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Singapore Update: Armonia Side Episode

Singapore server has been updated to v24.42.25, which includes Bryan, Lucifer Castle missions, and revised Colony War. The previous update was in April 23, 2015. Apparently, the update was rushed due to a bug. According to GE SEA Facebook post on July 10, 2015:

Pioneers, we have identified the root of the issue. It's because of the early release of Bane. This RNPC is supposed to appear only in v24.42 but we have released him early in Lyndon Box. One of his functions is creating errors and hence affecting the skills of others. We discussed it with the developer in details and it's a choice between rolling back or applying the v24.42 come Thursday. We opt for the applying the patch. Somehow, this didn't occur during the testing. We are sorry about this.

If you encounter patching errors, follow the steps below according to GE SEA Facebook post on July 16, 2015:

Guys, as some of you might have started patching earlier and received improper files, we suggest a simple method for you to re-patch:
  1. In the root of your GE Folder, find the file "updater.revision" and open it up using your notepad.
  2. You should find a number like "151070". Change it to "151050" and save the file. NOT 151049 or 151000. It would cause more errors.
  3. Restart your GE game again. It should now try to re-patch.
We tried this several times during our QA to good effect. Sometimes the patch might get corrupted during download.
EXP x2 Event has also started.

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