Best Blowout Support Event 2017 until July 04 (Europe) or Aug 23 (USA).  

Magic Circle 27 (Korea) has been updated from March 29 to April 11, 2012. Nothing really new, just 2 costumes from other servers. Other notable rewards include Mary Character Card and Black Dragon Pet. See 3월 매직 코스튬 for full body screenshots of the costumes below.

Steel Griffin Costume Set
Body Costume + Hat • Male Musketeer
Previously released in Russian servers 2010. See Steel Griffin & Scarlet Admiral.

Cerasus Valiente Costume Set 
Body Costume + Hair • Asoka*
Previously released in Imperial Wheel V: August 2011.

Note (*): The original costume is designed for Mifuyu (Japan), but Asoka (International) uses the costume group for Mifuyu. So for non-Japan servers, Asoka should be the one using this costume. I can't be bothered to patch the game client to check... I don't remember Mifuyu being released for Korea.

Also, some more random stuffs... See 배경화면 for downloadable wallpaper of Valeria. See 마리 퀘스트... for some screenshots of Mary's quest. And someone managed to upgrade The Passion of Regulus to +10. [Source

WAYI (Taiwan) recently hosted a players' forums with a IMC representative on March 17, 2012. See list of links at the end of this post for sources. Click on thumbnail images below for full-size views.

Taiwan will be updating to v10.6 on April 25, 2012. WAYI has no rights to edit game data. (Presumably, this would be true for all other editions except Korea and Japan.) Player-designed characters and costumes require a suitable story before they can be implemented. WAYI is negotiating with Blue Moon Waltz for cooperation regarding translation.

For drop rate, it must use up a certain amount of “CODA”, before it will appear again after a while. (It seems the main thing about drop rate is the denominator, since everything has a fixed quota, the more players do the same thing, the more likely the thing will drop.)

Players' Forum Q&A
The following Q&A is translated from 【情報】3/17 GE玩家面對面座談會(live直播)--後續補完版.

Q1. Issue with crafting Devil Weapons, and the cost of Master Lacquers...
A1. IMC says: Will handle it as soon as possible. (Player interrupts: It has been 2 months, almost version update soon with Devil Armors, maybe still cannot craft it. *crowd applaudes*)

Q2. About server responses, text errors, and pet bug... 
A2. Sorry, will be fixed next week.

Q3. About translation errors and text cut-off in story NPC speech boxes. Also the use of Blue Moon Waltz without permission, Alliance War recover spam, and too few GM (recommend 24 hours).
A3. IMC says: Recover spam is a design issue. Korean servers are experiencing the same thing. The solution will be to increase the contribution points for enemy kills. The system update will come to Taiwan eventually in the future.

Q4. About Devil's Dream "drop" rate, and Pet Food preferably being added to the "shelf" (not sure about this, maybe he means NPC shop?).
A4. WAYI will re-examine the drop rate for Devil's Dream, and will consider the Pet Food. IMC will access the cash shop promotions, and Devil's Dream will not change until later.

Q5. About releasing the new Pose Book...
A5. I think it has been released via lottery web game... (Player interrupts: Don't have!!! *rage!*) ... okay, will release soon via cash shop.

Q6. About Shiny Crystal Chest drop rate, bot (e.g. bot caught but reappeared a few months later), account theft, and account locked due to buying "illegal" items.
A6. VIP will get 1 chance to stop botting. Other issues will be rectify soon.

Q7. How to protect your account if you unknowingly bought items which may be "illegal". Player hopes that the management will issue policy to protect innocent parties, and publicly announce investigation period.

Q8. About suggestion that Shiny Crystals drop in high-level maps, Angel Weapons' removal of built-in stats, whining about events (Spring Event/Valentine's Day), and customer services.
A8. Some things are successively released - lucky clover will have new types released on 4/5. Only Japan has Angel Weapons with built-in stats, as part of independent system. Customer services will be improved soon.

Q9. Player suggests IMC change the difficulty to acquire stance books for "White Hair" (Lionel) and "Little Princess" (Valeria), possibly via cash shop.
A9. IMC asks: I would like to understand, who thinks it is really that hard? *everyone raises hand*

Q10. About Ancient Medusa spawn time...
A10. Spawn is set to random to prevent the boss from being monopolized by specific individuals or clans. (Player replies: It's for quests, not for loot.) ... After discussion, may still be random, but with server notice. Medusa's spawn is still under discussion.

