[KOR] New Premium Character—Kiss (키스). See [YouTube] Skill Motions.

Easter Event 2012

Korea has a new event for Easter Sunday (April 08) - 부활절 이벤트 - 계란 나눠주고 소켓 뚫자! - added on April 05 in v10.13.1 patch. The event can be done 1/day, and will end on April 19. It looks like another potential "export" for other regional servers. See official event notice - [이벤트] 부활절 이벤트 오픈 안내.

  1. Najib Sharif in Reboldeaux will ask you for 50 Eggs. Up to 3 Eggs can be dropped by any monster at a low drop rate. Return to Najib for 1 Socket Flux (Event).
  2. Talk to Najib again, then buy 10 dyes (1 of each color) from Precious Metal Merchant for 50 Shiny Crystals each. Return to Najib to obtain Easter Egg and 2 Socket Flux (Event).
  3. Give the Easter Egg to one of the following children for reward.
    • Viki in El Tejado Verde (G3) ... 1 Ring Box (Event)
    • Ramiro in Queen's Gate ... 3-10 Soul Crystals (Event)
    • Tiburon in Gigante Port ... 5-10 Principal Ampules (Event)
    • Ludin in Gigante Port ... 5-20 Veteran G EXP Cards

As expected, the event was exported to Sword 2 [Source]. For U.S. servers, Ludin was replaced with Claire for the event. [Source]


Schwarzburg said…
...and SEA-GE as well, if you might want to add.
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IAH staff is getting lazy. They don't even post event/update articles anymore. z.z
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IAH is getting lazy indeed since change of management.