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This skin is first released as partial skin at GE Korea Screen Board - 스킨입니다. (A partial skin essentially has missing files. When the client cannot find the specific files, it loads the default ones in ui.ipf instead.) I have fixed some transparency issue, and integrated it with the missing files from v5.0 default skin, so that even v4.1 clients can load the v5.0 skin files. The only exception is the mini-map, which the client will load the default one.

This skin has been tested on both Sword 2 (v4.1) and GE-SG (v5.0) clients. To set up the skin, do the following:
  1. Download from File Dropper or SendSpace.
  2. Unzip the file into Granado Espada\release\user\skin folder.
  3. Start the game launcher, and click Config button.
  4. Tick Enable User Skin and click Save.
  5. Start the game client.


where you get the skins? i trust no one :(

ZZZ. The original link is in the article. Read it.

Yeah sorry, i didnt see it blue :/

Love the skin thanks man!!