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SNW 72: White Vent

Pazuzu (STF) returned to Bahamar Marsh once more, reaching Expert Lv.4. Thereafter, Romina reached Expert Lv.5 in Bahamar Murky Bayou, then brought Pazuzu (STF) and Visca (Grace) into Reboldeaux Scarlet Underground. It is just too bad the timeless Combat Manual from last week was fixed during maintenance. Cthulhu (Poppet) looted 1 Snail Shell, 1 Old Chess Piece, 4 Damaged Ancient Polish, Will of the Warrior Ring, and 2 Lv.84 elite armor recipes this week.

Visca (Grace) bought 6 Karj's Portmanteau II boxes for 15m vis each. She opened 4 of them and received Lv.92 Enchantment Chip, Lv.100 Enchantment Chip, Lv.90 (920k) EXP Card, and White Vent Costume. It seems like most people get the costume within 1-6 boxes. So why are people still trying to sell it for 150m vis?

The treasure hunters found another Assassin Dagger as their 35th Fire Isle Treasure in Zone 1.

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The family is still waiting for G1's decision for those bitten by the Tiger bug. After almost 6 months, I finally managed to access G1 Account Profile page and link my SNW account to a G1 account. Now at least I can submit a ticket if I ever need to do so. Yay~!


mooferz said…
I got my first White Vent costume in about 6 boxes, but I gave it to a friend. When I tried getting another, I didn't get one in over 20 boxes. Bad luck strikes again.