Best Blowout Support Event 2017 until July 04 (Europe) or Aug 23 (USA).  

Qilue (f/sco) finally mastered Enhanced Tactics, and retired to make room for Pazuzu (STF) to train his stances, while the masters collected some Ancient Runes.

Visca (Grace) crafted 2 Intuitions of Al Rischa for Thelandira (f/mus). The +6 upgrade for both pistols used 120 Upgrade Accelerators and 3 Lacquers +5: Expert. It took 3 Socket Fluxes to open both 2nd sockets, and another 46 Socket Fluxes to open both 3rd sockets. The enchantment used up 124 Veteran Enchantment Chips and Enchant Boosters so far, but it is still not entirely satisfactory.

Armed with her new toys, Thelandira (f/mus) brought the family on two Uraeus raid missions. The first raid yielded Constellation Box (Symbol of Leo), Elite Geniaruleano Recipe, and Elite Metallic Suit Recipe. The second raid yielded Constellation Box (Symbol of Aries), Elite Geniaruleano Recipe (again), Elite Daemon Slayer Recipe, and Elite Dragon Coat Recipe.

Soteira (Helena) looted Symbol of Virgo and Le Noir (wiz) Recipe from 12 Team Arena missions. Only one symbol out of 12 missions. Fail! The daily raids on Arsene Circus yielded Tracking Boots, 2 Assassin Boots, and 2 Lv.92 elite armor recipes. White Gold Bar x5 was found inside Arsene's Treasure Chest. This week's collection of 34 Rough Stones was refined and exchanged to HQ Obsidian, 2 GQ Obsidian, 2 GQ Bloodstone, and other jewels.

[Sword2] Summer Sale V
The last summer sale is on until Aug 31, 2010. Buy any Explorer Pack to get free Colchium costume (Lisa), Premium Treasure Chest to get Iberis costume (Brunie), and/or 20 Great Stones to get Fraulein costume (Claire). See also Summer Sale Play & Win for list of daily winners.

[Sword2] Free Item Code
Follow the instructions below to receive a free Lucifer's Wings (30 days), Combat Manual (EXP +20% for 7 days), and Forgotten Area Pass (1 day):

  1. Login to G1: Sword 2 website.
  2. Click "Redeem Code" button.
  3. Click "CODE xxx-xxx-xxx" button.
  4. Select your server, and input 9Dragons as the code. [Source]
  5. Click "Activate Code" button.
  6. Re-login to the game, and click "Receive Premium Item" from toolbar or Leonardo Express.

[GE-SG] Happy Birthday & New Costumes
GE-SG is having the Spring Fever Festival event (already done in Sword 2 and GE-Korea) during Aug 26 to Sep 23, 2010. See [In-Game Event] Happy Birthday.

In addition, Hellena's Circus of Fate has been updated with new costumes and Draconic Weapons, including Freesia (Viki) and Lavender (Selva) costumes. See [HCOF] New Costumes and Dragonic Weapons.

New update article 그라나도 에스파다 - 월드 크로스 PvP 리뉴 is available for GE-Korea. The following is a crude translation, and may not be 100% accurate.

1. World Cross PvP
Inter-server PvP has been revised with respect to ATK Rating, DEF Rating, ATK, and DEF. Equipment seems to be less significant.

  • No level limit.
  • Duration reduced from 12 min to 5 min.
  • Reward is acquired from new NPC in Auch by consuming some sort of PvP points.
  • Rank is updated daily at 3am.

2. Stances & Skills
Major revisions for Helena and Ania. See Patch Notes v5.0.31.
  • Helena: Job skill (Summon Frost) has been replaced by Memorise (메모라이즈), which reduces casting time. The buff is removed when skill is cast, but persists if skill is interrupted.
  • Ania: Revised Gorgeous stance to be usable with one tonfa. Added buff skill Counterstrike (반격), which is affected by her block.
  • Bloody Feast, Master's Martial Arts: Increased base damage.
  • Hanging Guard, Master's Martial Arts: Increased skill damage.
  • Ancient Star Orbs: Reduced amount of orbs consumed for assorted skills in Hanging Guard, Tronada Cruz, Bloody Feast, etc.
  • Death Chopping: Removed DEF Rating debuff from Death Stunt skill.
  • Shadow Sting: Increased Drain debuff from 80% to 100%.

