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Valentine's Event 2012

Sword 2 has added Valentine's Event for 2012. The event NPC, Valentine Merchant, is found in all 3 major towns. See Valentine's Event Patch Notes.

Basically, he sells some recipes as shown in the shop screenshot above. The problem is that the recipes' item descriptions do not reveal the required ingredients, which is somewhat dumb since all other recipes do so. The recipe can be crafted by Panfilo in Reboldeaux. Anyway, here are the recipe details, pulled from the latest datatable_itemmake.ies file.

Recipe Ingredients
Recipe - Chocolate Heart (event) 1 Honey, 20 Wheat Flour, 20 Beet, 1 Golden Apple, 10 Chocolate
Recipe - Red Candy (event) 1 Honey, 20 Cabosse, 50 Cockatrice Eggs, 50 Ice Crystals,
1 Red Leaf of Rafflesia
Recipe - Pink Candy (event) 1 Honey, 20 Cabosse, 50 Cockatrice Eggs, 50 Ice Crystals,
1 Yellow Leaf of Rafflesia
Recipe - Blue Candy (event) 1 Honey, 20 Cabosse, 50 Cockatrice Eggs, 50 Ice Crystals, 1 Blue Sap
Recipe - Black Lollipops (event) 1 Honey, 20 Cabosse, 50 Cockatrice Eggs, 50 Ice Crystals, 1 Black Sap
Recipe - Rainbow Lollipops (event) 1 Honey, 1 Red Candy (event), 1 Pink Candy (event),
1 Blue Candy (event), 1 Black Candy (event)

Honey is dropped by insects such as Wasps in Bahamar Deep Swamp. Wheat Flour is found among humanoid monsters, such as those in El Lago de Tres Hermanas. Red/Yellow Leaf of Rafflesia is found in Ustiur Zona Uno and the nearby maps. Beet and Ice Crystals are found in Katovic Snowfield and Frozen Wastes. Golden Apples and Blue/Black Saps are dropped by Eltetah in the arctic maps as well. Chocolate is sold by Lisa in Coimbra. Cabosse are dropped by various imps such as those in Tetra Ruins. Cockatrice Eggs drop from any cockatrice monsters, such as those in Rion Dungeon. Panfilo's personal skill can also extract some of these ingredients from various Life-type monsters. 

The NPC will also trade 1 Promotion Recipe - Veteran for 10 Rainbow Lollipops (event), and promises something "better" for later trades. Not sure what they are, but so far it doesn't seem like it is worth the trouble.

See also 《GE王者之劍R》情人節限定活動.

[SG] Valentine's Date With GM 2012 
More cash shop events from IAHGames... Buy Chocolate Hearts from cash shop and give them to selected GM on Feb 11, 2012. The highest spammer can win Jewel Weapons (any), Party Dress - First Step Costume (Ludin), Ludin Character Card, and [Efreet] Stance Book, along with a date with the GM on Feb 13. See [In-Game Event] Win A Date With Your Favorite GM/CM! for details.


WW said…
Where do the Cockatrice Eggs drop? The level 60 maps such as Rion?
axlsmiu said…

yes, rion dungeon

pretty rare
frozen octofish said…
this seems like such a hassle, holy crap.

i wonder if sGE will have one. i hope it's not as tedious lol. i do wonder what those "better" trades will be though.
Ashardalon said…
Yes, cockatrice eggs drop from any cockatrice, such as those in Rion Dungeon. Missed out on the eggs earlier. Updated.
madethz said…
cockatrice eggs and honey are pretty rare on idGE
Ashardalon said…
See also Korean event here.