Q11. Can temporary items not include offline time as part of its countdown timer?
A11. No... well, will do some research.

Q12. About WAYI website update, and whether the annoying video advertisement can be removed or include an OFF button?
A12. Website will be updated soon. Video will be removed.

Q13. About text input error and its fix date?
A13. WAYI needs more information about this. (It is mainly about Chinese character input.)

Sneak Preview - Bristia
Some photos of the slide presentation during the players' forum...

The text for the top-right slide translates into the following:
  • New maps and content: Port city "Bristia"
  • Added Lucifer Castle - Montoro mission
  • Combat balancing, new Expert stances for scout, wizard, Catherine
  • New and revised missions - Mufasar ("Mu-Fa-Sha"), Einschwer ("Si-Wei-Er"), and Novia ("Ruo-Bi-Ya")
  • New characters - Racel Targa, Mary, Marchetti, Heyrang, Tora, Kano, and Taiwan player-designed character
  • Base specific for clan use
Other concept art and poster as follows.

VIP Collection Card Book
Some goodies for forum participation... Collector's edition cards and a lousy T-shirt.


Imperial Wheel V (Japan) has been updated for March 23-28, 2012. See インペリアルホイールV開催! for the official notice. The web game updated earlier this month than expected. Three new weapons are released from Crystal Weapon Series - the series name is derived from their model file names (e.g. cristalrifle, cristalpistol). Click on image below for full-size view.

Black Dragon Rapier
Weapon Costume • Rapier

Black Dragon Rod
Weapon Costume • Rod

Evil's Aversion
Weapon Costume • Special (LOE) Bracelet
Previously released in Imperial Wheel V: Sept 2011.

[Soul Bringer] Stance Set
[Soul Bringer] Stance Book • The Shrewd of Altair (sword) • The Delusion of Karas (main-gauche)
Another one of those "my in-game drop rate is so stupid, you have to gamble for me" stance books...

Thornflight Slayer
Great Sword • ATK Rating 34 • ATK 484
Penetration +5, Stun 7%, ATK Speed +15%, Block +10

Othelflight Rifle
Rifle • ATK Rating 34 • ATK 420
Penetration +5, Accuracy +10, ATK Speed +10%, Critical +15

Ansurflight Bracelet
Special (LOE) Bracelet • ATK Rating 34 • ATK 293
ATK Speed +15%, Max SP +25%, Fire/Ice/Lightning/Mental ATK +15

Fiore Rosso Costume Set
Body Costume + Hair • Grandies
Click on image on the right for full-size view. [Source]
See here for full body screenshot.

Revenant Costume Set
Body Costume + Hair • Soho & Soho the Fighter
See here for full body screenshot.
Finally, the shirtless guy gets some clothes...

Nero Croma
Armor (one per class) • DEF Rating 32 • DEF 209 (leather) or 179 (robe, coat)
Max HP +2000, Max SP +150 • Veteran Exclusive

Taiwan Granado Espada have added their player-designed back costumes in their Spring Event. Such previous back costumes included Rose Wings. See Birds & Roses for the debut of these back costumes.

This year's event permanent costumes include Disk of New Beginning (新啟之盤) and Love of Blue Birds (青鳥之戀). Click on image above for full-size view. See 《GE》迎接GE二週年,年度背飾設計大賽!優勝&入圍作品公告 for the concept art of the design contest in 2009.

See 《GE王者之劍R》春天最好飆等級 for more on the Tiawanese event. In addition, the Spring Event was extended to include Pose Book #11. [Source]

We barely passive train or farm nowadays, so there was not much advancement to report lately. Sasori (Catherine) was promoted to Expert Lv.1 after some time in Castilla Mine. We also acquired Blue Crystal of Chaos from Hydrobomber in Castilla Tower of Chaos.

Team Arena missions yielded 3 Symbol of Aries, Symbol of Leo, Symbol of Virgo, Symbol of Taurus, and Symbol of Capricorn. Various bosses dropped us Symbol of Aries, Symbol of Taurus, Symbol of Virgo, Symbol of Sagittarius, Dragon Heart Recipe, and Magic Earring Recipe.

We crafted the Magic Earrings, and then threw 2,000+ chips on various weapons, rings, belts, necklaces, and earrings. In the end, only a few items were finished. The earrings won't cooperate, and kept getting +2 enchantment. Several weapons ended up with duplicate racial enchantments. We wish there is a NPC service to allow transfer of enchantment between weapons of similar grade.

