[KOR] New Premium Character—Kiss (키스). See [YouTube] Skill Motions.

Upcoming Costume Boxes

SNW: Changes For Costume Purchase
G1-Neume has revealed upcoming changes to Sword of the New World, mainly regarding the removal of permanent costumes in cash shop to be replaced by class-specific costume boxes. See About This Week's Patch forum topic for details.

Update: The tentative content of the class-specific costume boxes are revealed. See here for the tentative drop list. The bad news is that they seem to include hats sold by Andre (e.g. Iron Mask, Corsair Hat). Among the "new" costumes are 2008 Beijing Olympics costumes, which were available in sGE during Aug-Sep 2008. See Exclusive Beijing 2008 Sportswear Costumes and The One About Beijing Olympics 2008 for details.

sGE: HCOF New Year Special
Hellena's Circus of Fate is having a 50% discount, and a series of loot updates which last about 2 weeks each. Interestingly enough, sGE is also having new costumes boxes - Andre's Outfit Box, Pioneer Headwear Box, and RNPC Headwear Box. See HCOF: New Year Special for details and here for what some players got from the boxes.