3. Customized Back Costumes
You can customized the stats of temporary back costumes. The base shapes can be bought from feso shop, then customized via main toolbar. The listed options are ATK Rating +1, ATK Speed +10%, ATK +10%, Elemental ATK +10, Penetration +3, Human ATK +10%, and 1-day duration. See Patch Notes v5.0.31.

4. Squad EXP
EXP distribution in squad has been revised, along with squad UI window. You can select your preferred EXP distribution method (?).

5. Battle Colosseum
Entrance moved to top-right corner of Reboldeaux Queen's Gate. It is now a "common field" with family name enabled. There are 8 different types of monsters inside. See Patch Notes v5.0.31.

6. Bounty Hunter's Guild: Occulta
Added Occulta mission for Lv.123-130 characters. It requires 5 White Gold Bars and 1000 reputation points. It is limited to once per day, unless Caebolan (aka Chaos Requiem) mission has been cleared.

7. Monster Pets
New monster pets have been added - Phobitan, Capybara, and Cockatrice. The pets are about 20% of the monster's size. The pet buffs increase for EXP, stance EXP, and drop rate.

8. New Items
Scan Scroll has been added to Leonardo Express. It reveals positions of all families on the zone map. See Patch Notes v5.0.31.

New costumes have been added to Magic Circle VIII web game - Blue Serpent for Musketeer and Le Lion Noble for Baek Ho.

9. Sneak Preview v6.0
Added Byron, the port city which is Montoro's home base, and its surrounding fields (Red Sunset Forest). Added Raven, a new recruitable character who uses rapier and pistol.

GE-Korea has released Magic Circle 8 from Aug 26 to Sep 08, 2010. Baek Ho's costume set has previously been released in GE-Japan's Imperial Wheel XII. More screenshots are available in the new update article 그라나도 에스파다 - 월드 크로스 PvP 리뉴. I'd do a more in-depth post on that some time later.

Blue Serpent Costume • Male Musketeer
Blue Serpent Costume • Female Musketeer
Le Lion Noble Costume • Baek Ho
Le Lion Noble Mask • Baek Ho

Imperial Wheel 13 (GE-Japan) has been released for August 2010. See the news article here for the announcement. See also Costume Catalogue for more concept art. Other rewards include Elite Trump Armor (DR 30) and Draconic Weapon (AR 32).

Click on image above for full-size view.

L'Augmentation D'Azulite
Gaiters • ATK 161 • ATK Rating 33
Lightning ATK +40

La Defie Du Peridot
Sabre • ATK 317 • ATK Rating 33
Lightning ATK +40

L'Activite De L'Agate
Cannon • ATK 531 • ATK Rating 33
Ice ATK +40, Accuracy +20

L'Eveiller De L'Amethyste
Staff • ATK 308 • ATK Rating 33
Mental ATK +40, Max SP +15%

La Vierge Delicate
Body Costume + Hair (Virgo) • Claire

La Reve-Comme Poisson
Body Costume (Pisces) • M'Boma

Sword 2 has replaced Andre's Wardrobe III and Idge's Chest III with Andre's Wardrobe IV and Idge's Chest IV, after the former has been in cash shop for 2 weeks. The new items include:

Patch 121545
Updated data tables for shop, USA cash shop, and USA consumable items in ies.ipf.

New families created after v4.0 patch can get free pioneer items and buffs from Pioneer Support Officer in Reboldeaux (G7), based on the current level of the leading character. Each pioneer item set and buff can be received only once per family. Families created before v4.0 patch do not get these special benefits.