Featuring Dragon's Scale Sabre, Kobold's Bone Sabre, La Talent de la Perle, and Dragon's Fury Pistol.

We joined our 9th Legion War with other Pegadilla Mercenaries on the winning Republican side, and returned with [Trickster] medal for 7 consecutive survivals. Gerard's reward remained 7 AM's Boost (Event) and 5 Expert G EXP Cards. The event colony was still in the hands of the Royalists, so the mercenaries will be on the Republican side again next week.

This week, the Republicans have captured Ralph as a spy and decided to get rich quick by selling prison keys to pioneer families who just won't give up trying to free a war criminal. There was also a Black Dragon Pet available for gambling. We heard that the pet is bugged, such that its buff will be removed whenever the owner gets hit or something to that effect. It would probably be fixed soon, but we declined both of them anyway. See G1 Ralph & Black Dragon for details.

IMC has released a new update preview here. Preview contents may be subject to further changes.

1. New Stances for Catherine
Catherine STR will get a new polearm stance [Brandish Arm], which can also summon Mighty Victor. Catherine DEX will get a new bayonet stance [Split Shooter]. This will be a long-ranged, wide-area effect. She can also summon Crown Lloyd.

Catherine INT will get a new dual elemental (LOE) bracelet stance [Activator], featuring medium-range, wide-area, and fast-casting skills. She can summon Lady Sasha. Catherine the Summoner will get a new controller stance [Puppet Master] to summon Mighty Victor, Crown Lloyd, and Lady Sasha. She can self-destruct the dolls. The summoned dolls become more powerful at higher levels, and will be destroyed when changing stances. The stance book is expected to be available via quests.

 The stances are added in v10.14.0. Added links above to stance screenshots. See Play Forum articles on [Brandish Arm], [Split Shooter], [Activator], and [Puppet Master].

2. New Stances for Panfilo & Karjalain
Added [Diable], a new sword (or sabre) + fire bracelet stance for Panfilo. (This stance seems to be named after a cafe - see here. The Korean stance name is 디아블 as opposed to the raid boss 디아블로.) It has a buff skill, probably involving fire, and can inflict status.

Added [Fleuret Glacier], a new rapier + ice bracelet stance for Karjalain. It has its own buff skill, and seems to be more directed for single-target. These stance books will be available via quests.

 The stances are added in v10.14.0. Added links above to stance screenshots. See Play Forum articles on [Diable] and [Fleuret Glacier].

3. Dr. Torsche's Mansion Annex
Dr. Torsche's Mansion Annex will be revised in v10.12.0. The drops include strange "accessories" (probably Strange Tube/etc.), and rings for Catherine's new Expert stance skills. The map will no longer be a premium dungeon and will be subject to Secret Society War. It will revised for Veterans-Experts.

See 새단장한 토르쉐 저택, 별관에 가면 특별한 선물이! for Play Forum article of the revised map.

4. New Character & Area
A sneak preview of a new character and area. The character is an officer from Bristia. More details will be provided in future update previews.

5. New Squad & Costume Options
Squad feature has been revised to allow quest kill counts even in different squads during missions. Game Options (Alt-O) will have a Hide Costumes option.

6. Others
Adelina's Revenge quest will continue in future update preview. Uh, Bardi's son Tora becomes recruitable.

G1 (US) has released Ralph and Black Dragon Pet from now until April 25. Both requires items from cash shop. See Ralph and Black Dragon Pet for details, and here for answers on trade status of various items.

Ralph's Prison Key (500 Gold) can be used by clicking on the green arrow at City of Auch (D8). The possible rewards include Ralph Character Card, [Shining Sting] Stance Book, Improved [Shining Sting] Ring, L'energie de L'opale (AR33 Jewel Crossbow), and more.

[Black Dragon] ATK vs. Monsters +15%, Penetration +5, Critical +10, Accuracy +10, Movement Speed +10% 

Black Dragon Box (400 Gold) may drop Black Dragon Pet Box, EXP Cards, Stance EXP Cards, Triumph Potions, Drop Rate Manuals, Earth Stones, Strength Potions, Pet Food, L100 Enchantment Chips, Citadel of the Gods Pass (1 day), and Honor Cards.

