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A few weeks ago, I found a screenshot of a character panel here which I thought is quite nice. But I couldn't find the skin pack to download, so I decided to reverse-engineer the screenshot back into a user interface skin. Rather than creating the skin from scratch, I opted for a partial skin instead. This means it will use another skin as a base, then over-write a few selected files with the partial skin. This way, I won't have to re-design every single button or scroll bar. The base skin I used is Revised Black Skin by Warwolf76, since I find it nicely compatible with the partial skin. You may experiment with other base skins if you wish. Anyway, here is the end result...

Download and unzip file below into Granado Espada\release\user\skin folder. Start the game launcher, and click Config button, then tick Enable User Skin and click Save button.

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Blackskin V2 download page here =)

Oh, that's nice. Thank you. If I have seen it, I won't have bothered spending time on this. Heh.