Recruit Selene quest guide has been updated.

Portmanteau II Boxes

Sword of the New World has introduced Andre's & Karj's Portmanteau II boxes (150 gold each), which include White Vent and Rose Camellia costumes. See Jan 12 Patch Notes for details. The only missing v3.0 costume now is Darkness costume (aka Blackness Rose) for male wizard, which will debut along with v3.4 patch.1

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About Andre's & Karj's Portmanteau I
Portmanteau I boxes have been removed from the cash shop after being made available for 7 weeks (Nov 24, 2009 - Jan 12, 2010). They may return for a week or so, but not in the near future.2 Expect more of such limited-period cash shop boxes, since G1 had about 20 such boxes planned for this year.

50% EXP Boost & Tiger Events
There is a 50% EXP Boost for 1 week until Jan 20.3 The Tiger Event has been extended to Jan 20, 2010. Unfortunately, the bug is still not fixed after maintenance. Ugh!