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WAYI Players' Forum

WAYI (Taiwan) recently hosted a players' forums with a IMC representative on March 17, 2012. See list of links at the end of this post for sources. Click on thumbnail images below for full-size views.

Taiwan will be updating to v10.6 on April 25, 2012. WAYI has no rights to edit game data. (Presumably, this would be true for all other editions except Korea and Japan.) Player-designed characters and costumes require a suitable story before they can be implemented. WAYI is negotiating with Blue Moon Waltz for cooperation regarding translation.

For drop rate, it must use up a certain amount of “CODA”, before it will appear again after a while. (It seems the main thing about drop rate is the denominator, since everything has a fixed quota, the more players do the same thing, the more likely the thing will drop.)

Players' Forum Q&A
The following Q&A is translated from 【情報】3/17 GE玩家面對面座談會(live直播)--後續補完版.

Q1. Issue with crafting Devil Weapons, and the cost of Master Lacquers...
A1. IMC says: Will handle it as soon as possible. (Player interrupts: It has been 2 months, almost version update soon with Devil Armors, maybe still cannot craft it. *crowd applaudes*)

Q2. About server responses, text errors, and pet bug... 
A2. Sorry, will be fixed next week.

Q3. About translation errors and text cut-off in story NPC speech boxes. Also the use of Blue Moon Waltz without permission, Alliance War recover spam, and too few GM (recommend 24 hours).
A3. IMC says: Recover spam is a design issue. Korean servers are experiencing the same thing. The solution will be to increase the contribution points for enemy kills. The system update will come to Taiwan eventually in the future.

Q4. About Devil's Dream "drop" rate, and Pet Food preferably being added to the "shelf" (not sure about this, maybe he means NPC shop?).
A4. WAYI will re-examine the drop rate for Devil's Dream, and will consider the Pet Food. IMC will access the cash shop promotions, and Devil's Dream will not change until later.

Q5. About releasing the new Pose Book...
A5. I think it has been released via lottery web game... (Player interrupts: Don't have!!! *rage!*) ... okay, will release soon via cash shop.

Q6. About Shiny Crystal Chest drop rate, bot (e.g. bot caught but reappeared a few months later), account theft, and account locked due to buying "illegal" items.
A6. VIP will get 1 chance to stop botting. Other issues will be rectify soon.

Q7. How to protect your account if you unknowingly bought items which may be "illegal". Player hopes that the management will issue policy to protect innocent parties, and publicly announce investigation period.

Q8. About suggestion that Shiny Crystals drop in high-level maps, Angel Weapons' removal of built-in stats, whining about events (Spring Event/Valentine's Day), and customer services.
A8. Some things are successively released - lucky clover will have new types released on 4/5. Only Japan has Angel Weapons with built-in stats, as part of independent system. Customer services will be improved soon.

Q9. Player suggests IMC change the difficulty to acquire stance books for "White Hair" (Lionel) and "Little Princess" (Valeria), possibly via cash shop.
A9. IMC asks: I would like to understand, who thinks it is really that hard? *everyone raises hand*

Q10. About Ancient Medusa spawn time...
A10. Spawn is set to random to prevent the boss from being monopolized by specific individuals or clans. (Player replies: It's for quests, not for loot.) ... After discussion, may still be random, but with server notice. Medusa's spawn is still under discussion.

Q11. Can temporary items not include offline time as part of its countdown timer?
A11. No... well, will do some research.

Q12. About WAYI website update, and whether the annoying video advertisement can be removed or include an OFF button?
A12. Website will be updated soon. Video will be removed.

Q13. About text input error and its fix date?
A13. WAYI needs more information about this. (It is mainly about Chinese character input.)

Sneak Preview - Bristia
Some photos of the slide presentation during the players' forum...

The text for the top-right slide translates into the following:
  • New maps and content: Port city "Bristia"
  • Added Lucifer Castle - Montoro mission
  • Combat balancing, new Expert stances for scout, wizard, Catherine
  • New and revised missions - Mufasar ("Mu-Fa-Sha"), Einschwer ("Si-Wei-Er"), and Novia ("Ruo-Bi-Ya")
  • New characters - Racel Targa, Mary, Marchetti, Heyrang, Tora, Kano, and Taiwan player-designed character
  • Base specific for clan use
Other concept art and poster as follows.

VIP Collection Card Book
Some goodies for forum participation... Collector's edition cards and a lousy T-shirt.



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so that means more questline for adelina, lisa and tora right?