Recruit Selene quest guide has been updated.

kGE v4.5 Preview

Korea GE has released its v4.5 Preview. See Japanese translation here and discuss at IAHGames forums here.

1. Catherine Torsche
The real Catherine is a dagger-wielding assassin. She has a dual-dagger stance called Death Chopping, which requires Symbol of Capricorn. You must complete Holy Water Chamber Quest and have a Master-level Catherine (Str, Dex, Int, or Summoner).

See the following screenshots from kGE Screen Board. See also Book of Wind: Catherine Torsche.

2. The Crusader: Expert Blunt Stance
The Crusader stance uses blunt and shield. It requires Symbol of Taurus.
See The Crusader Skills at kGE Screen Board.

3. Stance Rings & Improved Stance Rings
Stance rings can be crafted from Precious Metal Merchant in Auch. Improved stance rings can have additional options, such as max HP, max SP, skill level +1, etc. See Silver Server v4.44 for details.

4. DEF Rating 33 Armors
Greek Croma armor series (DR 33) now drop from top-level raids. Veteran Enchantment Chips are used to enchant them.

5. Quest Window
A Guide tab is added to Quest window to display progression by level for new players. The quest rewards will be improved.

6. Password-Protected Transactions
You can now lock in-game trades with password, as a security measure against other players who somehow acquired your login password. The feature is available from Game Options (Alt-O).

7. Misc. Changes
There are a few other changes.
  • Top-level accessories (earrings, gloves, boots) drop in Occulta Mission only. See Silver Server v4.4.0 for more on Bounty Hunter Guild.
  • When killed, a baron may have his equipment destroyed instead of dropped.
  • Raid difficulty is increased. Rewards are improved.
  • Triumph fillers last for 1 hour.
  • Registration fee at Market Manager will be reduced from 1% to 0.1%.
  • The 3% tax for hiding name at Market Manager will be removed.
  • Each family can register up to 20 items (instead of 10) at Market Manager.
  • Some changes are made to Server Board (currently disabled in sGE & SNW) regarding family names and whispers.
Edit: Added links to screenshots from kGE Screen Board.


Amalielle said…
Time to level my summoner to Master. YES!! *sarcasm*

Uli said…
Something that might interest you lot

Its a IES Reader which can read the datatables

Uli said…

use that download, old one only works when Xfire is running for some strange reason