Best Blowout Support Event 2017 until July 04 (Europe) or Aug 23 (USA).  

The New World is getting more and more boring and repetitive, making us want to just AFK more... We noticed a missing item in our inventory after a client crash. The submitted ticket remained unanswered... Anyway, Vairocana (Ralph) was promoted to Expert Lv.1, and started training his [Shining Sting] stance. Lolita (Claire) also reached Master Lv.2, and mastered [Tested Guard] stance.

We had our first encounter with Montoro inside Jormongand mission... This guy is so totally random. Mufasar gave us Elite Le Blanc (Scout) and Magic Shoes Recipe... There was also Magic Earrings Recipe from elsewhere. So now we need a crap load of Amrita to get all these stuffs crafted. Also, we got our 3rd [Innocentio] stance book from Prison de Joaquin, and lots of Honor Cards for everyone! Meanwhile, Ishtar (Valeria) is still training her [Innocentio], up to Lv.23 now.

We also made 31 attempts on Grade 13 Alchemy, and ended up with a crap load of Rough Stones and some Hermes/Mystic/Invisible Potions... not a single Devil's Dream.

We joined another Legion War, but got bugged again being stuck in the war map even after it was over. So our medal records didn't get updated again. Still, we retained our contribution points and managed to get Lv.7 rank buff [Shock Troop Leader]. We also received another 7 AM's Boosts (Event) and 5 Expert G EXP Cards from Gerard. The event colony was occupied by the Royalists, so the Pegadilla Mercenaries will be joining the Republicans next week.

The Devourers have added 2 new boxes (250 Gold each) - Quinzel's Legacy & Raiden's Dominion VI. New items include Lord Plate Costume (Grenmah), The Silence of Ignisia Costume (Polearm), Blue Serpent Costume (M/Fig), Black Pearl Hat (Adelina), Angel Karael's Knuckle, La Sublimite du Lazuli du Lapiz (Jewel Pistol), and Dragon's Fury Javelin. The few items that "will be released to the public at a later date" include Black Dragon Weapon Costumes and Elephant Pet, which in Thai GE buffs ATK +10%, ATK Speed +10%, and Critical +10 [Source].

Magic Circle 28 (Korea) has been released until May 09, 2012. Other rewards include [Punisher] Stance Book, Stance Ring Boxes, Status Ampules, and Racial Ampules.

Revenant Costume Set 
Body Costume + Hair • Soho & Soho the Fighter
Previously released in Imperial Wheel V: March 2012.

Baby Doll Costume
Body Costume • Catherine the Summoner
Previously released in Helena's Circus of Fate: Jan 2011.

Meanwhile, the GM Tip article is reviewing the new phone application for Granado Espada. See [GM특공대] 지모컨 애플리케이션 for more details.

WAYI (Taiwan) has updated their Granado Espada to v10.6.0. The game client can be downloaded here, and patch file can be downloaded here. Visit the mini-site GE 頂上對決 for more information. New materials include:

  • Lucifer Castle, Hall & Corridor
  • Devil Accessories
  • New Characters - Grandis, Vincent, Cruz, Adriana, Elisa, Veatrice, Ion
  • New Stances - Telekinesis, Sniper
  • Cash & Feso Shop Updates
  • Missions - Ice Gate, Argus, Fury Autobaron, Revised Secret Tower, etc.
  • 4 Events for Update. See here for details.
    1. Until May 23, the first characters to login per day will receive EXP +50% for 3 hours. After the buff ends, you can get assorted consumables (e.g. Event Soul Crystal) from event NPC. Once you completed 25 times, you may claim a free Cadet Adriana character card.
    2. Collect alphabets from monster drops, and get freebies like Rose Wings, Training Cards, and Soul Crystals.
    3. Returning players who had not login since Nov 30, 2011 get free Home Premium Service, Vault Slot (800), and 5 Event Strength Potions. 
    4. All newly created families will get free Grace, Brunie, and Emilia character cards.

