Recruit Selene quest guide has been updated.

Patch Highlights v24.98.20 ~ v25.13.03

The following post summarizes some changes based on patch notes for Korean live servers. American server is currently at v23.41.50. See Patch Notes page for earlier versions.

See also Leaders of New Era Episode 2 Feature Site .

  • Added 2 consumable items to potion merchant shops - one will remove all food buffs, the other removes 1 food buff with the shorting duration.
  • Added the following recipes to Prospe Recipe Box - rosario, lute, encyclopedia, controller, cube, hammer, tonfa, and pendant.
  • Added new character cards and stance books to Mini-Game shop.
  • Modified some skill tool-tips.
  • Modified Prospe Rosario - DEF 0 > 8, fixed 3rd socket.
  • Started sales of Rosa and Gin packages in cash shop.
  • Started Secret Costume Play-Time Event for 4 weeks. See here for screenshots of new Rock Star costumes for Rosa, Gin, and Laura.

  • Added new characters - Evil Machina and Kevin .
    • Added skill rings (including Solting Machina) to Ring Box of Chester.
    • Kevin comes with Experimental Coat armor (base DR35 for 30 days), and is available via Lyndon Box .
  • Added Leaders of a New Era Episode 2 scenario.
  • Added Recruit Evil Machina quests.
  • Added new raid boss Evil Machina.
    • Spawn at Truman's Mechanical Workshop B2 in 168-180 hours after maintenance.
  • Added new story book items, which is dropped by monsters in Truman's Mechanical Workshop B1/B2.
  • Added new maps - Truman's Mechanical Workshop B1/B2 and Clock Tower Basement.
    • Must complete Episode 2 scenario to enter.
    • Enter Clock Tower Basement via Clock Tower arrow in Viron.
  • Added new mission - Clock Tower Basement.
    • MCC1, up to 12 players.
    • Requires Key of Time from Viron Alchemist Genia, who sells it for 5 Moon Stones or crafts it with assorted materials.
  • Added new daily quests in Lucifer Castle Entrance for Devil's Dream and Clockwork Doll of Oblivion (rare).
  • Added new artifacts.
    • Old Steel Heart = Shoot Damage Received -5%, ATK -5%
    • Steel Heart = Shoot Damage Received -10%, ATK -10%
    • Elite Steel Heart = Shoot Damage Received -15%, ATK -15%
    • Old Steel Shield = Melee Damage Received -5%, ATK -5%
    • Steel Shield = Melee Damage Received -10%, ATK -10%
    • Elite Steel Shield = Melee Damage Received -15%, ATK -15%
    • Old Steel Mirror = Magic Damage Received -5%, ATK -5%
    • Steel Mirror = Magic Damage Received -10%, ATK -10%
    • Elite Steel Mirror = Magic Damage Received -15%, ATK -15%
    • Panfilo's Bento = HP Recovery +500, STR +5 for Lynn/Silver Flare Lynn
    • Dove Brooch = SP Recovery +100, INT +5 for Kevin/Evil Machina
  • Added new temporary rumins for body/weapon costumes.
    • Sardonyx (body) = Abnormal State RES +5
    • Chrysocolla (body) = HP Absorb 5% of damage received from skills (?)
    • Heliodor (body) = All RES +2
    • Agate (weapon) = Ignore Abnormal State RES 5
    • Malachite (weapon) = Skill cooldown 1s (?)
    • Morganite (weapon) = Ignore All RES 2
  • Added Rock Star Costumes to daily mission roulette in Lucifer Castle Entrance missions.
  • Modified Family Info UI (Alt+R).
    • Added Friendship and Battle tabs. Removed Friend List from top menu.
  • Started New Update Launch event - 50% discount in Dressing Room, 1 Vis Roulette, and EXP +100% buff.
  • Modified default English names of some maps.