The Angel Moroni is a figure that featured prominently in Latter Day Saints theology. He allegedly appeared to Joseph Smith, the founder of Latter Day Saints movement, and several other witnesses in 1800s. He was the guardian of the Golden Plates, which were believed to be the source material for the Book of Mormon. Moroni was believed to be a prophet of the native Americans prior to becoming an angel after his death.

Compared to other mainstream modern Christians, the Mormons reject the Nicene Creed of the 4th century and have additional scriptures, such the Book of Mormon and the Pearl of Great Price. They believed Jesus visited America and provided further revelations to the native Americans.

The name Moroni is subject to censorship by the incompetent word filter of Granado Espada game client. (The word moron is censored.) There is also a South Park episode that parodied the history of the Book of Mormon. You can watch the episode - All About Mormons - here.

Character training is advancing slow, since we do not passive train much lately. Lara (Brunie) reached Expert Lv.5 in Viron forests, while Maimonides (m/mus) was promoted to Expert Lv.1 after several mining trips in Castilla Mine. We went on to poke around inside Caebolan, and so far Argus' drops were crap...

In Viron, we made 15 attempts at Grade 6 alchemy, and got 2 Jewel Powders, which used to craft Crafted Physical RES Necklace. We decided to craft 2 more magic accessories as well - Magic Shoes and Magic Earrings. Still need to enchant them properly... maybe next week.

Team Arena missions yielded Symbol of Libra, Symbol of Cancer, Symbol of Scorpio, Symbol of Virgo, and of course without fail... cheap Symbol of Sagittarius. Again. Assorted Constellation Boxes dropped 2 Symbols of Gemini, 2 Symbols of Scorpio, 2 Symbols of Libra, Symbol of Pisces, Symbol of Aquarius, Symbol of Taurus, and Symbol of Aries. Skeleton Dungeon Bounty Hunt rewarded our Veterans with several Crafted Keys [Room of the Dead] as well as Kobold's Bone Sabre. From elsewhere, we also got another Magic Leather Belt Recipe and Crafted Shooting RES Necklace Recipe. We also won our first 3 Ice Weapons - Fleudelis (great sword), Crystalin (dagger), and Conflamme (shield).

Due to DST changes, we arrived late and couldn't participate in Legion War this week. Although the war lasts for 90 minutes, entry will be denied 60 minutes after it begins. In any case, the event colony was seized by the Royalists, so Pegadilla Mercenaries would be expected to assist the Republicans next week.

A few pioneer families have rage-quit this week, resulting in a couple of +8 Constellation Weapons and lots of chips... Not sure if they are off to explore TERA Online or not.

The Devourers have introduced 2 new boxes (250 Gold each) - Quinzel's Legacy & Raiden's Dominion III. The costumes include Blue Serpent Costume (f/fig), Bristian Colonel Costume (Eduardo), Ruidestencia Hat (ele), and the Repress of Spirica (staff). The weapons include La Flamme de L'amour du Rubis (AR33 fire bracelet), Angel Moroni's Mace (AR33 blunt), and Dragon's Fury Spear (AR32 polearm). Among other things, the model files for Black Dragon Pet has been added to the game client during the weekly maintenance.

A new character - Mary - has been added in v10.11.0.


STR 50 Icon Type Musketeer
AGI 70 Initial Level 60
CON 50 Armor Coat, Coat (mus)
DEX 85 Accessory Basic, Leather
INT 45 MCC Team Torsche's Dream
CHA 30 Job Skill Cleaning Time

Weapon Stances
None Bare Knuckle
Shotgun Shotgun Blaster, Gigantic Blaster, Sweeper

Shooting Expert Stance (Shotgun)

Attack Cycle 2 hits (shotgun) within 1-1000 cm
Splash 100% damage to 4 targets within 220 cm circle (radius)
Ammunition 3 Full Metal Shells
Lv.25 Bonus ATK Speed +25%, Critical +16, Accuracy +25, Immunity +10, Penetration +20
ATK Speed 223.3 ATK 90% ATK Type Splash
Accuracy 25 Immunity 0 Penetration 5
Evasion - Block - Auto Heal No
Is Flying No Hit Flying Yes SP Recovery Charge
Movement 100% Fire RES 0 Ice RES 0
Lightning RES 0 Mental RES 0 Magic RES (PVP) 100
Melee RES (PVP) 100 Shoot RES (PVP) 100 Debuff RES (PVP) 120

Level Skill
1 Floor Cleaner
10 Clean Up
15 Ladies Order
20 Tidy Road
25 Quadruple Action

These are the base stats in v10.11.0... ... I can't be bothered to post the rest! Maybe I will update later.