Their web games also include various Jewel Weapons, Black Dragon Weapon Costumes, and assorted body costumes previously seen in Imperial Wheel (Japan). See 寶石武器第十一彈 and 寶石武器第十彈

Imperial Wheel V (Japan) has been updated from April 25 to May 02, 2012. See the official notice インペリアルホイールV開催!. Other re-released items include Evil's Excitement Costume (fire bracelet), Black Dragon Rod Costume (rod), and [Soul Bringer] Stance Set.

Black Dragon Dagger
Weapon Costume • Dagger

Black Dragon Rifle
Weapon Costume • Rifle

Evil's Emptiness
Weapon Costume • Knuckle

Najib Special Set
Othelflight Rifle • [Sniper] Stance Book • Enhanced [Sandstorm] Ring • Enhanced [Sniper] Ring • Nero Croma (Fig) ... and more misc. items

Kenlight Bracelet
Fire Bracelet • ATK Rating 34 • ATK 295
ATK Speed +10%, Max SP +15%

Yrlight Crossbow
Crossbow • ATK Rating 34 • ATK 390
ATK Speed +10%, HP Absorb 5%, DEF Penetration +5, Fear 8%

Peorthlight Dagger
Dagger • ATK Rating 34 • ATK 210
ATK Speed +10%, Critical +10, DEF Penetration +5

Admiral Private Costume Set 
Body Costume + Hair (Blossoms Hair) • Adriana & Cadet Adriana
Click on image on the right for full-size view. [Source]

Nobleprospe Costume Set
Body Costume + Hair (Nobleprospe Style) • Ion

To capitalize on the EXP event before it ended, we returned to the premium dungeon of Caebolan for another 3 days. Both Tethys (ATP) and Ishtar (Valeria) reached Master Lv.10. Then, Orpheus (Rio) took over as the trainer, reaching Master Lv.8. We looked through our existing Experts to find someone to be the trainee, but there wasn't any obvious candidate.

  • Galatea (Catherine STR) will be getting [Crusader] stance soon. She can make your way to Master as she trains the stance. Although she will get [Outrage Shot] and [Gigantic Blaster] as well in v9.5, it seems they will be removed from Catherine STR & INT in v10.15.1.
  • Sasori (Summoner Catherine) will be getting [Enhanced Tactics] stance, so she could be the buffer while Orpheus (Rio) could attack and revive those that died to Heavenly Vespanola Soldier's [Armor Crash] skill. Letting an [Enhanced Tactics] user be a trainee is just unnecessary.
  • Willikins (Raven) will be tasked with collecting quest items in Toubkal Mine Bounty Hunt for Veronif, so he has to remain at Expert Lv.6 or less.
  • Zarathustra (Lionel) doesn't have [Punisher] stance yet, and could gain a few levels while training it (if he ever gets it). Besides, he can help Willikins (Raven) in his assignment.
In the end, we made our decisions, and the result was that both Brisingamen (Karjalain) and Mnemosyne (Torsche) were promoted to Master Lv.1. However, we are still 8% short of the next family level.

Sadly, Ishtar (Valeria) still has not mastered her [Innocentio] stance, despite reaching the level cap at Master Lv.10 (100%). The stance reached Lv.20, as it required  64,856,000 Stance EXP to master. Doing some calculations, our Training Cards have a total of 20,250,000 Stance EXP. So her stance needs to be at Lv.21 (84%) before spamming the cards would master it. (See Stance EXP for more information.) Still, we bought the little princess Pigeonne Costume, so she can look more like a royalty. We also decided to let Lolita (Claire) learn [Tested Guard] stance, so that she can be a trainer in the premium dungeon of Caebolan during the next EXP event. Symbol of Leo is cheap anyway, and her stance reached Lv.14.

Previously, we spent 850m vis to buy an escaped prisoner from another family. We also recruited the pot-bellied captain from Coimbra again. Vairocana (Ralph) was named after the ascended form of Gautama Buddha, and Ahab (Alejandro) was named after the ship captain who was obssessed with killing the albino whale in Moby Dick novel.

Vairocana (Ralph) was promoted to Veteran Lv.3, while Archimedes (Jack) reached Veteran Lv.5 in Castilla Mine. Barret (Jose) reached Expert Lv.4, and mastered [Demolition Burst] in Bahamar Underground Cave.