Level EXP +50% Buff
1-10 2 hours
11-30 4 hours
31-50 6 hours
51-70 8 hours
71-90 10 hours

Level Support Items
1-15 Lv.20 Polish x20
16-35 Lv.40 Polish x20
36-55 Lv.60 Polish x20
56-75 Lv.80 Polish x20, Soul Crystal (Event) x10
76-99 Forgotten Area Pass x3, Progressive Potion* (Event) x10x4
Expert Explorer Pack* (3 days), Triumph Filler (Event) x10

Note (*): Progressive Potions include Nutrition, Mithridart, Analeptic Remedy, and Painkiller. Each potion grants Lv.11 scout buff for 1 hour. Expert Explorer Pack (aka Home Premium Service) grants access to Forgotten/Ancient Areas and 20% increase for EXP, stance EXP, and drop rate.

In addition, several low-level quests provide extra reward items for such new families. These include the following:
  • 10 Hermes Potions (Event) for completing the optional shopping tutorial in Tutorial Quest.
  • Reboldeaux Soldier Card for completing the Tutorial Quest.
  • 5 Gold School Uniform Costumes (30 days; DEF +5, Max HP +300, ATK Speed +10%) for completing Andre's first quest - Killing Mandradora.
  • 10 Teleport Scrolls (Event) for completing Panfilo's first quest - Assistance for the 2nd Troop.
  • Coco Pet Box for completing the first pioneering quest - Start Pioneering.

Ghae (Andre) crafted Elite Geniaruleano using the recipe looted from Uraeus 3 weeks ago. Upgrading it to +6 took 90 Upgrade Accelerators and 3 Lacquers +5: Veteran. The enchantment process used up 481 Lv.96 Enchantment Chips and 60 Enchant Boosters, over-writing DEF Rating +2 once before finally getting DEF Rating +3. Soteira (Helena) inherited her old Elite La Ventisca.

This week, Uraeus dropped Mega Talt x2 again. Of all the possible recipes, it had to drop the one for wizard coat - Elite Calienalbino Recipe. The daily raids on Arsene circus yielded Aiming Gloves, 2 Assassin Boots, and 1 Lv.92 elite armor recipe. Le Noir (mus) Recipe was found inside Arsene's Treasure Chest.

Soteira (Helena) looted Symbol of Leo, Symbol of Capricorn, 2 Lv.92 elite armor recipes, and 5 gem recipes from 11 Team Arena missions. This week's collection of 22 Rough Stones was refined and exchanged to HQ Obsidian, Spodumene, and other jewels.

Maimonides (m/mus) reached Veteran Lv.8, while training a few of the family's pioneers. The server is currently doing a roller-coaster ride... up, down, up, down, up, down, up...
... and down again.

The next update for Sword 2 (v4.1.2) will be Sword 2: Renaissance (v5.0.3). The tentative release date is Oct 03, 2010. See Book of Wind: Patch Notes and GE-SG v4.5 Launch for more details.

(Current version is) 4.1.2. Next update will be 5.0.3. [Source]

I DID say we'd release Revelations in August. That changed when we decided to update to Renaissance instead. The current plan is to push that live no later than 10/3. The Retail Box has several contingencies we are looking at right now. As does the CE. [Source]

The first preview has been posted - v5.0.3 Preview: Medals.

From GE-Korea's [GM TIP] 오쿨타 요새 리뉴얼, Occulta Fortress will be revised in v5.x. See [V3.0 Feature] Occulta Fortress and Arconis' sGE Secrets for comparison with the current version. A question mark (?) denotes confirmation needed due to uncertainty from sloppy translation.

You can enter Occulta Fortress from Errac Tierra Dias or Noche (E9/F9). It seems like no Ancient Rune is needed to enter anymore. (In v4.5.0, entry cost was reduced from 5 to 3 runes.)

Inside Occulta Fortress, the traps in Room of Mechanic (G6) have been removed. You can move to the secret area from the green arrow (E6). Notice that the screenshots did not include Nar, so perhaps he is no longer necessary to open the way.

