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Cadet Elisa Events In China

Cadet Elisa has made her appearance in China game edition. The following summarizes 3 recent events. The last event seems somewhat similar to ideas suggested by players in G1 forums - collect special tokens from raid bosses to trade for higher-end equipment.

During August 08-22, 2012, players can join a forum contest to post their romance comics using in-game characters. The prizes include [Soul Bringer] Stance Book, Ziz Wings (30 days), Cadet Elisa Character Card, Cadet Adriana Character Card, Lacquer +7: Master (x2), Assorted Rare Costume (x2), Golden Rose Wings (30 days), and Black Rose Wings (30 days).

寻宝之旅,闪耀的蒂洛斯宝箱 & 闪耀的蒂洛斯宝箱奖励全线升级!
Shiny Dios Box has a drop rate of 1/500 on all maps. The box was later upgraded to include non-tradable Dios Magic Crystal (1/1,000 drop rate), which can be traded for a Dragon's Fury Weapon of your choice. The weapon comes with an upgrade depending on the amount of crystals.
  • 1 crystal = +7 
  • 2 crystals = +8 
  • 3 crystals = +8, but 2 weapons instead of only 1.
  • 5 crystals = +9
  • 6 crystals = +10
There are also other items, such as Cadet Elisa Character Card (2/100) and Cadet Adriana Character Card (3/1,000), Time Crystal (assorted) x5, and Pet Box (Capybara, etc.).

下副本 攒勋章 《卓越之剑2》免费兑换极品防具
Starting from April 12, 2012, players can kill the bosses in various raid missions to get event items, namely Challenge Seal - Normal and Challenge Seal - Veteran. Trade the seals to the event NPC for selected armor below:
  • Elite Le Blanc = Challenge Seal - Normal x200
  • Elite Schvarlier Armor  = Challenge Seal - Veteran x160
  • Elite Le Noir  = Challenge Seal - Veteran x240
Normal seals (and their quantities) drop in Demonic Bahamar (1), Demonic Sedecram (2), Demonic Occulta (2), Bloodfog Forest (3), Joaquin Barrier Siege (2), Sharffenberger the Cursed (2), Rafflesia (2), Lava Leaf (3), Uraeus (5), Mad Farm (3), Fury Sharffenberger (4), and Fury Rafflesia (4).

Veteran seals (and their quantities) drop in Holy Water Chamber mission (1), Lair of Jormungand (1), Griffon (1), Fury Uraeus (3), Fury Griffon (4), Red Sunset Forest (8), and Fury Sekhmet (8).


jay2x said…
hmm i hope this event will come in SG server too, and by the way, that box is a just a drop from ANY mobs and at normal MAPS? thanks.
jay2x said…
and before i forget, the dragon fury weapon series is reward with ups already? waaaaaaa +10! 38AR 6 crystals, but i think that crystal is hard t farm? right? thanks for the reply..
Ashardalon said…
Yes, it seems boxes drop from any mob on any map. Yes, so 2 crystals give a +8 Dragon Fury Weapon. The drop rates of the box and the crystal are stated above.
jay2x said…
wow 1 out of 1000, hmm quite rare. but AFK power would be suggested? come to SG please! hehehe. thanks sir for replying, and BTW, no scout expert stance updates yet?
Ashardalon said…
Nothing on scout yet. I have an account in sGE but it's quite hard to get started there cos of market conditions. Compared to non-cash items, cash shop items are far too expensive for F2P players. My sGE family is mostly naked (in lv84 elites), so can't really do the newer quests to get anywhere either.
banbha said…
not a bad promo the +8s etc are stupid ofcourse but apart from that pretty nice