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Fixed Drops: Ancient Castilla Temple

The following table lists the fixed drops for monsters inside Ancient Castilla Temple. The data is derived from Singapore edition game client (v9.5). Kryptonite (Grade 5), Red Jewel Fragment (Grade 4), and Stone of Soul (Grade 4) are alchemy materials, used in Grade 13+ alchemy to acquire Devil's Dream. For more information on Ancient Castilla Temple, see 신규 지역 - 고대의 카스티야, 신전 (Korea) and 古代カスティア神殿:Virgin家の女たち2 (Japan).

Fixed Drops
Ancient Sasa Assassin
Vampiric Edge (1/70,000), The Gladiator (1/70,000), Le Blanc - Fig (1/70,000),
 Kryptonite (1/2,000)
Ancient Sasa Pikeman
Sword Breaker (1/70,000), Robe of Ziz (1/70,000), Le Blanc - Wiz (1/70,000),
 Kryptonite (1/2,000)
Ancient Female Knight's Soul
Desert Storm (1/70,000), The Black Dragon (1/70,000), Le Blanc - Ele (1/70,000),
Le Blanc - Sco (1/70,000), Kryptonite (1/3,000)
Ancient Male Knight's Soul
Grim-Wight (1/70,000), Daemon Slayer (1/70,000), Le Blanc - Mus (1/70,000),
Kryptonite (1/3,000)
Ancient Minotauros
1-5 Ancient Relics (always), 1-3 Ancient Gold Relics (always), 1-10 L92 Enchant Chips (always), 1-5 L96 Enchant Chips (always), 1-7 Stones of Soul (always),
 1 Archangel's Heart (1/10)
Ancient Sphinx
1-5 Ancient Relics (always), 1-3 Ancient Gold Relics (always), 1-10 L92 Enchant Chips (always), 1-5 L96 Enchant Chips (always), 1-7 Red Jewel Fragments (always),
1 Siren's Scale (1/10)
Ancient Medusa
1-10 Ancient Relics (always), 1-5 Ancient Gold Relics (always), 1-7 L100 Enchant Chips (always), 1-3 Veteran Enchant Chips (always), 1-5 Kryptonite (always),
 1 Seed of Rafflesia (1/10)


banbha said…
those boss drops seem awfull. i was hoping bosses would drop decent numbers of lvl 5 alchemy
Ashardalon said…
These are the fixed drops. They also have other scripted drops, which include constellation symbols, made necklaces, qualified earrings, etc.
banbha said…
ah true any info on drops from the evil weapon instances yet i know they are mainly for ingredients for those weapons wondering if they offer any other loot too
Minun said…
I'm not quite sure what "1-10 [items] (always)" should mean.

The HQ Gems are not always dropped, nor are the symbols. And when they do drop then only 1 in quantity.
Ashardalon said…
Oh yes, you are right. It's a typo. I mixed up the drop rate and quantity for the gems. It should be rate=10 amount=1, instead of rate=1 amount=10. This means the boss has 10% (1/10) chance of dropping 1 gem, instead of 100% (1/1) chance of dropping up to 10 gems. Post corrected.

Scripted drops are another matter. They aren't directly listed in datatable_monster.ies. Their drop rates are determined differently.

About evil weapons... which monster do you have in mind? It's easier for me to check by monster than by instance.
banbha said…
wondering generally if they are worth bothering with if you have access to strata recs