Use Ancient Runes - An, Ar, Ti, and Te (1 each) to summon Kobold General, which can drop Recipe - Elite Le Blanc (low drop rate) and Ancient Rune - Ar.

Once the Kobold General is dead, you can move to the next area. Use the Key [Occulta, General's Room] to enter the room (F3/G3). All monsters in Occulta Fortress can drop this key (low rate).

In the General's Room, there are 2 dials. The left dial allows you to summon Kobold General with Ancient Runes - Ar, An, Ti, and Te. The summoned Kobold General has higher chance to drop Recipe - Elite Le Blanc and 100% chance to drop runes (?).

The front dial is to access Mufasa. It requires consumption of Ancient Runes or something (?).

GE-Japan's Granado Espada Plus: Visual Chronicle book included some concept art of unreleased (at the time of publication) monsters. The following extract features several new golems and one daemon (lower-right corner). Some of these golems have since been released in Dr. Torsche's Mansion Basement (v4.5). And, uh, I think one of them is in Castilla Ruins (v5.0).

[Sword 2] Summer Sale IV
Buy Premium Treasure Chest from now until Aug 26, and get a free Deinclian Trump Costume (wiz). One lucky player per server every day (until Sep 30) will win some random items. A few other costumes were also included in the previous promotions. See Summer Sale II and Summer Sale III.

See Summer Sale Play & Win for list of daily winners.

[GE-SG] Catherine Lives!
Catherine Torsche will be released on Aug 19, 2010. A special item package and Olympics Back Costume have been added to Hellena's Circus of Fate. See [v4.5] If You Think You Seen It All and [HCOF] New Olympics Back Costume.

Draconic Sword and Shield are now available in ABS since Aug 13. See [ABS] Draconic Series Release.

Adorabelle (f/ele) and Romina reached Master Lv.2 and Lv.3, raising the family to Lv.34+3. They acquired Ancient Runes - 1 Ti, 23 Te, 1 Ar, and 29 An. Soteira (Helena) looted Symbol of Scorpio, Symbol of Virgo, Symbol of Libra, and 3 gem recipes from 13 Team Arena missions. After mastering Forgotten Magic, she consumed EXP Cards to be promoted to Expert Lv.1.

The daily raids on Arsene Circus yielded Chevalier Greaves and Mystic Shoes. Lv.100 Enchantment Chips x3 and Veteran G (14m) EXP Cards x6 were found inside 2 Arsene's Treasure Chests. Well, at least there weren't any White Gold Bars. The family traded in 110 Gold Corns, and received 3 Veteran G (14m) EXP Cards, 2 Lucky Pouches, 1 Amethyst Fragment, and other stuffs. This week's collection of 28 Rough Stones was refined and exchanged to 1 GQ Spodumene, 2 Obsidian, and other jewels.

The masters joined 11 other families to raid the Holy Water Chamber in Al Quet Moreza Nartex. There are 2 hunt missions available in Employment Office, which reward 1 Expert G (27m) EXP Card each. Jorgen's [Dark Fuegen] debuff is rather annoying, since it prevents characters from moving. A special thanks to ShakeTheHeavens clan for the raid invite!

GE-Japan's Granado Espada Plus: Visual Chronicle book included some concept art of unreleased (at the time of publication) costumes, monsters, weapons, and pets. The following extract features the concept art of Ania's head-gear, Karjalain's hat, and assorted Ania's costumes.

Sword 2 has released Andre's Wardrobe III and Idge's Chest III. Mystery Box, Andre's Wardrobe II, and Idge's Chest II have been removed from cash shop. The new items include:

Patch 120747
Updated ies.ipf for data tables of shop, cash shop items, and consumable items.

Update/Login Error
There was a DNS change involved in this maintenance. If you are unable to login/update, see Unable to Login? READ ME! forum topic. You can simply open updater.config.xml with Notepad and replace:

Make a backup copy of the original file, if desired.

A friend sent me this nice picture over the weekend. I decided to share it with my blog readers. Blue Serpent Costumes for fighters are part of Magic Circle VII by GE-Korea.

