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kGE v4.5 Preview

Korea GE has released its v4.5 Preview. See Japanese translation here and discuss at IAHGames forums here.

1. Catherine Torsche
The real Catherine is a dagger-wielding assassin. She has a dual-dagger stance called Death Chopping, which requires Symbol of Capricorn. You must complete Holy Water Chamber Quest and have a Master-level Catherine (Str, Dex, Int, or Summoner).

See the following screenshots from kGE Screen Board. See also Book of Wind: Catherine Torsche.


2. The Crusader: Expert Blunt Stance
The Crusader stance uses blunt and shield. It requires Symbol of Taurus.
See The Crusader Skills at kGE Screen Board.


3. Stance Rings & Improved Stance Rings
Stance rings can be crafted from Precious Metal Merchant in Auch. Improved stance rings can have additional options, such as max HP, max SP, skill level +1, etc. See Silver Server v4.44 for details.


4. DEF Rating 33 Armors
Greek Croma armor series (DR 33) now drop from top-level raids. Veteran Enchantment Chips are used to enchant them.


5. Quest Window
A Guide tab is added to Quest window to display progression by level for new players. The quest rewards will be improved.


6. Password-Protected Transactions
You can now lock in-game trades with password, as a security measure against other players who somehow acquired your login password. The feature is available from Game Options (Alt-O).


7. Misc. Changes
There are a few other changes.
  • Top-level accessories (earrings, gloves, boots) drop in Occulta Mission only. See Silver Server v4.4.0 for more on Bounty Hunter Guild.
  • When killed, a baron may have his equipment destroyed instead of dropped.
  • Raid difficulty is increased. Rewards are improved.
  • Triumph fillers last for 1 hour.
  • Registration fee at Market Manager will be reduced from 1% to 0.1%.
  • The 3% tax for hiding name at Market Manager will be removed.
  • Each family can register up to 20 items (instead of 10) at Market Manager.
  • Some changes are made to Server Board (currently disabled in sGE & SNW) regarding family names and whispers.
Edit: Added links to screenshots from kGE Screen Board.


Amalielle said…
Time to level my summoner to Master. YES!! *sarcasm*

Uli said…
Something that might interest you lot

Its a IES Reader which can read the datatables

Link: http://www.mediafire.com/?mzjnoy3zeoj
Uli said…

use that download, old one only works when Xfire is running for some strange reason