Here is the screenshot of the skills. [Source] Click on image below for full-size view. See also Play Forum articles 마리 - 메이드복에 산탄총을 거머쥔 언밸런스녀 and 샷건 들고 전투에 나설 마리, 승산은?.

The following tables list the fixed drops of various monsters, based on datatable_monster.ies file from Singapore game client (v9.5). Other kinds of drops are not included below.

The following monsters are from Lucifer Castle Gardens.

Field Monster
Fixed Drops
1-20 Mantara Root (1/1), 1-20 Mantara Fruit (1/1), 
1-20 Mantara Skin (1/1), 1-10 Symbol of Naraka (1/1)
1-15 Arbremon Seed (1/1), 1-15 Arbremon Leaf (1/1), 
1-15 Arbremon Resin (1/1), 1-10 Symbol of Naraka (1/1)
1-20 Sauterelle Wing (1/1), 1-20 Sauterelle Baton (1/1), 
1-20 Sauterelle Feeler (1/1), 1-10 Symbol of Naraka (1/1)
1-5 Constellation Box (1/2), 1-5 Symbol of Naraka (1/2), 1 Dragon Heart (1/100), 1-20 Red Jewel Fragment (1/2), 1-20 Stone of Soul (1/2)
Rose the Heart
1-5 Constellation Box (1/2), 1-5 Symbol of Naraka (1/2), 1 Dragon Heart (1/100), 1-20 Red Jewel Fragment (1/2), 1-20 Stone of Soul (1/2)
Rose the Spirit
1-5 Constellation Box (1/2), 1-5 Symbol of Naraka (1/2), 1 Dragon Heart (1/100), 1-20 Red Jewel Fragment (1/2), 1-20 Stone of Soul (1/2)
Demonic Jurgen Furholden
1-20 Jurgen Tear (1/1), 1-20 Jurgen Agony (1/1), 
1-20 Jurgen Despair (1/1), 1-20 Jurgen Fury (1/1), 
1-20 Jurgen Heart (1/1), 1-10 Symbol of Naraka (1/1)
The Harvester
1-20 Red Jewel Fragment (1/2), 1-20 Stone of Soul (1//2)

The following monsters are from Time Paradox missions, which allow quest access to Evil Weapons. These monsters are all tagged with _mission in their class names. Evil Weapons use the same enchantment tables as Devil Weapons. See also Update Preview: Ion for a short introduction to Evil Weapons. So even if you are not interested in Evil Weapons, you may still want to do the missions to get some extra crafting materials for Devil Weapons

Mission Monster Fixed Drops
Angry Arbremon 1 Arbremon Seed (1/2), 1 Arbremon Leaf (1/2), 1 Arbremon Resin (1/2)
Sauterelle 1 Sauterelle Wing (1/2), 1 Sauterelle Baton (1/2), 1 Sauterelle Feller (1/2)
Rose the Heart 1 Mantara Root (1/2), 1 Mantara Fruit (1/2), 1 Mantara Skin (1/2)
Mutated Mantara None
Soltiegus None

Three of our family members advanced in level this week. Eisheth (Crazy Emilia) reached Master Lv.3 inside Castilla Relic, and Selvaria (Selva) was promoted to Expert Lv.1 after several runs in Castilla Mine. Brisingamen (Karjalain) also reached Expert Lv.6.

This week's symbol collection was quite bad, plagued with low quality and low quantity... basically all the cheap ones - Symbol of Cancer, Symbol of Taurus, Symbol of Virgo, and Symbol of Sagittarius. Joaquin Underground Prison yielded Artisan's Earring Recipe and Qualified Earring. We also won another Artisan's Earring Recipe and Elite Le Noir (ele) Recipe from some field bosses.

Taking advantage of the 10% Discount Sale and Anemone Costume Promotion, we used our reserves of G1 Credits to get several Gold packages in order to craft and process our new fighter armor... Crafting it really used up a lot of Gold. It used to be that high-end armors drop whole instead of recipes. It seems the change towards more recipe drops is a profitable move.

