Recruit Selene quest guide has been updated.

Magic Circle 27

Magic Circle 27 (Korea) has been updated from March 29 to April 11, 2012. Nothing really new, just 2 costumes from other servers. Other notable rewards include Mary Character Card and Black Dragon Pet. See 3월 매직 코스튬 for full body screenshots of the costumes below.

Steel Griffin Costume Set
Body Costume + Hat • Male Musketeer
Previously released in Russian servers 2010. See Steel Griffin & Scarlet Admiral.

Cerasus Valiente Costume Set 
Body Costume + Hair • Asoka*
Previously released in Imperial Wheel V: August 2011.

Note (*): The original costume is designed for Mifuyu (Japan), but Asoka (International) uses the costume group for Mifuyu. So for non-Japan servers, Asoka should be the one using this costume. I can't be bothered to patch the game client to check... I don't remember Mifuyu being released for Korea.

Also, some more random stuffs... See 배경화면 for downloadable wallpaper of Valeria. See 마리 퀘스트... for some screenshots of Mary's quest. And someone managed to upgrade The Passion of Regulus to +10. [Source