We took a Magic Belt Recipe from Mufasar, and a Crafted Shoot RES Necklace Recipe from Jorgen in Holy Water Chamber. Other bosses gave us Magic Earrings Recipe, Artisan's Earring, 2 Symbols of Aquarius, 2 Symbols of Taurus, Symbol of Aries, Symbol of Scorpio, Symbol of Gemini, Symbol of Capricorn, and Symbol of Pisces. Some monsters are really talkative, such as "Elmo" the laboratory jogger.

Ambrosia (Emilia) participated in our 11th Legion War on the Republican side. Lorch from the Royalist side kept coming over mess around in Auch, but had to resort to using Invisible Potions and Red Lollipops to flee from an angry White Bear Scout. Thereafter, we got another 7 AM's Boosts (Event) and 5 Expert G EXP Cards from Gerard. The event colony was captured by the Republicans, so the Pegadilla Mercenaries will be joining the Royalists next week.

In v9.5, there will be 3 new missions added to Bounty Hunters' Guild. The following are the roulette tables based on Singapore client (v9.5). See also v8.6+ Patch Notes (Unofficial List) for revised entry costs to Bounty Hunt missions. You will also be required to hunt for quest items inside these missions for 【Recruitment Quest】 Veronif.

Bounty Hunt: Toubkal Mine (Lv.100-115)
Bonus Roulette: 1,000,000 vis

Limit Time Count Ratio Item Group
0 0 0        250,000 1 Portable Ancient Star Orb Box
0 0 0        150,000 1 Veteran Token
0 0 0        150,000 1 Medal of Honor D, 1 White Gold Bar
0 0 0        250,000 1 L92 Elite Weapon, 1 L92 Elite Steel Weapon,
1 L92 Elite Armor
10 12 1          50,000 1 Kobold Weapon, 1 Werebear Weapon,
1 Dullahan Weapon
0 0 0        100,000 1 Key of Capybara
3 48 1          50,000 1 Le Noir

Bounty Hunt: Secret Tower (Lv.110-125)
Bonus Roulette: 2,000,000 vis

Limit Time Count Ratio Item Group
0 0 0          50,000 1 Le Noir
0 0 0        150,000 1 Veteran Token
0 0 0        300,000 1 Medal of Honor D, 2 White Gold Bars,
1 Portable Ancient Star Orb Box
0 0 0        300,000 1 L92 Elite Weapon, 1 L92 Elite Steel Weapon,
1 L92 Elite Armor
6 24 1          40,000 1 L96 Elite Trump Weapon, 1 L96 Elite Armor
0 0 0        150,000 1 Strange Device Key (N/W/S), 1 Secret Tower Key 3F,
1 Secret Tower Magic Scroll
1 72 1          10,000 1 Elite Le Blanc

Bounty Hunt: Ice Wizard's Tower (Lv.120-130)
Bonus Roulette: 3,000,000 vis

Limit Time Count Ratio Item Group
3 72 0          40,000 1 Elite Le Blanc
0 0 0        200,000 1 Expert Token
0 0 0        350,000 1 Medal of Honor G, 2 White Gold Bars,
1 Portable Ancient Star Orb Box
0 0 0        300,000 1 L92 Elite Weapon, 1 L92 Elite Steel Weapon,
1 L92 Elite Armor, 1 Le Noir
3 24 1          50,000 1 L100 Elite Weapon
3 24 0          50,000 1 Le Scarce
1 24 1          10,000 1 Recipe - Elite Le Noir

The following blogs have been removed from Pioneers' Blogs sidebar for RSS inactivity of at least 6 months. This is to make room for the addition of several more updated blogs. You can still access some of them from the links below, if desired.

If you have a Granado Espada blog that has been frequently updated and is RSS-enabled, leave a comment with its URL. I will take a look and probably add it to the sidebar.

G1 Login Failure & Book of Fire
In other news, G1 servers are having some problems. Players disconnected from the game with a message - Wrong ID or password - and couldn't log back in. See Log in issue? and Wrong Id/Passcode Error forum topics. And to think I was just about to start a new premium dungeon pass...

