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Jormongand v7.5.1

Jormongand (aka Garim) raid has been revised in v7.5.1. Mysterious Key has been removed, and Jormongand Mark is used to open the reward chest instead. The first warp gate no longer consumes reputation points.

Mission Information (v7.5.1)
Location: Vegas Javier (F12)
Entry Cost: None
Frequency: 1/day
Participants: 2-12
Duration: 1 hour

The raid mission consists of clearing 5 rooms, each with a portal leading to the next room. The first room is guarded by Reydeavaricia (L120 Undead), also known as King of Greed. Kill it to spawn the portal.

The second room has a Y-shaped corridor. The corridor is lined with Slow Turrets, which can inflict [Slow] and [Expose] statuses. The latter is similar to L12 [Check Target] skill. There will also be mobs of Elbleed (L118 Daemon). Castor (L120 Daemon) awaits at the end of the right path, while Pollux (L120 Daemon) awaits at the end of the left path.

Each of the third rooms have an Elminor (L120 Daemon) inside. Kill it to spawn the portal.

The fourth room is filled with mobs of Elnoogard (L100-102 Daemon). They will attack the Seal Crystal, which will have a bar indicating its hit points. There will a zone-wide notice: Left/Right crystal is reacting. Unlike the pre-patch version, the mobs are fiercer, so it is likely that the crystal will be destroyed. When broken, a more powerful Reydeavaricia (L145 Undead) will appear, along with a zone-wide notice: Left/Right crystal has been destroyed. This Reydevaricia is much tougher than the previous one. [Whole Cancellation] skill can be used to remove its buff. Kill Reydeavaricia, then move on to the last room.

Jormongand (L130 Life) can inflict [Panic] and [Confusion] statuses. It can be affected by [Paralysis] and Lisa's [Physical Break] statuses.

According to datatable_monster.ies (v8.5), Jormongand still has 10% chance of dropping Jormongand Leather, just like in v6.7. Otherwise, it does not drop anything except for the roulette chest.

The roulette chest can be opened with Jormongand Mark, which Karjalain can craft with the recipe available from Precious Metal Merchant in Auch, Reboldeaux, or Viron for 500,000 vis. The recipe requires 1 Spino's Skull, 50 Bone Sticks, 50 Dragon Leather, 50 Dragon Horns, and 100 Solvent. The roulette chest rewards each participant with 2 random items from the list below. You may pay 2,000,000 vis for an additional roulette item.
  • Recipe - Jormongand Belt
  • Jormongand Leather
  • L100 Weapon/Armor
  • L92 Elite Armor
  • Le Noir
  • Enchantment Chip Veteran 
  • L100 Enchantment Chip x3
  • L96 Enchantment Chip x4
  • L92 Enchantment Chip x4
  • Frost/Flame/Gale Stone x2
  • Rare Book of Shooting/Combat/Magic
  • Hilt of Old Sword (alchemy grade 4)

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Kavana said…
wow, Garim !!
last night just join room :D,
So amazing.
But party have 3 mem, all left,
can't move last room hihi.

try again , thank you.
Ashardalon said…
Yes, I think now the raid party must split up - some go left, others go right.
Sacred said…
So both Rey de Avaricia has to be killed in order to advance to the final room?
Ashardalon said…
Hm. I suppose if you can defend the crystal from the mobs for a fixed amount of time, you can move on to the next room as well. But it is quite hard to do so, since there are a lot of mobs and the crystal's HP goes down quite fast. So usually, you have to kill the KOG.
Jeffto said…
how u open .ies archive?