Recruit Selene quest guide has been updated.

Sword 186: Innocentio Again

Barret (Jose) was finally promoted to Expert Lv.1, and started to train [Demolition Burst] stance. Mystra (f/wiz) reached Master Lv.4 inside Castilla Tower of Chaos. Since we are having EXP Boost Event +30% for 15 days, we dragged ourselves back to the Citadel in Caebolan. The trainer this time was Orpheus (Rio), who gained 3 levels to reach Master Lv.5. Both trainees, Ishtar (Valeria) and Lara (Brunie), were promoted to Master Lv.1. Brisingamen (Karjalain) also reached Expert Lv.7.

One of the old systems broke down, so we won't be doing Team Arena missions for some time. We got 2 Symbols of Aquarius this week. Mufasar was an arse for handing out L92 Elite Armor Recipes. Surprisingly, Testormento decided to give us another [Innocentio] stance book and Artisan's Earring Recipe. It seems like the boss likes to mock us by giving multiples of the item after we have given up on it. Well, he scammed us often enough, until we stopped paying 5m vis for the bonus roulette since it usually gave us Portable Ancient Star Orb Box (1m vis) anyway.

We joined our 10th official Legion War (since it didn't count last week) on the Royalist side, and gained 3 new medals - [War Contributor] for 10 war participations, [War Hero] for 10 victories, and [Bless of Goddess] for 10 consecutive victories. Gerard gave us the same reward as last week, i.e. 7 AM's Boosts (Event) and 5 Expert G EXP Cards. The event colony was occupied by the Republicans, so Pegadilla Mercenaries will be joining the Royalists next week.

We also started farming some eggs for Easter Event 2012. Not a bad event, since the Socket Flux are already worth it. But why does Najib need 50 eggs to make 1 Easter Egg? He is probably scamming eggs! Anyway, if you give the Easter Egg to Viki, he will let Ararat eat it... and the rock golem will become broken. Weak!

Still, what is the connection between Easter Bunny/Eggs and the resurrection of Christ? Find out in Fantastic Easter Special episode! The parody of Da Vinci Code should be easy to notice.