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Korean Voice Pack v10.11.0

Several players have asked me for this, since 悠轉幻境 no longer provides the sound effects file from Korean client. (Japanese version is still available there though.) The following file is from my Korean client... but it may be missing 1 or 2 sound files, because I may have previously mixed up the client for live and test servers. Let me know if there's any missing sound. This 134MB file is updated to v10.11.0 test server, and includes voices for Grandies, Veatrice, Adriana, Elisa, etc. There is no sound for Racel and Mary yet, as the sounds will be added later.


To set up, make a back-up copy of your original se.ipf file. Download and unzip the new file into Granado Espada\ge folder, overwrite when prompted. Restart game client. To revert, simply replace se.ipf file with your back-up copy.

 The feedback is that there are missing sounds for Lionel, Ludin, Natalie, Veronif, and Daria. I must have skipped some patches when I was changing between live and test servers (as I only use this client for its data tables). I will try to fix it when I'm free, but that will require me to re-patch everything, so it may take some time.


penyapu said…
Missing Voice-Daria & Natalie
Roguen said…
Is he 10.11 version highter than 10.6 or v.v.?
Ashardalon said…
v10.11 (ten point eleven) is higher than v10.6 (ten point six). 11 > 6.
Ashardalon said…
If anyone is still looking for kGE/kGE sound packs, see here (B1.6.3).
Flymok said…
last jGE Voice Pack dl link here: