Recruit Selene quest guide has been updated.

Imperial Wheel V: August 2012

Imperial Wheel V (Japan) has been updated for August 24-29, 2012. See 第3弾 インペリアルホイールV リニューアルスペシャル開催!! for the official notice and GMガイズの新要素ご紹介コーナー for weapon/costume features.

[Soul Bringer] Set
[Soul Bringer] Stance Book • Enhanced [Soul Bringer] Ring • Sword of Ex Machina (sword) • Dual Structure Main-Gauche (main-gauche)

Jormungand Pet Set
Pet Box (Jormungand) • Pet Food x50

Barlight Shield* Set
Shield • DEF Rating 4 • DEF 15
Also includes Hammer of Sloth (blunt), Coimbra Trooper Character Card, [Crusader] Stance Book, and Enhanced [Crusader] Ring.
Note (*): The weird thing is that the shield isn't inside the client datatables and model files at the time of post. Instead, the other weapon to be included inside the client is Wynlight Lute.

Beolight Polearm Set
Polearm • ATK Rating 34 • ATK 408
ATK Speed +10%, Critical +10
Also includes Battlesmith Idge Character Card, [Tronada Cruz] Stance Book, and Enhanced [Tronada Cruz] Ring.

Islight Ice Bracelet Set
Ice Bracelet • ATK Rating 34 • ATK 295
ATK Speed +10%, Max SP +15%, Ice ATK +40
Also includes Ion Character Card, [Frost] Stance Book, and Enhanced [Frost] Ring.

Assassin Costume Set
Body Costume + Hat • Tora
Click on right image for full-size view. [Source]

Purple Chic Costume Set
Body Costume + Hair • Adriana & Cadet Adriana

Black Dragon Blade
Weapon Costume • Sword • STR +1

Black Dragon Bracelet
Weapon Costume • Elemental Bracelet • INT +1

Black Dragon Sword
Weapon Costume • Great Sword • STR +2

Other prizes include Nero Croma, Clockwork Weapons (e.g. Assembly Logic Bangle, Gear Gimmick Scimitar), and previously released Runelight Weapon Sets (e.g. Hagal'light Magnum +  Brune Character Card + [Wanted Shot] Stance Book + Enhanced [Wanted Shot] Ring).

There are also stance book sets which include 2 rare books, such as [Punisher] + [Activator], [Innocentio] + [Puppet Master], and [Split Shooter] + [Brandish Arm]. There you have it. That's the reason why Catherine's Expert stance books cannot be repeated with quest, or bought from Master Guardian with Stance Promotion Recipes... Because IMC wants you to gamble for your extra Catherines.