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After mucking about in the sewers under Reboldeaux, the family collected their first set of 50 Werewolf & Ogre Seals. In all this time, they looted Damaged Ancient Polish x9, but not a single weapon recipe. Visca (Grace) returned to Bahamar Murky Bayou, and reached Expert Lv.5.

The treasure hunters found yet another Assassin Dagger as their 36th Fire Isle Treasure in Zone 2. Another hunt failed as they couldn't be bothered to go into Zone 3.

Grinding to master is so damn slow. The main team is still barely half-way there. I'm getting bored again, such that I don't even feel like hunting anything anymore. But the good thing about this game is that you can always just AFK away.

Out of boredom, the family tried to directly upgrade 4 Assassin Daggers, 1 Grim-Stick, and 1 Daemon Sword. All except 1 dagger were upgraded to +5, then all 5 broke at +6 upgrade. Ugh. After using 25 chips and Enchant Boosters, one of The Black Dragon rifles ended up with 6 enchantments, but too bad its racial mod is Dinosaur (again). It looks like the game really wants me to raid Jormungand.

kGE v4.5 Preview II has been released. Exact details may be subject to adjustments later on. See also kGE v4.5 Preview I.

The AR/DR increments for +9 and +10 equipment are reduced, while the success rates are increased. The base ATK/DEF of equipment are increased per +1 upgrade beyond +4.

ATK/DEF Ratingv4.10000111123
Success Rate
ATK (e.g. bayonet)
DEF (e.g. coat)

The cost of upgrading low-level items has been reduced. The cost of upgrading Lv.100+ items has been increased. User interface has been changed to reflect the success rates.

[ ]

The 1% chance of failure at +5 with max. accelerators is rubbish. With the new UI displaying the actual success rate, it will be hard to claim that 1% fail rate should be there.

Multiple lacquers can be used on a single equipment, allowing it a chance to retain its original upgrade or reduce it by 1 instead of resetting to +0 upon failure.

If the table does not load due to ImageShack server problem, see Book of Wind instead.

For example, when you fail to upgrade a +7 weapon to +8, there is 100% of resetting to +0 if you use only 1 lacquer. With 2 lacquers, there is 50% chance of resetting to +0, and 25% chance of retaining +7 or reducing to +6. With 3 lacquers, it will either retain at +7 or drop to +6 (50% chance each). See details in v4.5.4.

The rating of crystals yielded by equipment is determined by its final ATK/DEF Rating, instead of its base rating. For example, +7 Le Blanc (DR 27+3) can be refined into DR30 armor crystal. Ancient damaged weapons cannot be used. Recipes requiring crystals will be revised.

The boss-summon from colony will be deleted. Feso reward will be changed to vis instead. World map has been updated with different colors for faction occupation. New maps will be available for colony wars. Colony buffs have been revised. Valkyrie Crushers have been updated.

[ ]

Players can accept material supply quests from new NPC during colony wars. There will be some sort of compensation for supplying materials.

New raid mission has been added. Families which have completed Catherine Torsche's quest may do the raid mission once per day. The treasure box requires a key, available from Bounty Hunters' Guild (v4.5.4).

[ ]

The kGE teaser (v4.5) for the 2nd chapter of Captain Planet the Five Elements, named Otite of Wind, is now available here. You can also download the movie teaser here. Most of the other stuffs have already been mentioned before, such as Greek Croma, Expert Cannon/Shotgun stances, etc. Discuss at IAHGames forums here.

[ ]

Note: kGE website has imposed IP restrictions. If you cannot load the website, you may have to use a proxy to bypass it. I really don't know why they bother doing this. Hearing about new updates keep people interested in the game, as they will have something to look forward to.

Imperial Wheel (jGE) has been updated for Jan 26-Feb 1, 2010. As before, the new costumes are named after flowers - Cattleya and "The Scarlet Flower" (French). It also includes the following:

  • Draconic Crossbow: AR 32 Crossbow
  • Elite Le Blanc - Musketeer: Lv.100 Coat - DEF 168 • DR 30
  • Elite Inviardeco: Lv.96 Leather (Sco) - DEF 187 • DR 29
  • Promotion Scroll - Veteran, Expert, or Master

[ ]

Cannon • Expert Exclusive
ATK 531 • AR 33
Accuracy +10
+10 Fire/Ice/Lightning/Mental ATK
+10% ATK vs. Daemons

[ ]

Staff • Expert Exclusive
ATK 317 • AR 33
Max SP +25%

[ ]

Great Sword • Veteran Exclusive
ATK 444 • AR 32

[ ]

Sabre • Expert Exclusive
ATK 317 • AR 33
+10 Fire/Ice/Lightning Mental ATK
+10% vs. Daemons

[ ]

Body Costume + Hair
Hellena Exclusive
[ ]

Body Costume + Hair
Female Elementalist Exclusive

[ ]

Lorch Exclusive

More screenshots of elementalist's costume is available at Dengeki Online.