Qilue (f/sco) reached Master Lv.2, as she continued to train her last level of Enhanced Tactics. Adorabelle (f/ele) finally mastered Occultism, since acquiring the stance 10 weeks ago. Time to start on Augury.

Soteira (Helena) reached Veteran Lv.8, while looting Symbol of Gemini, Symbol of Leo, 2 Symbols of Libra, 2 Symbols of Taurus, 2 Lv.92 elite armor recipes, and 2 gem recipes from 15* Team Arena missions. The daily raids on Arsene circus yielded Assassin Boots and Chevalier Gauntlets. This week's collection of 34 Rough Stones was refined and exchanged to GQ Obsidian, 2 GQ Bloodstones, and other jewels. No worthwhile HQ jewels this week. Meh. Trading in 100 Gold Corns resulted in 1 Angler Spinelle among other junks.

Note (*): It is possible to do more than 14 Team Arena missions this week, because the server clock for Thueringen Lakeside was screwed up for a few days, causing the mission to open at a completely different time compared to Reboldeaux Queen's Gate.

It seems like the minimum loot for Uraeus mission is 2 Lv.100 equipment and 2 Mega Talt. It's kind of pathetic. You may get Constellation Box instead of Mega Talt, as well as some bonus recipes. This week, the first Uraeus dropped 2 Mega Talt, 2 Lv.100 equipment, and Elite Pendera Jacket Recipe. The second Uraeus was slightly better - 1 Mega Talt, 2 Lv.100 equipment, and 1 Constellation Box (Symbol of Libra).

So... Phalanx clan lost lots of colonies this week. See Orpesia Colony War Status 3.0 for details. It seems that the clan is falling apart. From what I gathered, there were some drama + trash talks internally through private messages. Some players have enough real-life commitments to deal with already, so such in-game crap is just more trouble than it is worth. I'm not sure about the exact details, but it's probably some stupid drama anyway. In any case, several key members left the clan during the week, and the clan leader left just before Colony War. (They will probably be back with a vengeance in a new clan.) A few other members were also retiring from the game after the war.

I suppose, that is a common problem with all big clans. There will always be trolls causing drama, both inside and outside the clan. As far as Colony Wars are concerned, I personally don't think things will change that much for Orpesia. Even without Phalanx clan, another clan will just take its place and end up holding most of the colonies, much like Aegis and Citadel clans before it. I guess, that means the server trolls will always have someone to hate.

Thanks to Phalanx clan, I was able to join in a few Griffon, Lightning Gate, and Ice Gate raids. I never managed to see Sekhmet though, since it never spawned (bug?) when I was able to be there. It was nice to see some new stuffs, even though raids get repetitive and monotonous after a while. Eventually, it always boils down to who has the biggest guns. *shrug*

Anyway, a game administrator is supposed to be impartial. Trash talking by a GM is certainly not a professional way of doing things. If G1 doesn't like the way of Colony Wars are being handled, they should take the issue to the game designers at IMCGames, instead of screwing with the players. Otherwise, you might as well just remove all PvP-related events (Colony War, La Tierra d'Amor, Poison Yard, etc.) for Orpesia. PvE, eh?

For people who got confused because of a mispronunciation, phalanx is pronounced as \ˈfā-ˌlaŋ(k)s, and not flanks. Click Merriam-Webster Pronunciation (Phalanx) to hear an audio clip that pronounces the word. I think you must have QuickTime installed for your browser to play it directly.

Credit: Anonymous. PM me in-game if you wish to be credited for the picture.

DOWNLOAD I found a new GE skin at a Japanese blog. It is just called Skin 1, so I will dub it D-Blazing Skin after the blog's URL. See ブレイジングデイズ: スキンその1 for more screenshots and download links.

The old skins previously hosted by Zera can be found at 天下騎士党: リスト - カテゴリ. JavaScript must be enabled for the website. It looks like a guild website for GE-Japan. Thanks for making the "lost" skins available.

