Best Blowout Support Event 2017 until July 04 (Europe) or Aug 23 (USA).  

Previously, T3Fun announced here that booster discount will last until the maintenance for Episode 5 patch. And then the event itself was stated here to end on July 29. So naturally players were expecting the patch today. T3Fun decided to surprise us by patching... NOTHING!

The date was removed the image for Mega Sale event, and the post now says the event will end on August 05, so presumably the update will be delayed until next week. I was going post something about the update today, but since it never happened... here is a filler post instead!

Ink Skin was created by an unknown Korean player several years ago. I have updated it to v24.47.18, which should work with all existing game clients. This skin pack includes several variant files (explicitly named as such). To use the variant skin, simply replace the original with them. For example, to use charbaseinfo - variant.tga, simply rename it as charbaseinfo.tga.

See UI SKINS page for setup instructions and more skins.


Imperial Wheel does not seem to have many new or special items these days. They used to have special costumes or weapon series that were later imported to other servers. The result is that currently it barely concerns other servers at all.

Players used to be able to use it to find out the next cash weapon series or upcoming costumes, but it doesn't have any informational value now due to the amount of customization for Japan servers. Imperial Wheel used to be once a month, but now it is like once or twice a week... Going on VPN to check the website, taking screenshots, and translating the text is becoming a waste of time. I probably won't post any more on Imperial Wheel, unless I happen to notice something noteworthy.

There are some new pets recently. Kevin Character Card was also added to Imperial Wheel 115 during July 23-29, 2015.

These pets consumes Red Pet Food, instead of normal food.

Pet Box - Navas
ATK Rating +2, ATK vs. Monster +10%, Magic Penetration +30, Lv.12 Divine Bless, ATK Speed -20%, Movement Speed -20%, Accuracy -20, Critical -20, All RES -20.
Available in Imperial Wheel S 109 during June 17-19, 2015.

Pet Box - Abyss
ATK Rating +2, Damage Received -10%, ATK vs. Monster +30%, Penetration +10, Lv.12 Divine Bless, ATK Speed -20%, Movement Speed -20%, Accuracy -20, Critical -20, All RES -20.
Available in Imperial Wheel S 113 during July 10-15, 2015.

Pet Box - Oscuras
ATK Rating +2, DEF Rating +2, Damage Received -15%, ATK vs. Monster +20%, Penetration +15, Immunity +15, DEF +10, Lv.12 Divine Bless, ATK Speed -20%, Movement Speed -20%, Accuracy -20, Critical -20, All RES -20.
Available in Imperial Wheel S 114 during July 17-22, 2015.

Japan servers have updated to Truth of Viron (aka Leaders of New Era) Episode 2 on July 22, 2015. Unique additions to Japan servers include a new stance for Scouts called Rosario-Ultimate. There are also a new armor series called Ogre Noir (オーグル ノワール). The new armor has DEF Rating 37, Immunity +20, and Specific Damage Reduction 10%. The recipes drop in field raids as well as high-end missions.

Kevin and Evil are voiced by Kubo Yurika (久保ユリカ), who performed in Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon? (Loki), Love Live! School Idol Project (Koizumi Hanayo), and Valkyrie Drive: Mermaid (Sakura Meifon).

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Europe server is having an imported play-time event for the usual items, such as Soul Crystal, Ring Box, etc. The top 5 (Europe) or 10 (Korea) play-time winners will also get Kevin (Europe) or Silver Flare Lynn (Korea) Character Card.

In addition for Europe server, all bonus roulettes will cost 1 Vis, and all costumes in Dressing Room will have 50% discount until Aug 18. There are also 3 new costumes in the Dressing Room.
  • Summer Costume for Cherlyn - 300,000 Feso
  • Summer Costume for Natalie - 300,000 Feso
  • Summer Hair for Natalie - 200,000 Feso
Natalie's Summer Costume Set was previously released in Natalie's Summer Event (2014). Cherlyn's Summer Costume was released in Rosa's Summer Event (2013). There will also be an EXP Boost +100% Event starting next week (July 28).

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This quest was added in v25.04.52 . You will need the following items:

  • Otite Piece x100
  • Pure Otite x20
  • Wind Stone x100
  • Fire Stone x100
  • Magical Stone x100
  • Story Book - Evil & Kevin x30

This guide has been updated according to American game client (v26.60.82).

