Updated Recruit Sariel, Recruit Evil and New Era Episode 2 Scenario quest guides...   ♥♥♥    

The family was less active this week. Without access to Ancient Area (aka Ancient Territory), the veterans were advancing slowly. They spent some time in Bahamar Wetlands and Scorching Plateau, finding another Snail Shell.

The veterans entered Bellem's Ruins again, defeating Captain Sharffenberger (Lv.91), Sunflower Dandelion Gorilla (Lv.93), and Swamp Angler (Lv.90) and gaining Elite Sniper Rifle and Elite Earthcracker. Anahita (scout) found her 5th Fire Island Treasure at Zone 2 (J4) - Rod of Armageddon and 2 Elite Bracelets of Uranus.


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