Recruit Selene quest guide has been updated.

Treasure Shooting R: Feb 2012

Treasure Shooting R (Japan) has been released for Feb 08-15, 2012. Most of the prizes are previously released items, except for one:

Highlander Claymore
Great Sword • ATK Rating 33 • ATK 458
ATK +10% vs. Life/Daemon/Golem/Human/Undead •
Penetration +8 • ATK Speed +15% • Block +10

The set also includes Grandies Character Card, Quarter Slot Permit, [Soul Guard] Stance Book, and some cash shop items.

[SG] PPL Update
In addition, Jewel Javelin, Jewel Gaiter, [Blitz Assault] Stance Book, and more are now available in Panfilo's Pot Luck (Singapore) until Feb 16, 2012. See the official notice here.