Recruit Selene quest guide has been updated.

Sword 179: Return of the Pirate

There was nothing much, just more routine stuffs this week. That's how the New World ends up after a while, just more routines, particularly so for this update (v8.5). Anyway, Lara (Brunie) reached Expert Lv.3, while both Selvaria (Selva) and Zarathustra (Lionel) reached Veteran Lv.9. After working out a deal, we fed Ahab (Alejandro) a full load of EXP Cards, bringing him from Lv.100 to Master Lv.1. He was then sold into slavery to make up for the bride price to bring back Captain Boobs into our family. (She used to be in our family a long time ago. See Journal Entry #22.) We named her Tethys (Adelina the Pirate), after the female titan of the oceans in Greek mythology. We will have to work on some sabres for her... So now, out of the 5 old promotional characters, only Battle Smith Idge and Iron Chef Panfilo were missing.

Griffon mission was horrible - dropping only Symbol of Virgo. It was not even worth the cost of Egg Shells and Shiny Crystals... Occulta Bounty Hunt yielded Magic Metal Belt Recipe, which was too bad since it was metal. Still no Le Scarce armors from party missions, but at least we got 2 Dragon Heart Recipes. Other raid loot include Elite Le Noir (mus) Recipe, Elite Le Blanc (fig), Symbol of Pisces, Symbol of Scorpio, Symbol of Leo, Symbol of Gemini, Symbol of Libra, Symbol of Taurus, and Symbol of Sagittarius (again).

Ambrosia (Emilia) managed to join in our 5th Legion War about midway through the battle against the Royalists, and acquired Lv.4 war title - Mercenary Lieutenant. Gerard rewarded us with 7 AM's Boost (Event) and 5 Expert G EXP Cards, after we acquired 4 new war medals - [Immortal Old Soldier], [Participant in War], [Winning Streak], and [Order of Military Merit].

The Devourers have introduced 2 new boxes in the Bazaar (250 Gold each) - Quinzel's Legacy and Raiden's Dominion. The new items include Enchantment Chip Expert, Derange Sorian Costume (Claire), The Inexorability of Ventuamos (sabre costume), Blue Serpent Costume (m/mus), Capitaine Lunette (m/wiz glasses), Angel Gabriel's Sabre (AR33 sabre), Le Eclat de la Topaze (AR33 shotgun, Lightning ATK +40, Acc +15), and Dragon's Lumiere Rod (AR32 rod). Hm. Now that they have introduced Jewel Weapons, maybe we should wait for La Talent de la Perle instead of getting Angel Rizoel's Rod. Unlike our nerfed Angel Weapons, Jewel Weapons have the same base ATK as Constellation Weapons.