Recruit Selene quest guide has been updated.

Sidebar Clean Up & Login Failure

The following blogs have been removed from Pioneers' Blogs sidebar for RSS inactivity of at least 6 months. This is to make room for the addition of several more updated blogs. You can still access some of them from the links below, if desired.
If you have a Granado Espada blog that has been frequently updated and is RSS-enabled, leave a comment with its URL. I will take a look and probably add it to the sidebar.

G1 Login Failure & Book of Fire
In other news, G1 servers are having some problems. Players disconnected from the game with a message - Wrong ID or password - and couldn't log back in. See Log in issue? and Wrong Id/Passcode Error forum topics. And to think I was just about to start a new premium dungeon pass...

Also, Book of Fire will be closed at the end of April. I'm not sure why he would want to close it since there shouldn't be any cost-related issues with Google Sites. Even if it isn't completely up to date, it would still be of some use. Oh well.


Ritens said…
I'd like my blog +DunDunDuRunDun+ to be removed from the sidebar as well. It's no more public and even if it were I doubt I need page views on it.
Thank you.
Myself said…
please and thank you ;)
ZephyrusSGE said… add me please thanks :>
oh yeah,and also ;
Ashardalon said… is not RSS-enabled. Added the others.
Anonymous said…

can you add me? thanks! ^^
Vessaliuz said…
Hi Ash,

I've migrated my Granado Espada blog to Blogger. Kindly replace my wordpress blog with the new one -> Thanks a lot! ^^