Recruit Selene quest guide has been updated.

Sword 181: Intuition of Terhea

We ventured back to Castilla Tower of Chaos, wherein Alustriel (ETS) reached Expert Lv.10 and gained 3 new slayer medals as well as the next quest item - Red Crystal of Chaos from Jellyfish. Zarathustra (Lionel) was finally promoted to Expert Lv.1 and Selvaria (Selva) reached Veteran Lv.10, after multiple runs in Castilla Mine. Lara (Brunie) also reached Expert Lv.4 in Viron forests, collecting more Letizia Shiny Boxes and Pieces of Naraka.

The raid loot was good this week as well. The roulette rewards Silver Rosario, Elite La Torre (rapier), Magic Shoes Recipe from Occulta Bounty Hunt, and Magic Earrings Recipe from Joaquin Underground Prison. Team Arena missions yielded Symbol of Leo, 2 Symbols of Pisces, and 2 Symbols of Sagittarius. Various bosses dropped Constellation Boxes, which gave 2 Symbols of Aquarius, Symbol of Taurus, Symbol of Virgo, Symbol of Leo, and Symbol of Gemini.

A total of 106 Rough Stones were collected last month. These were refined and exchanged into 1 HQ Spodumene and 2 HQ Obsidian among other rubbish. After some farming and buying, we finally had 1,000 Mega Quartz... We also purchased/traded 2 new weapons and 3 new costumes - Angel Rizoel's Rod (rod) and +7 The Will of Acubens (sabre), as well as Violeita Costume (Crazy Emilia), The Intuition of Terhea (javelin), and The Inexorability of Ventuamos (sabre).

We joined our 7th Legion War among the Pegadilla mercenaries on the Republican side. The princess was defeated with 16 minutes left to the clock, resulting in victory for the Republicans. We acquired 2 new medals - [Never Lose] for 7 consecutive victories, and [Death Broker] for 5 consecutive survivals. Gerard rewarded us with 5 Expert G EXP Cards and 9 AM's Boost (Event). This is 2 more AM's Boosts than the last 6 war rewards, so it seems that the amount of AM's Boost increases as one participates more often in the war. Since the event colony was seized by the Republicans, the Pegadilla mercenaries would be joining the Royalists next week.

The Devourers have introduced 2 new boxes in the Bazaar (250 Gold each) - Quinzel's Legacy and Raiden's Dominion II. The new items include Gaura Costume (Karjalain), The Intuition of Terhea (javelin costume), Violeita Costume (Crazy Emilia), Variltorta Hat (mus), Angel Cassiel's Cannon (AR33, Acc +10), Le Talent de la Perle (AR33 rod, Mental ATK +40, Max SP +15%), and Dragon's Heart Shield (DR2).