[KOR] New Premium Character—Kiss (키스). See [YouTube] Skill Motions.

Mary + Sweeper

A new character - Mary - has been added in v10.11.0.

STR 50 Icon Type Musketeer
AGI 70 Initial Level 60
CON 50 Armor Coat, Coat (mus)
DEX 85 Accessory Basic, Leather
INT 45 MCC Team Torsche's Dream
CHA 30 Job Skill Cleaning Time

Weapon Stances
None Bare Knuckle
Shotgun Shotgun Blaster, Gigantic Blaster, Sweeper

Shooting Expert Stance (Shotgun)

Attack Cycle 2 hits (shotgun) within 1-1000 cm
Splash 100% damage to 4 targets within 220 cm circle (radius)
Ammunition 3 Full Metal Shells
Lv.25 Bonus ATK Speed +25%, Critical +16, Accuracy +25, Immunity +10, Penetration +20
ATK Speed 223.3 ATK 90% ATK Type Splash
Accuracy 25 Immunity 0 Penetration 5
Evasion - Block - Auto Heal No
Is Flying No Hit Flying Yes SP Recovery Charge
Movement 100% Fire RES 0 Ice RES 0
Lightning RES 0 Mental RES 0 Magic RES (PVP) 100
Melee RES (PVP) 100 Shoot RES (PVP) 100 Debuff RES (PVP) 120

Level Skill
1 Floor Cleaner
10 Clean Up
15 Ladies Order
20 Tidy Road
25 Quadruple Action

These are the base stats in v10.11.0... ... I can't be bothered to post the rest! Maybe I will update later.

Here is the screenshot of the skills. [Source] Click on image below for full-size view. See also Play Forum articles 마리 - 메이드복에 산탄총을 거머쥔 언밸런스녀 and 샷건 들고 전투에 나설 마리, 승산은?.


Silfo said…
she looks like elena , the puppet + wizard, think she's related to robotic caths
WW said…
Finally, a gun toting maid character!
Ashardalon said…
Upskirt screenshot here for those who, *cough*, have unique gaming interests.
frozen octofish said…
..........this is so stupid, i'm kind of speechless.

why is IMC catering to all the creeper 50 year olds who like ~cute girls with giant guns~. ESPECIALLY A MAID, OF ALL THINGS


i want her anyway, just because shotguns are cool. but NO, IMC. stop. you're being stupid.

she better have an amazing storyline to make up for this asshattery.