The treasure hunts on Fire Isle have been available since v2.4, so this is actually a very old game feature. There doesn't seem to be any guide on it so far, so here it is.

What Do I Need To Hunt?
There are several things you need to be a treasure hunter. You must:

  • Have at least 1 veteran (or above) character in the party, otherwise you cannot open the treasure chest.
  • Have at least 1 character capable of using detection skill, i.e. Scout, Angie, Yeganeh (aka Diego), Jack, or Lorch. See Install Trap stance.
  • Have Fire Isle Treasure Key (1m vis) in your inventory.
  • Have Fire Isle Zone 1-3 Keys in your inventory, if you intend to hunt beyond the Free Zone.
The keys can be purchased from Carlos in Gigante Port and the Key Merchants in Fire Isle. It is best to buy them from Carlos before the hunt begins to avoid wasting time during the hunt itself.

Using detection skill provokes nearby monsters, so make sure your characters can survive getting hit by the mobs in the zones you are hunting. Stopping to heal is a waste of time, so use potions if you really have to heal. Use multiple detection-using characters for maximum effect.

Treasure hunting is about movement speed, so bring along a buffer (e.g. scout). Use movement-enhanced equipment (e.g. armor, boots) if available. If you are feeling rich, you can use Hermes Potions and premium wings as well.

Let's Hunt Treasure!
When the treasure hunt is about to begin, there will be multiple system-wide notices in yellow text on top of the screen. The first one is...

[Notice] Treasure hunt in Fire Isle area will start in 10 min.

When you see this notice, you can start making your way to Fire Isle (channel 1 only). If you miss the first one, it is still okay, because another notice will flash 5 minutes later. Having a warp to Gigante Port helps, but it is not really necessary.

[Notice] Treasure hunt in Fire Isle area will start in 5 min.

Once you reach Fire Isle, set up your characters. Buff acceleration for movement speed, meditation for HP/SP recovery (if necessary), and prompt action for reduced casting time. If you are using multiple "detectors", spread them out to cover a maximum area at the start. In 5 minutes, another notice will flash.

[Notice] Treasure hunt in Fire Isle has started. You can find the treasure chest using the detection skill. Treasure hunt will end in 10 min.

Now, run around the map, and spam detection skills. Try to cover corners. If using multiple detectors, you can run your other characters to the next spot while the current detector is still detecting. You have 10 minutes to hunt the treasure.

When someone finds the treasure, there will be another notice, stating who has found the treasure. So if XYZ family found the treasure, the notice will be:

[Notice] XYZ Family has found the Fire Isle treasures.

Once this happens, a treasure chest with the finder's name will appear near the finder. The chest can only be opened by the finder, so don't bother trying to "steal" someone else's treasure.

The finder can then click on the treasure chest with a veteran (or above) character. The Fire Isle Treasure Key will be consumed, and the chest disappears with a random Lv.100 AR30 generic weapon (e.g. Bracelet of Ziz, The Black Dragon, Grim-Wight) and 2 random Lv.84 elite weapons on the ground. The 3 weapons are tagged, so only the finder can pick them for the first few seconds.

If nobody finds the treasure within 5 minutes, there will be another notice.

[Notice] 5 min before the end of the Fire Isle treasure hunt.

If nobody finds it after another 5 minutes, there will be a final notice.

[Notice] The Fire Isle treasure hunt has ended.

If you are in Zone 1-3 when this happens, you have just wasted your keys. So you might want to stay in the zones for a while to farm some chips to cover the costs of buying keys.

Some common questions and their answers...

Q. Which zone does the treasure chest spawn?
The chest spawns (invisibly) randomly in any of the 4 zones of Fire Isle (channel 1 only).

Q. Which spot does the treasure chest spawn?
It is random, but there are certain spots in which the chest has been known to appear. For screenshots of where the chest has been found by me so far, see the old entries of my family's weekly journal - Ashardalon labeled blog posts.

