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Block List Error

Here is a problem I encountered with the game client... and the solution I found after messing around with the game files.

While the game client is running, Windows crashed and forced a system restart. After restart, the game client can start normally. Once you login to the same account, the client connects to the server, and attempts to load the family quarters. While it is loading, ge.exe error results. However, login to a different account works perfectly.

The system crash corrupted the Block Family list for the specific account stored locally. Each family has a different list, therefore a different account may be unaffected.

To rectify this problem, go to C:\Granado Espada\release\user folder. There should be a file whose name is a string of alphabets and numbers (e.g. 5c4767g406f757...). Delete this file, or rename it as a back-up. Restart the game client. You should be able to load the quarters properly now, but your block list will be gone.

If an account has an empty block list, then this file probably do not exist. In this case, the problem should be something else. The file is actually a .xml file, containing the names of the blocked families.


Nick said…
There is a problem in SGE servers. Game client crushes when you get reported with CAPTCHA appearing. Can you try to find out whats the problem is and how to slove it?
Ashardalon said…
No idea. Sword2 does not have the issue with captcha so I can't replicate it. But it could be related to your firewall software/router settings.