[KOR] New Premium Character—Kiss (키스). See [YouTube] Skill Motions.

Taiwan GE Update v10.6.0

WAYI (Taiwan) has updated their Granado Espada to v10.6.0. The game client can be downloaded here, and patch file can be downloaded here. Visit the mini-site GE 頂上對決 for more information. New materials include:
  • Lucifer Castle, Hall & Corridor
  • Devil Accessories
  • New Characters - Grandis, Vincent, Cruz, Adriana, Elisa, Veatrice, Ion
  • New Stances - Telekinesis, Sniper
  • Cash & Feso Shop Updates
  • Missions - Ice Gate, Argus, Fury Autobaron, Revised Secret Tower, etc.
  • 4 Events for Update. See here for details.
    1. Until May 23, the first characters to login per day will receive EXP +50% for 3 hours. After the buff ends, you can get assorted consumables (e.g. Event Soul Crystal) from event NPC. Once you completed 25 times, you may claim a free Cadet Adriana character card.
    2. Collect alphabets from monster drops, and get freebies like Rose Wings, Training Cards, and Soul Crystals.
    3. Returning players who had not login since Nov 30, 2011 get free Home Premium Service, Vault Slot (800), and 5 Event Strength Potions. 
    4. All newly created families will get free Grace, Brunie, and Emilia character cards.

Their web games also include various Jewel Weapons, Black Dragon Weapon Costumes, and assorted body costumes previously seen in Imperial Wheel (Japan). See 寶石武器第十一彈 and 寶石武器第十彈


Sacred said…
There will be an Argus mission? :O

Do you have any more info on it? Thx ;)
MishellH said…
A new Sword 2 server is being released! So if you want a fresh start take a look