Q. When will there be a treasure hunt?
There are 3 treasure hunts per week. The exact time is somewhat random.

Q. Is the treasure worth hunting?
This depends on your server's economy. The cost of treasure hunting is in the keys, i.e. about 1m-2.4m vis. The rewards are 1 Lv.100 AR30 weapon and 2 Lv.84 elite weapons. So, consider the current prices of Lv.100 weapons/chips and Lv.84 elite weapons in your server, and decide for yourself if it is worth the trouble. In general, however, the mass drops of Lv.100 weapons in the newer missions (e.g. Team Arena, Arsene Circus, assorted v4.1 raid missions) have lowered the values of these weapons.

Q. Who is commander.CommName?
Sometimes, a bug exists that prevents the family name from being loaded properly into the script. So the displayed family in the "treasure found!" notice becomes ..commander.CommName.. instead. This is not a real family; it is a (bugged) variable for the script to load the finder's family name. Since the bug makes the finder unknown, just look around you as the finder might be you.

Altair is the brightest star in the constellation Aquila (Latin, "eagle") and the twelfth brightest star in the night sky. Altair rotates rapidly, with a velocity at the equator of approximately 286 km/s. A study revealed that Altair is not spherical, but is flattened at the poles due to its high rate of rotation.

Altair is located 16.8 light-years from Earth and is one of the closest stars visible to the naked eye. Along with Beta Aquilae and Gamma Aquilae, it forms the well-known line of stars sometimes referred to as the Shaft of Aquila.

WikipediaThe name Altair has been used since medieval times. It is an abbreviation of the Arabic phrase النسر الطائر, an-nasr aṭ-ṭā’ir ("The flying eagle"). This name probably goes back to the ancient Babylonians and Sumerians, who called α Aquilae the eagle star.

The Koori people of Victoria also knew Altair as Bunjil, the Wedge-Tailed Eagle, and β and γ Aquilae are his two wives the Black Swans. The people of the Murray River knew the star as Totyerguil. The Murray River was formed when Totyerguil the hunter speared Otjout, a giant Murray Cod, who, when wounded, churned a channel across southern Australia before entering the sky as the constellation Delphinus.

In astrology, the star Altair was ill-omened, portending danger from reptiles. See also Wikipedia: Altair in Fiction.

The family used the few materials available to craft Uraeus Scale. Thelandira (f/mus), Visca (Grace), and Qilue (f/sco) completed Uraeus raid mission, and received Elite Geniaruleano Recipe, Elite Rescue Suit Recipe, 2 Lv.100 equipment, and 2 Mega Talts. Short of buying from the market, there are sadly only enough materials for 8 more raids.

Soteira (Helena) looted Symbol of Scorpio, Symbol of Virgo, Symbol of Taurus, Symbol of Aries, 1 Lv.92 elite armor recipe, and 1 rare gem recipe from 12 Team Arena missions. The daily raids on Arsene Circus yielded Assassin Boots and Mystic Gloves. Grim-Wight and 6 Veteran G (14m) EXP Cards were found inside 2 Arsene's Treasure Chests. family traded in 150 Gold Corns to the Vagabond Peddler for the following:
  • 2 Lucky Pouch x2
  • 2 Moon Cake
  • 1 Amethyst Fragment x2
  • 1 Amber Wasp Spinelle x2
  • 1 Angler Spinelle
  • 1 Escudo Preffer Amber
  • 1 Invisible Potion
  • 1 HQ Sapphire
  • 2 Lv.92 Enchantment Chips
  • 1 Joaquin Barrier Defense Warfare Mission x3
This week's collection of 31 Rough Stones was refined and exchanged to HQ Spodumene, GQ Bloodstone, and other jewels. The family traded Black Oxides for 18 Ring Boxes, and received a bunch of crappy rings, among which 3 are stance rings. Bleh.

Adorabelle (f/ele) and Qilue (f/sco) spent the whole week training and still couldn't gain one level out of Occultism and Enhanced Tactics. And she hasn't even begin on Augury yet. The family also acquired Werebear Morningstar Recipe and several Ancient Runes - 17 Te and 19 An.