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Summer Event & Costumes

Korean Granado Espada is having an event (July 26 - August 30, 2012) that features the Summer Costume Sets for Veatrice and Mary from Imperial Wheel V: July 2012 (Japan). In addition, there is also the new Summer Costume Set for Grandies. See the official event notice for event details.

Picture Source:  모던+섬머 
More screenshots are available at 왜 다들 그래픽옵션이 그런가여? and 그랑 섬머 코스튬!. See also 마리 대 전효성, 최고의 베이글녀는 누구? for an article about the summer costumes.


Ashardalon said…
The event has been exported to Taiwan during August 8-29. Get a daily mission from Rosa in Gigante Port to do Gigante Secret Room mission. The reward includes the Summer Costumes for Grandies, Veatrice, and Mary, along with EXP Cards and event cash shop items.

See 夏日大作戰.