
  • Mad Rafflesia: Dragon Heart Recipe, L100 Weapon + DR28 Armor Recipe, Symbol of Leo
  • Mad Sharffenberger: L100 Armor, HQ Emerald + L100 Armor, L84 Elite Armor
  • Mad Uraeus: L100 Armor, L84 Elite Armor + L84 Elite Armor, White Gold Bar
  • Mad Griffon: Werebear Weapon Recipe, DR28 Armor Recipe + L100 Weapon, White Gold Bar
  • Party Arena: DR29 Armor Recipe, White Gold Bar
Sadly, as some pioneers may have already noticed, Blue Moon Waltz has stopped translations and removed patch notes due to information theft (i.e. reproduction of information/pictures without permission and/or proper attribution of sources). Materials on Granado Espada are in no way part of an academic thesis, and thus do not require strict bibliographical citations, but it does not mean that attribution can be completely ignored. For one thing, plagiarism and other abuses of information simply discourage more people from sharing freely in the first place.

There were 8 disconnections this week, once inside Joaquin Underground Prison.

Granado Espada (Singapore) has released Oath of Allegiance (v8.5) update. X-Trap is currently v3472. See the following for new game features and related articles:

See also Punisher: Which Skill Not To Max? forum topic. Players have been known to open 200-600 Letizia Shiny Boxes to get [Punisher] stance book. [Source]

See A Short Guide to Alliance War for player perspectives. 

Crafting Devil Weapons requires 100 Symbols of Naraka, 3 Ambrosia, 2 L35 Weapon Crystals, 200 Devil's Dream, and 50 Cortes' Delights/Nephthys' Otites/etc. See Wordwood: Granado Espada (Korea) Items.