Synopsis :
Dr. Torsche wanted to study Evil to enhance Catherine. In Truman's lab, Evil's emergency power system activated, but he was attacked by the resident robots. Beatrice came and wanted to destroy Evil, who pushed you out of harm's way.

Mary overheard what happened and told the Catherine sisters. When you chased after them, you found Mary, who was blocked by an otite barrier. By applying an otite paste developed by Dr. Torsche, you bypass the barrier and found the sisters lost in Truman's maze. In Truman's lab, Evil ran out of energy and Beatrice backed off.

After angering the sisters with his callous comments, Dr. Torsche wanted you to acquire parts to repair Evil. Dr. Torsche then made a circuit chip to reset Evil. You revived Evil successfully, but his memories were lost.

You brought Evil to Dr. Torsche, but Catherine was upset that Evil lost his memories. After gathering Evil's diaries, Veronif made an experimental Time Piece. At the girls' insistence, Dr. Torsche inserted the Time Piece into Evil's heart. Evil fainted from the pain...

When Evil recovered, he said it was a mistake to revive him as Truman had control over him. Having shared memories of Kevin, Catherine talked Evil around. Fearing what Evil could do, Dr. Torsche wanted you to take him since you worked with Violacea.

Evil revealed that L became stronger with the help of Marquis Hernandez. The Queen of Vespanola was mentioned as well. L was planning for revenge. You suspected that Beatrice tried to destroy Evil to keep the marquis' role a secret.

Singapore server has been updated to v24.42.25, which includes Bryan, Lucifer Castle missions, and revised Colony War. The previous update was in April 23, 2015. Apparently, the update was rushed due to a bug. According to GE SEA Facebook post on July 10, 2015:

Pioneers, we have identified the root of the issue. It's because of the early release of Bane. This RNPC is supposed to appear only in v24.42 but we have released him early in Lyndon Box. One of his functions is creating errors and hence affecting the skills of others. We discussed it with the developer in details and it's a choice between rolling back or applying the v24.42 come Thursday. We opt for the applying the patch. Somehow, this didn't occur during the testing. We are sorry about this.

If you encounter patching errors, follow the steps below according to GE SEA Facebook post on July 16, 2015:

Guys, as some of you might have started patching earlier and received improper files, we suggest a simple method for you to re-patch:
  1. In the root of your GE Folder, find the file "updater.revision" and open it up using your notepad.
  2. You should find a number like "151070". Change it to "151050" and save the file. NOT 151049 or 151000. It would cause more errors.
  3. Restart your GE game again. It should now try to re-patch.
We tried this several times during our QA to good effect. Sometimes the patch might get corrupted during download.
EXP x2 Event has also started.

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Europe server has been updated to Leaders of New Era Episode 1 (v24.89.71). Sweet Rose Box Event and Cool Summer Event will be implemented next week.

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Lyndon Box - Kevin

This scenario was added in v25.04.52. You need the following items:

  • Old Journal 4 x300 (x100 in v26.65.40)
  • Old Journal 5 x300 (x100 in v26.65.40)
  • Old Journal 6 x300 (x100 in v26.65.40)
  • Ice Crystal x450
  • Great Clear Rum x10
  • Ice Stone x100
  • Strange Clock Equipment x10
  • Strange Cogwheel x10
  • Strange Tube x10
  • Growth Stone x3 (optional; x1 in v26.65.40)

This guide has been updated according to American game client (v26.60.82). In v26.65.40 , this quest will be made easier by reducing amount of quest items or improving their drop rates.

Synopsis :
Dr. Torsche was surprised to learn the Truman was in Viron instead of Illier and that he was involved with the Stratavista member, L. He wanted Ion to protect the Catherine sisters who were also in Viron.

Lynn informed you that L visited the lab of Truman, who was a mechanical engineer and a Stratavista member. Ion revealed that Truman had kidnapped Catherine and injured Catherine Torsche. Truman was not on good terms with Archduke Felipe, so Ion was injured as well.

After Mary treated Catherine Torsche's wounds, Dr. Torsche tried to stop the latter from going to rescue her sister. After you beat the crap out of Taikbin and bribed the guard, you learnt that Truman took Catherine to the Clock Tower Basement. Lynn wanted to go to her master after finding out her location. Ulrik also revealed that Truman had an inferiority complex to Dr. Torsche. And so, you accompanied Catherine Torsche, Mary, Lynn, and Viki to the Clock Tower Basement.

