Recruit Selene quest guide has been updated.

Sweet Rose Box Event

Europe server is having an imported play-time event for the usual items, such as Soul Crystal, Ring Box, etc. The top 5 (Europe) or 10 (Korea) play-time winners will also get Kevin (Europe) or Silver Flare Lynn (Korea) Character Card.

In addition for Europe server, all bonus roulettes will cost 1 Vis, and all costumes in Dressing Room will have 50% discount until Aug 18. There are also 3 new costumes in the Dressing Room.
  • Summer Costume for Cherlyn - 300,000 Feso
  • Summer Costume for Natalie - 300,000 Feso
  • Summer Hair for Natalie - 200,000 Feso
Natalie's Summer Costume Set was previously released in Natalie's Summer Event (2014). Cherlyn's Summer Costume was released in Rosa's Summer Event (2013). There will also be an EXP Boost +100% Event starting next week (July 28).

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