  • Modified some stances and skills. Skills are Lv.10 unless otherwise stated. See table below.
  • Modified Portrait of Nena artifact from 10 min to 23 min. It is now possible to get all 4 elemental buffs, instead of only 1 type.
  • Modified Lucifer Castle (normal/hard) missions.
    • Moonlight Garden: Increased duration from 10 min to 20 min. Changed boss timer from 3 min to 5 min.
    • Death Corridor: Increased duration from 10 min to 20 min. Modified some aspects of Shameless Elminor and Moon Knight.
  • Combined skill/stance rings for Occult Assistance and Occult Assistance (Helena).
  • Modified monsters in Hall of Oblivion.
    • Reduced basic offense of general monsters by 20%.
    • Reduced population of general monsters.
    • Reduce 50% of monsters to spawn boss. Tessera Pharrel do not require this.
  • Enabled quest warp for Clock Tower Underground Lobby.
  • Fixed issues for Recruit Catherine Torsche quests.
  • Fixed abnormal issues for Tigres Camp B8F boss regarding absorbing debuffs.

Furious Before Change After Change
Skull Fracture When Furious, 20% deals 1.5 x damage When Furious, 100% deals 1.5 x damage
Bloody Rain When Furious, 20% deals 1.5 x damage When Furious, 100% deals 1.5 x damage
Pythonisse Before Change After Change
Sound of Ground Range 3.5m-9m Range 9m
Arrow of Mind Range 1.5m-15m Range 15m
Wavering Fire - Invincible while casting
Ice Field Range 3.5m-15m Range 15m
Tornado Storm Radius 8m Radius 10m
Rose Spirit Before Change After Change
Tierra Fertil Range 9m, radius 4m, 5 characters 10m around self, 5 characters/summons. Summon gains ATK 50%, ATK Speed 50%, and DEF 25.
Selva/Rapida Espada Before Change After Change
Destino Cool 150s Cool 60s
Espada de la Rotacion - Increase monster provocation.
Espada del Viento Range 1.3m Range 1.5m
Dragante Range 1.3m Range 1.5m
Rapida Range 1.3m Range 1.5m
Marchetti/Dist. Cube Before Change After Change
Fast Thinking (Lv.11) 50% chance to reduce cast time by 40% 22% chance to reduce cast time by 90%. ATK Rating +1.
Stance Basics - Magic (?) Penetration applies.
Master's Martial Arts Before Change After Change
Stance Basics - Base damage +20%.
E.Elemental Kick Range 1m, Ignore DEF 20, Enervation 30% Range 1.2m, Ignore DEF 30, Enervation 50%
E.Lion Heart Cool 30s, duration 20s Cool 40s, duration 30s
Elemental Kick Ignore DEF 50 Ignore DEF 60
Elemental Punch Range 1m, Ignore DEF 60 Range 1.2m, Ignore DEF 70
Elemental Power Range 1m, Ignore DEF 75 Range 1.2m, Ignore DEF 85
Martial Artists Before Change After Change
Soul of Fire Cool 60s Cool 30s
Hwoarang Spirit Cool 60s Cool 30s
Earth Mental Attack Cool 60s Cool 30s
Violent Wind Attack Cool 60s Cool 30s
Soul of Ice Cool 60s Cool 30s

  • Added Clock Tower Basement B7F-B10F mission.
  • Added Clock Tower Basement daily quests for Clockwork Doll of Oblivion, etc.
  • Modified Clock Tower Basement B5F mission.
    • Changed skill pattern and cooldown time (e.g. Silent Move) of boss.
  • Increased amount of Twisted Weapon Pieces in Tigres Prison mission.
  • Limit frame on server selection screen to 60 fps.
  • Added Silver Flare Lynn to Heavenly Character Box.
  • Started sale of King of Greed Pet Package for 2 weeks.


Captain said…
Tierra Fertil is awesome now, I mean it was a life saver, but now that it buff summons too it's going to be crazy, can't wait till they patch SEA with this update.