[KOR] Altria Ep.1 Preview + New Characters Coa.

Sword 178: Stone Cortes

This week, there wasn't much progression, as we had some other concerns beyond Granado Espada. Only Barret (Jose) gained a level to reach Veteran Lv.4. We missed a few missions, so the weekly yield consisted only of Symbol of Pisces, Symbol of Sagittarius, and Symbol of Capricorn, as well as Dragon Heart Recipe from party missions.

We even failed to make it to Legion War again... so our war title remained at Lv.3, and there will be restricted raid access next week. But well, there are still some unresolved issues, so it probably won't matter that much as we would be offline or inactive slightly more often next week.

However, we finally managed to take time out to join in our first raid on Stone Cortes in Lucifer Castle Basement Storage. As the fight progressed, Twin Nephthys (said to be "Montoro's subordinate") will sashay her way towards Stone Cortes and ravish everyone there. Later on, a second one will show up.


Silfo said…
so, twins nephys it's stronger than costez?
Ashardalon said…
Uh, not really. I won't say that.