Recruit Selene quest guide has been updated.

Update Preview: Sharon

IMC has released a new update preview - 업데이트 미리보기 - 샤론, 신규 시스템. The patch will be coming to Sword 2 at the start of the next...

ETA, with possible delay due to Scrat mistaking the contract for acorns.

1. New Character - Eva Sharon (v10.22.2)
With Cortes dead, Eva Sharon needs a new job. To recruit her, you must have completed Judgment Day Scenario, Errac Scenario, and Recruitment Quests for Selva, Veatrice, Helena, Nar, Ania, and Crazy Emilia (plus Emilia's side quests). Her unique stance is under development, and possibly magic-based.

2. Clique War - Viron
Viron will become part of Clique War (aka Legion War, Alliance War). The 90-minutes war will be divided into first half and second half.

Flag acquisition is the core element for the war in Viron. Attacker can acquire a flag by clicking on it and waiting for its gauge to fill up. Defender can knock-down the attacker to prevent acquisition. Other activities will still give points, but much less compared to flag acquisition. A dead character revives at either the port or the watch-tower (i.e. stars on the map).

3. Family Characteristics (v10.23.4)
This new buff replaces [Family Protection] buff which is based on family level. The window is accessible from the main tool-bar at the top of the screen. You can now customise different buffs by spending points. The buffs are arranged in vertical order for increasingly more powerful buff of the same type (up to 5 grades).

4. Party Warehouse (v10.22.7)
Lv.52 or higher parties (aka clan, faction) can gain access to a party warehouse. Party leader must manually open the first warehouse. Party members can only view the warehouse, unless authorization is given by party leader. Item management is the responsibility of players. IMC will not be responsible for item ownership disputes or fraud.

5. Revised Character Promotion (v10.21.2)
Character promotion and awakening (aka stimulation) will be integrated once more. Veteran, Expert, and Master promotion will require 25, 50, and 100 Shiny Crystals respectively. Promotion Recipes (aka Stimulation Scrolls) will no longer be used. Existing normal recipes will be refunded with 200k/400k/500k Feso (see here), while event recipes will be refunded with 30 Veteran, 60 Expert, or 90 Expert Tokens (Bounty Hunters' Guild).

6. Artifacts
There are 3 grades of artifacts - common, elite, and unique. Unique artifact is restricted to one per family. They are usable only by masters.

7. Next Preview
More stuffs coming up on Bristia. Some development on using Twitter...


Unknown said…
First of All, thanks for keeping this blog going, since your Blog is my main way of knowing what's coming to Granado Espada(probably will take a while to reach Sword 2, but you can't make a Omelet without breaking a few eggs), And those Patches are getting better and better, I just hope that by the time it reaches Sword 2, I managed to beat Valleria's Quest(yes, Im noob enough to have not beaten her quest yet)
xBelmontx said…
Finally, I've been waiting for her since 2.5
Ashardalon said…
Sharon's stance is levitation type, shown using a staff. She has STR 35, AGI 60, CON 45, DEX 50, INT 80, CHA 50. See Sharon's stats and Sharon & stance.

Some more stuffs about Sharon and the Elemental Rings at 인기 성우 서유리가 찜한 GE 캐릭터는.
Ashardalon said…
Korean article (v10.22.0) - Sharon & Trickinesis (also Chinese at Blue Moon Waltz).
Korean article - Cat Fight: Sharon vs Reckless Emilia.
Ashardalon said…
New family level buff (v10.23.1) - see English, Korean, or Chinese.