Best Blowout Support Event 2017 until July 04 (Europe) or Aug 23 (USA).  

There was an unscheduled maintenance this week, which reset most field raids again after the usual maintenance. So it was a busy week in-game. We gave Griffon mission a miss this week, since we were still missing 2 Egg Shells. Team Arena continued to drop the usual stuffs - 2 Symbols of Aries, Symbol of Taurus, Symbol of Scorpio, and Symbol of Leo.

Multiple raids made us giddy in more ways than one, but we got a few fancy loot as well, including Elite Le Noir (fig) and 2 fancy recipes for necklace and armor. As such, there was less time for passive training and farming. Only Zarathustra (Lionel) gained a level this week, reaching Veteran Lv.10 while mining Iron Ores inside Castilla Mine.

Willikins (Raven) led the family back to Skeleton Dungeon Bounty Hunts, and found that the drop rate for Crafted Key [Room of the Dead] was quite high. Out of 12 roulette items, there were 4 crafted keys. So maybe there is no point in using Expert Tokens to purchase the crafted keys. We should start stocking them up for v8.10.0 to acquire Montoro's Viscount Ring. Some pioneers have acquired the ring by opening boxes, but we probably don't have the luck for Letizia Shiny Boxes.

We also brought along a subsidiary family to collect materials inside Joaquin Underground Prison mission. Eisheth (Crazy Emilia) collected 59 Mega Quartz within an hour. The drops for the entire week consisted of Artisan's Earring Recipe and the usual rubbish.

We purchased 2 Dragon's Lumiere Rods, which ate 359 and 399 Enchantment Chips to enchant [Human 98%] and [Mental ATK • ATK Rating +3] respectively. No really satisfied with them, but they will do for now. The first can function for Joaquin Underground Prison missions, and the other for [Darkness] usage. We upgraded one of them to +7, using up 340 Upgrade Accelerators, 10 Lacquers +5: Veteran, and 6 Lacquers +6: Veteran. We also threw 58 Enchantment Chips on +7 Dragon's Eye Bracelet to enchant [ATK • Golem], and another 171 Enchantment Chips on +7 Black Bishop to enchant [ATK • Life].

On Saturday, we joined in our 6th Legion War on the Royalist side, which achieved victory by accumulating war points. The weekly event colony was taken by the Royalists, so Pegadilla mercenaries should be joining the Republicans in Auch next week.


Yeah your family sure helped a lot on Legion War using recover all the way down...

the buff is pretty nice just wait till people get 500k points then all will want purchase points again

so you guys in sword2 also do recover spam, oh well, the buff is indeed good, max contri points is 10m which gives 14% atk, 14 def/res, 4200 hp. who doesnt want that buff, but i feel sorry for other players who suffer from dc because of this way of points farming.

i doubt anyone continues beyond lvl 8 buff after that its 500k more points for 1 level that would be 2 months effort not really worth it best thing is to get spammers to pick an out of the way spot

Yes, what banbha said. Eventually, people will want to do things that give more shop points instead. Whichever activity you do during Legion War, there are pros and cons, benefits and missed opportunities.

And using recover does contribute to the war. Besides killing the NPC leader, the war can be won by accumulating points, which recover actually provide. Pay attention to the bar next time.

the only value to killing simon as far as oi can tell is 20 kills gives a nice medal but only last hit gets it