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SNW 70: Tiger Bugger

Pazuzu (STF) reached Expert Lv.3 in Bahamar Marsh, then Visca (Grace) replaced him to solo-train there. Cthulhu (Poppet) is going to get spanked, since it didn't loot any Snail Shell this week. Qilue (f/sco) and Averroes (Najib) reached Lv.84 in Fire Isle Zone 1, and are now ready to take to Prison de Joaquin Schivarliere. The experts retrieved Grim-Stick and Carbon Knuckles from Bellem's Relics.

After 2 weeks, the Snow Drops Christmas Event finally ended. The family attempted to "sing" the Christmas Carols 20 times, and received 2 Veteran (14m) EXP Cards, several Lv.90 (560k) EXP Cards, and several Event Mystic Potions. But mostly, they received the consolation prizes of Christmas Firecrackers, Christmas Stockings (EXP +30% and stops regeneration for 30 min.), Snowmen, and Christmas Trees.

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All Thai GE players need to type is "Jingle Bells! Jingle Bells! Jingle all the way!"

Participating in the New Year Event, the family played with the tiger, accumulating up to about 2,010 points. Since you need to play 1 more game to buy each tiger, the family played on, and got bugged by getting the correct number on the first guess. The maintenance patch did not resolve the problem for the family, so they continue to wait for G1-Raiden to come to the rescue here.

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The "reward" turns out to be a bug that stops you from buying the tiger...

Well, at least the family received the remaining 3 free Santa costumes (ele, mus, & sco) from Ninja Claus. Too late for Christmas though... or too early. There were 5 disconnections experienced this week, not including the client hangs caused by the tiger bug.


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