[KOR] New Premium Character—Kiss (키스). See [YouTube] Skill Motions.

Sword 188: Master Torsche & Karjalain

To capitalize on the EXP event before it ended, we returned to the premium dungeon of Caebolan for another 3 days. Both Tethys (ATP) and Ishtar (Valeria) reached Master Lv.10. Then, Orpheus (Rio) took over as the trainer, reaching Master Lv.8. We looked through our existing Experts to find someone to be the trainee, but there wasn't any obvious candidate.
  • Galatea (Catherine STR) will be getting [Crusader] stance soon. She can make your way to Master as she trains the stance. Although she will get [Outrage Shot] and [Gigantic Blaster] as well in v9.5, it seems they will be removed from Catherine STR & INT in v10.15.1.
  • Sasori (Summoner Catherine) will be getting [Enhanced Tactics] stance, so she could be the buffer while Orpheus (Rio) could attack and revive those that died to Heavenly Vespanola Soldier's [Armor Crash] skill. Letting an [Enhanced Tactics] user be a trainee is just unnecessary.
  • Willikins (Raven) will be tasked with collecting quest items in Toubkal Mine Bounty Hunt for Veronif, so he has to remain at Expert Lv.6 or less.
  • Zarathustra (Lionel) doesn't have [Punisher] stance yet, and could gain a few levels while training it (if he ever gets it). Besides, he can help Willikins (Raven) in his assignment.
In the end, we made our decisions, and the result was that both Brisingamen (Karjalain) and Mnemosyne (Torsche) were promoted to Master Lv.1. However, we are still 8% short of the next family level.

Sadly, Ishtar (Valeria) still has not mastered her [Innocentio] stance, despite reaching the level cap at Master Lv.10 (100%). The stance reached Lv.20, as it required  64,856,000 Stance EXP to master. Doing some calculations, our Training Cards have a total of 20,250,000 Stance EXP. So her stance needs to be at Lv.21 (84%) before spamming the cards would master it. (See Stance EXP for more information.) Still, we bought the little princess Pigeonne Costume, so she can look more like a royalty. We also decided to let Lolita (Claire) learn [Tested Guard] stance, so that she can be a trainer in the premium dungeon of Caebolan during the next EXP event. Symbol of Leo is cheap anyway, and her stance reached Lv.14.

Previously, we spent 850m vis to buy an escaped prisoner from another family. We also recruited the pot-bellied captain from Coimbra again. Vairocana (Ralph) was named after the ascended form of Gautama Buddha, and Ahab (Alejandro) was named after the ship captain who was obssessed with killing the albino whale in Moby Dick novel.

Vairocana (Ralph) was promoted to Veteran Lv.3, while Archimedes (Jack) reached Veteran Lv.5 in Castilla Mine. Barret (Jose) reached Expert Lv.4, and mastered [Demolition Burst] in Bahamar Underground Cave.

We took a Magic Belt Recipe from Mufasar, and a Crafted Shoot RES Necklace Recipe from Jorgen in Holy Water Chamber. Other bosses gave us Magic Earrings Recipe, Artisan's Earring, 2 Symbols of Aquarius, 2 Symbols of Taurus, Symbol of Aries, Symbol of Scorpio, Symbol of Gemini, Symbol of Capricorn, and Symbol of Pisces. Some monsters are really talkative, such as "Elmo" the laboratory jogger.

Ambrosia (Emilia) participated in our 11th Legion War on the Republican side. Lorch from the Royalist side kept coming over mess around in Auch, but had to resort to using Invisible Potions and Red Lollipops to flee from an angry White Bear Scout. Thereafter, we got another 7 AM's Boosts (Event) and 5 Expert G EXP Cards from Gerard. The event colony was captured by the Republicans, so the Pegadilla Mercenaries will be joining the Royalists next week.