Recruit Selene quest guide has been updated.

Spring Event 2012

Korean servers have started Spring Event during  March 08-22, 2012. Clovers will spawn randomly in combat zones. Clicking on them will provide EXP +30% buff. The first clover buff for each day will last 1 hour, while subsequent ones will last 30 minutes.

Moreover, the first clover of the day may also give you an item - Clover, Green Clover, or Four-Leaf Clover. The item may be traded with the Green Girl (event NPC) in Reboldeaux for Soul Crystal (Event), Ring Box (Event), and Socket Flux (Event) respectively.

See the official event notice and forum article for more information. This event may eventually be "exported" to other regional servers...

This event has been "exported". See Spring Time Event (SG) and 《GE王者之劍R》春天最好飆等級 (TW).


Kavana said…
Green Clover give me Box Ring,
Four Clover give Protect Socket

This Event so good,
thank Ashar update.

Wel, you understand Korean language.?