Just for record, we used up 380 Upgrade Accelerators, 11 Lacquers +5: Veteran, and 10 Lacquers +6: Veteran to upgrade Le Scarce and Elite Le Blanc for Leather Armor Crystals. The armor itself was upgraded to +7 with 140 Upgrade Accelerators, 5 Lacquers +5: Expert, and 2 Lacquers +6: Expert. Opening the sockets consumed another 32 Socket Flux. Then, the enchant merchant trolled us with several WTF-type enchantments, such as...

After 296 Veteran Enchantment Chips and Enchant Sedatives, we managed to get DEF Rating +3 with some RES on it. Too bad, no DEF enchantment though. We ran out of Enchant Sedatives, so it will have to do for now. By the end of it, 21,000 Gold was nearly depleted.

We joined our 8th Legion War as mercenaries on the side of the Royalists, which won a point-based victory. So far, it seems like the side supported by Pegadilla Mercenaries will always win, probably due to high number of mercenaries in Orpesia server. We acquired Lv.5 war title (Superior Member, aka Advanced Soldier) and its respective buff. The weekly event colony was taken by Royalists, so Pegadilla Mercenaries will be supporting the Republicans next week. Gerard's reward remained 7 AM's Boosts (Event) and 5 Expert G EXP Cards for our 8th participation.

There was an extended maintenance for hardware upgrades this week, and the servers were down for 21 hours. Thereafter, there was lag in every map, resulting in up to 30-seconds ping. The servers were then brought down again for a 2nd maintenance for 1 hour to fix the lag issue... followed by a 3rd maintenance the next day for 4 hours. There were 2 disconnections inside Occulta Bounty Hunt missions.

Korean servers have started Spring Event during  March 08-22, 2012. Clovers will spawn randomly in combat zones. Clicking on them will provide EXP +30% buff. The first clover buff for each day will last 1 hour, while subsequent ones will last 30 minutes.

Moreover, the first clover of the day may also give you an item - Clover, Green Clover, or Four-Leaf Clover. The item may be traded with the Green Girl (event NPC) in Reboldeaux for Soul Crystal (Event), Ring Box (Event), and Socket Flux (Event) respectively.

See the official event notice and forum article for more information. This event may eventually be "exported" to other regional servers...

This event has been "exported". See Spring Time Event (SG) and 《GE王者之劍R》春天最好飆等級 (TW).

The following table lists the fixed drops for monsters inside Ancient Castilla Temple. The data is derived from Singapore edition game client (v9.5). Kryptonite (Grade 5), Red Jewel Fragment (Grade 4), and Stone of Soul (Grade 4) are alchemy materials, used in Grade 13+ alchemy to acquire Devil's Dream. For more information on Ancient Castilla Temple, see 신규 지역 - 고대의 카스티야, 신전 (Korea) and 古代カスティア神殿:Virgin家の女たち2 (Japan).

Fixed Drops
Ancient Sasa Assassin
Vampiric Edge (1/70,000), The Gladiator (1/70,000), Le Blanc - Fig (1/70,000),
 Kryptonite (1/2,000)
Ancient Sasa Pikeman
Sword Breaker (1/70,000), Robe of Ziz (1/70,000), Le Blanc - Wiz (1/70,000),
 Kryptonite (1/2,000)
Ancient Female Knight's Soul
Desert Storm (1/70,000), The Black Dragon (1/70,000), Le Blanc - Ele (1/70,000),
Le Blanc - Sco (1/70,000), Kryptonite (1/3,000)
Ancient Male Knight's Soul
Grim-Wight (1/70,000), Daemon Slayer (1/70,000), Le Blanc - Mus (1/70,000),
Kryptonite (1/3,000)
Ancient Minotauros
1-5 Ancient Relics (always), 1-3 Ancient Gold Relics (always), 1-10 L92 Enchant Chips (always), 1-5 L96 Enchant Chips (always), 1-7 Stones of Soul (always),
 1 Archangel's Heart (1/10)
Ancient Sphinx
1-5 Ancient Relics (always), 1-3 Ancient Gold Relics (always), 1-10 L92 Enchant Chips (always), 1-5 L96 Enchant Chips (always), 1-7 Red Jewel Fragments (always),
1 Siren's Scale (1/10)
Ancient Medusa
1-10 Ancient Relics (always), 1-5 Ancient Gold Relics (always), 1-7 L100 Enchant Chips (always), 1-3 Veteran Enchant Chips (always), 1-5 Kryptonite (always),
 1 Seed of Rafflesia (1/10)