Recruit Selene quest guide has been updated.

Master Viki

From July 04-18, there was EXP +50% Event, so Shotaro (Viki) took the chance to learn and master [Enhanced Tactics], and then spent 1 day in the premium dungeon of Caebolan. As a result, Shotaro (Viki) was promoted to Master Lv.5.

Cameron (Catherine INT), Arcee (Catherine DEX), and Archimedes (Jack) were also promoted to Expert Lv.1. Their trainer, Vairocana (Ralph), reached Master Lv.10. Zarathustra (Lionel) and Maimonides (M/Mus) reached Expert Lv.4, while helping Shotaro (Viki) with [Enhanced Tactics] in Bahamar Underground Cave. Daedalus (Yeganeh), also reached Veteran Lv.10 inside Castilla Mine.

As usual, we got some Magic Accessory Recipes from Mufasar and Occulta Bounty Hunt missions. Sadly, they don't even sell well lately these days. After a while, we just stopped camping/checking Mufasar. Such a waste of time...

For 1 week, we experienced time-travel in several missions, which not only brought us to a different map, but to a different day in the past as well. Someone must have messed up the server clock during maintenance. We received White Bishop (bracelet) from Joaquin Underground Prison, and 2 Recipes - Elite Le Noir from Crow Forest mission. One Crow Forest mission resulted in a large Event Box, instead of the normal Box of Darkness or Legendary Gold Box. The loot seemed to be the same though, but the bonus roulette was cheaper.

Meanwhile, G1-Raiden said in Ask the Producer forum topic:

Even if I decide to release 9.5, it will still take as long as it is taking us to release 10.6. We probably would save 60 days, but that isn't much. 10.6 is not the reason the patch is delayed so much, but a lot of changes happening within the company. [...] With the new globalization project that IMC is working on, all versions will be similar - which is the opposite of having unique contents.

So 60 days is considered "isn't much" of a delay. Great Zarquon! I wonder how long they are expecting the delay to be... That statement alone showed the geological time scale that G1 is working in. I can feel game motivation for players taking another drop. At this rate, I won't be expecting the patch until December or maybe next year. Goodness... Taiwan edition has already updated to v10.17, and even Thailand edition has updated to v9.5.2. So out of all regional editions of the game, Sword 2 is behind everybody else with the exception of Russia (v6.7).

Why is it that G1 seems to be the only publisher that have contractual problems causing patch delay? It is evident that IMC is capable of updating regularly for all other regional editions (which of course also need to renew their respective contracts), so the problem shouldn't be on their side. Maybe G1 refuses to pay the price IMC wants for contract renewal, or just don't have the man-power needed to work on the contract and the patch. We won't know for sure though, since they decided to keep the whole thing tightly under wrap. But whatever it really is, the situation is badly managed.

Oh, and no new cash shop boxes released this month.

And this is the reason why the random elements of this game suck so hard...