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Update Preview: Racel

Korean edition has released a new update preview - 업데이트 미리보기 - 라셀 타르가.

1. New Character - Racel (라셀 타르가)
The first character to be implemented from I'm A Designer 2 contest. As of v10.8.0, he is still not available in the client's datatable. I will edit it again when his official (default) English name becomes available. Maybe I will release an updated character database, if there is time...

His statistics are STR 70, AGI 70, CON 70, DEX 50, INT 50, and CHA 30. He has [Middle Guard] and [Low Guard] stances. His unique expert stance is [Saber Tooth], which uses sabre + main-gauche. The stance book can be purchased from Emilia.

 His character card has been injected into test server accounts in v10.10.0. The default English character name is Racel. See 라셀 기본정보 for his job skill [Sandstorm] and [Sabretooth] stance skills. He can wear Leather (any) armors and starts at Lv.60. Based on the data for v10.10.0, his available stances are...
  • None = Bareknuckle
  • Sabre = Middle Guard
  • Sabre + Main-Gauche = Sabretooth
  • Sabre + Dagger = Sabretooth
  • Dagger = Escrima
See 라셀 타르가 - 세이버와 망고슈를 쓰는 고전 검술의 달인 for [Sabretooth] stance and 실버 서버에서 만난 라셀 타르가, 그 위력은? for comparison with Grandies.

2. New Construction Stances
New expert construction stances will be added in v10.8.0. The skills use High Quality Wood, Cast Iron, and Composite Steel. The stance books can be acquired from Emilia.

Jack will gain [Destroyer] stance, with more powerful cannon turrets. It requires Symbol of Gemini.

Yeganeh will get the more defensive [Guardian Structure] stance. It requires Symbol of Libra.

Angie will get [Architecture] stance, which has overlapped skills from both Jack's and Yeganeh's stances. Some features include detect invisibility and regeneration. It requires Symbol of Virgo.

 Added links above to Play Forum articles for these stances.

3. New Pet - Black Dragon
Black Dragon Pet will be added. It will provide [Dragon Bless] buff - ATK +15% vs. Monsters, Penetration +5, Critical +10, Accuracy +10, and Movement Speed +10%. The pet box will be available via Magic Circle web game. See GE에 흑룡이 떳다! for more information.

4. New Missions
New weekly missions will be added in v10.7.0. The keys are available from Federigo in Auch. The mission also consumes 5000 reputation points.

Endless Greed mission involved the King of Greed. The mobs are able to inflict debuffs, such as [Stun]. The key requires 4 Old Chess Pieces and 4 Snail Shells. Joaquin Underground Passage mission involved Mighty Ogre. The key requires 150 Bulk of Gold and 150 Bulk of Silver.

Road of Avernus mission involved Diablo (Golden Horn Daemon). The mission gate is located in Tetra Ruins Grand Corridor. The key requires 10 Black Oxides and 1 Chalcedony. Trinity Elemental Force mission consists of 3 different trapped rooms aligned to fire, ice, and lightning. The mission gate is located in Porto Bello Deserted Quay. The key requires 1 Pure Otite and 1 Hell Valley Key.

 Added links above to Play Forum articles for these missions.

5. Misc.
Some more development for Android and iPhones... Panfilo and Karjalain will be getting new hybrid stances in the next update, using bracelet + sword and bracelet + rapier.


Skyden said…
Ashardalon, Any Comment on Catherine(Doll) Expert Stances?

P.S.: Thanks for the Always interesting Updates.
Sacred said…
Yes!!!! Finally expert construction stance... sob

Angie ws my first rnpc, and have always wanted some love for her :)
Ashardalon said…
Nothing on Catherine's new stances yet... the one about summoner stance circulating around previously was a hoax. That's why when you read stuffs written by players, you should make sure it has a proper, credible/official source.

Anyway, some screenshots of the new construction stances - see here... and here for the boss stats of trinity elemental force mission.