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A few people have asked so far, but I am too busy to compile and constantly update a resource site like Book of Wind or Book of Fire all by myself. I have asked a few other players to help out, but not much responses so far, maybe because they are busy exploring the new content for v9.5.

In any case, I have pulled data out of v10.5.1 client of Korea's Silver (Test) Server and made some spreadsheets to cross-reference those data based on character/stance/skill selection. It is not as presentable as a proper web site, but simple enough to save me a significant amount of time, as I won't have to edit, format, and update every single character, stance, and skill. So no fancy picture, no fancy format, just raw data taken directly from the client.... up to and including Veatrice, Grandies, Cadet Adriana, Cadet Elisa, etc.

This free "product" is provided as is without warranties, guarantees, or support. As I mentioned, the data is extracted directly from the client, so if you don't understand something, try to compare some basic stances to figure out what some fields may mean. You need Microsoft Excel to open the file (.xlsx format, 1.24 MB). Compatibility with other software has not been tested, but it isn't too complex so it shouldn't have too much problems. If you have constructive feedbacks, feel free to leave a comment, but I can't promise I will implement it, as it depends on how much time/work is required.


The original file was removed from File Dropper host. I re-uploaded it to Mediafire instead. Use the new link above.


password for Excel plz.

Thanks very much for the database, it's very useful.

According to it, figther and Trooper will get an extra 10 ponts for HP (CON) leaving them at 70 HP for fighter and 80 HP for trooper.

Do you know whether it's actually true? That'd make tanking the higher end raids a bit more plausible hehe

Yuri !!
I can;t open the excel, it need a password to open,...
what do you open with,this file ??
Guide me plz. thank you

Super boulot de compilation de données + excel.
Petit truc (que tu connais sans doute): ne pas utiliser CONCATENER mais mettre des & entre chaque champ à mettre à la suite.
Bonne soirée à toi

I could help you out ash

You don't need a password to open/use the file. The password merely locks the sheets/workbook so you can't edit it. This prevents accidental edits and attempts to falsify data. What version of Excel are you using?

any ideas if the atk up bonus on stances differs from version to version jge seems to have more atk bonuses

i use excel 2003,
so, i must use excel 2007 to open this. Yeah thank you all.

Hm. No idea. To know that, will need to compare 2 regional clients with the same version update. I don't think Japan has v10.5 yet, probably v10.0 or so for now.

Can you check the healing amount ? It's too high

The healing numbers are not the exact amount of HP healed. It should be a variable as part of a formula. I haven't figure out what the formula is yet. So use it only for comparison with other healing stances.

More on healing... let Y be Lv.10 Heal number listed in the Excel skill details.

Heal = (Y/200 + Y/400*skill_level) * (INT + DEX)/12

This should give you the same numbers as Book of Fire.

Thanks! I really needed this. Appreciate it :)

i cant download can u send it to my email?

Use the new Mediafire link - here - for download.