After getting lost, you consulted with Dr. Torsche, who invented the maze and gave you a strange navigation device. In his secret lab, Truman said that Portero was not a legacy of the ancients, but rather his own creation. Montoro simply found one by accident. He ripped Catherine's power source for Evil Machina, the mankind destroyer that Stratavista hoped to control mankind. Evil overcame everyone, Lynn escaped with you in tow, along with the blueprint for Evil.

Dr. Torsche revealed that the otite film covering Evil could only be suppressed by the Focused Magic Cannon. Back in the lab, Lynn disobeyed L's command to return the blueprint. L asked Truman to kill everyone. Kevin's personality awoke in Evil, and Truman retreated to reset Evil's internal logic.

Since the otite bomb inside Evil will explode if Evil is destroyed, Catherine Torsche took Ion to freeze Evil. As Kevin reawakened in Evil, L deemed the doll to be a failure and returned to Lucifer Castle. Truman decided to return to Machine Island, which was near Viron.

To remove the power source safely from Evil, Ion used catalysts to freeze it. You took the doll's heart from Evil and replaced it in Catherine, who woke up with Kevin's memories. Evil was happy to rest as he did not want to kill people.

You searched the lab and found the crest of Marquis Hernandez and some mysterious codes. After Dr. Torsche decoded them, you learnt that Truman was in Machine Isle to invent a weapon to control mankind. Its prototypes were Portero and Auto Baron.

Back in the basement, Beatrice said that her investigation on L was almost complete, and that she was doing it all for M'Boma. And so you decided to investigate L and the missing Pharrel first...

The following post summarizes some changes based on patch notes for Korean live servers. American server is currently at v23.41.50. See Patch Notes page for earlier versions.

See also Leaders of New Era Episode 2 Feature Site .

Taiwan servers have updated to Armonia "Side Episode" (v24.42.25), featuring Bryan, cross-server market, and revised colony war. Their web game features Abyss Weapon (AR36), Tyrant Weapons (AR35), Powder of Valeron (AR33-36), Cursed Weapon Costume, Dazzling Spodumene, etc.

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American server is preparing to update to Armonia Final Episode soon. Some players have mentioned "End of July" according to some GM. See Armonia Episode 5 coming at End of July .

Some issues to note before the actual update. See Armonia Part 5 Compensation for details.

  • Any AR32+ weapon created since June 01 will be compensated with another blank weapon of the same type after update.
  • Amount of Enhancement Boosters and Ambrosia in inventory will be increased by 5 times after update.
  • Impervium and Enhancement Boosters will have 40% discount in Feso Shop from now until update. See also Mega Sale (Jul 08-29) .
Eh. Europe server had 50% discount (See Special Discount Event ) for Impervium and Boosters, while American server has only 40%. Well, I suppose it's better than nothing...

You may also want to consider the crafting changes for weapon recipes in Episode 5. See the table below for comparison between Episode 4 and Episode 5. Other weapons of the same weapon series would have the same changes. The material reduction is not as large as some players seem to think, especially considering the fact that weapons will be breaking during enhancement more often than not.

This blog is now using Font Awesome vector icons, including for monster statistics. The navigation menu should have small icons next to the text (see below). If you do not see them, it is likely that your browser extension (e.g. NoScript , uMatrix ) is blocking them. Simply enable the extension to access

The following blogs have been removed from the sidebar for RSS inactivity of more than 6 months:

Thai server updated to Armonia Final Episode (v23.97.53) on June 29, 2015. (Yes, T3Fun is now officially the slowest in game update!) The update event includes EXP Rate +200%, Double Roulette Reward, and Weapon Material Drop Rate 200%.

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Celebrate Armonia Final Episode Event Jun 29 - Jul 13, 2015

Added and updated UI Skin - Orange for v24.47.18 client. This skin was originally created by 킬링태풍 . All skins are backward compatible.

See UI SKINS page for setup instructions and more skins.


Off-Site Skins - Charles
A player (플뤼에) in Korean server has released a new UI skin named Charles. The following skins are located off-site. I will include them in my download folder only when I have personally edit/update the skin files.