Also, Book of Fire will be closed at the end of April. I'm not sure why he would want to close it since there shouldn't be any cost-related issues with Google Sites. Even if it isn't completely up to date, it would still be of some use. Oh well.

We spent another day inside the premium dungeon of Caebolan for Tethys (ATP) and Ishtar (Valeria) to start training Selvaria (Selva). The trainers reached Master Lv.6 and Lv.7 respectively, while Selvaria (Selva) was promoted to Master Lv.1!

Ishtar (Valeria) finally mastered [Enhanced Tactics], and started on [Innocentio]. Archimedes (Jack) also reached Veteran Lv.4 inside Castilla Mine. Meanwhile, Barret (Jose) continued to train [Demolition Burst] and reached Expert Lv.3 in Bahamar Underground Cave, after looting another Symbol of Sagittarius from King of Covetry.

We joined a run in Castilla Tower of Chaos, and got Le Scarce (Mus) from a roulette. Testormento gave us Artisan's Leather Belt Recipe, and the party missions yielded Dragon Heart Recipe and Symbol of Taurus. We found another Dragon Heart Recipe in Holy Water Chamber. We also received Elite Le Noir (Fig) Recipe, Crafted Physical RES Necklace Recipe, Artisan's Earrings, Elite Le Blanc (Sco), Symbol of Pisces, Symbol of Gemini, and Symbol of Leo from assorted bosses.

We joined our third "10th" Legion War on the Royalist side... but disconnected during the last 20 minutes. As a result, the system didn't count it towards our total number of participations and other medal-related records. Ugh. However, we still accumulated some more rank/contribution points, upgrading our war buff to Lv.6 [Storm Trooper]. Gerard's reward remained 7 AM's Boosts (Event) and 5 Expert G EXP Cards. The event colony was captured by the Royalists, so the Pegadilla Mercenaries would be joining the Republicans next week.

The Devourers have introduced 2 new boxes (250 Gold each) - Qunzel's Legacy & Raiden's Dominion V. The new items include Blue Serpent Costume (M/Ele), Pigeonne Costume (Valleria), Unbalanced Hair (Selva), The Disaster of Aquichtus Costume (shotgun), Angel Raphael's Staff, L'amelioration du Spinel (jewel sword), and Dragon's Wings Dagger.

The following data is derived from the data tables of American game client (v8.5) for Jormongand raid mission roulette reward.

Item Group
1 Le Noir (any)
4-5 L92 Enchant Chips, 3-4 L96 Enchant Chips, 
2-3 L100 Enchant Chips, 1 Veteran Enchant Chip
1 Rare Book of Combat/Magic/Shooting, 1 L92 Elite Armor
1 L100 Weapon
2 Hilts of Old Sword, 2 Flame Stones, 
2 Gale Stones, 1 Jormungand Leather
1 Recipe - Jormungand Belt

Bonus Roulette Cost: 2,000,000 vis

To be honest, I'm not 100% certain about how to read the table. I have some ideas about it, but there is no way for me to ascertain the veracity. You will have figure out the rest yourself.

Limit column indicates the Limit, possibly the maximum number of drops from the item group within a given time span.

Time column is for Limit Time, which should be for the time span for the Limit. Time unit is unknown, perhaps it is in hours. A value of 0 may indicate no time limit until server reset. It has assorted values, with the highest values being 72, 60, 48, 36, 30, 24, etc.

Count column indicates Time Limit Count, which should be a variable related to Limit Time. It has a value of 0, 1, 2, and 3.

Ratio column indicates Ratio, which should tell you how often something from the item group will drop. The rarer an item, the smaller its ratio tends to be. The exact formula for the rate is unknown, but it may be something such as... ratio divided by summation of all ratios. If this formula is correct, Recipe - Jormungand Belt would have a drop rate of 0.1%.

Item Group column indicates Group, which is an id number given to a collection of various items. There does not seem to have any field to differentiate the items within a group, so presumably every item within the same group has the same chance of dropping. Some items also have a Notice value of 1, which should indicate a server notice such as when someone gets [Punisher] stance book out of Letizia Shiny Boxes.