Pazuzu (STF) returned to Bahamar Marsh once more, reaching Expert Lv.4. Thereafter, Romina reached Expert Lv.5 in Bahamar Murky Bayou, then brought Pazuzu (STF) and Visca (Grace) into Reboldeaux Scarlet Underground. It is just too bad the timeless Combat Manual from last week was fixed during maintenance. Cthulhu (Poppet) looted 1 Snail Shell, 1 Old Chess Piece, 4 Damaged Ancient Polish, Will of the Warrior Ring, and 2 Lv.84 elite armor recipes this week.

Visca (Grace) bought 6 Karj's Portmanteau II boxes for 15m vis each. She opened 4 of them and received Lv.92 Enchantment Chip, Lv.100 Enchantment Chip, Lv.90 (920k) EXP Card, and White Vent Costume. It seems like most people get the costume within 1-6 boxes. So why are people still trying to sell it for 150m vis?

The treasure hunters found another Assassin Dagger as their 35th Fire Isle Treasure in Zone 1.

[ ]

The family is still waiting for G1's decision for those bitten by the Tiger bug. After almost 6 months, I finally managed to access G1 Account Profile page and link my SNW account to a G1 account. Now at least I can submit a ticket if I ever need to do so. Yay~!

Camera Auto-Zoom
In its default state (on), the camera will auto-zoom in at the feet of the leader when you move the camera to view upwards (i.e. up-skirt perspective). By turning it off, you can view the surrounding area from below the ground. This allows you to see hidden spike traps (e.g. Occulta Dungeon) as mentioned previously here. This can also be achieved by typing /camcol on or /camcol off in the chat window.

[ ]

Hide Active Markers
By default (off), active characters have green markers at their feet to indicate that they are being selected. The leader's marker is a circle, while followers' markers are triangles. You may want to hide the markers when taking screenshots without using Alt-F.

[ ]

Hot-Keys Setup
To add the hot-keys for these commands, you must be using user-defined hot-keys. Simply open your hot-key file (.xml) with Notepad and add the following lines.

<HotKey Name="/camcol ON" Scp="EnableCamCol(1)" Key="F2" UseAlt="NO" UseCtrl="YES" UseShift="NO" OnEdit="YES" />
<HotKey Name="/camcol OFF" Scp="EnableCamCol(0)" Key="F2" UseAlt="NO" UseCtrl="YES" UseShift="YES" OnEdit="YES" />
<HotKey Name="Hide Active Marker ON" Scp="HideMyPc(1)" Key="F3" UseAlt="NO" UseCtrl="YES" UseShift="NO" OnEdit="YES" />
<HotKey Name="Hide Active Marker OFF" Scp="HideMyPc(0)" Key="F3" UseAlt="NO" UseCtrl="YES" UseShift="YES" OnEdit="YES" />

Thereafter, you can turn on these functions with Ctrl-F2/F3, and turn off with Ctrl-Shift-F2/F3.

[ ]The family tried to buy the Tigers after maintenance, and was kicked out of Coimbra again. It looks like the Tiger Event is still bugged. On the plus side, the base EXP was increased by +50% after maintenance.

Visca (Grace) reached Expert Lv.4, "graduating" from Bahamar Marsh since Giant Snails (Lv.107) are no longer optimal (i.e. yellow-named) for her. Romina took to the marshes in her stead, eventually reaching Expert Lv.4 as well. After getting spanked for not looting any last week, Cthulhu (Poppet) looted 4 Snail Shells this week. Swamp Angler also dropped another Symbol of Scorpio.

Thanks to Amalielle family, Combat Manual: Medium (80%) 1-day, currently timeless until fixed, was acquired on the 11th Andre's Portmanteau II. The drops from the previous 10 boxes were:

  • Lv.90 (920k) EXP Card x2
  • Lv.92 Enchantment Chip
  • Lv.100 Enchantment Chip
  • Black Samurai Armor Costume (m/fig)
  • Black Samurai Armor Costume (f/fig)
  • 5 Upgrade Accelerators x2
  • Rose Camellia Costume
  • Elite Storm Cockatrice Spinelle
The treasure hunters found Assassin Dagger as their 33rd Fire Isle Treasure in Zone 1. Qilue (f/sco) and Candide (Lorch) stayed on to gain a few levels after the hunt.

[ ]

A few days later, they found Daemon Sword as their 34th Fire Isle Treasure in Zone 2.

[ ]

There were 6 disconnections experienced this week. The server has been screwing around with me for the past few weeks.

SNW: Changes For Costume Purchase
G1-Neume has revealed upcoming changes to Sword of the New World, mainly regarding the removal of permanent costumes in cash shop to be replaced by class-specific costume boxes. See About This Week's Patch forum topic for details.

Update: The tentative content of the class-specific costume boxes are revealed. See here for the tentative drop list. The bad news is that they seem to include hats sold by Andre (e.g. Iron Mask, Corsair Hat). Among the "new" costumes are 2008 Beijing Olympics costumes, which were available in sGE during Aug-Sep 2008. See Exclusive Beijing 2008 Sportswear Costumes and The One About Beijing Olympics 2008 for details.

sGE: HCOF New Year Special
Hellena's Circus of Fate is having a 50% discount, and a series of loot updates which last about 2 weeks each. Interestingly enough, sGE is also having new costumes boxes - Andre's Outfit Box, Pioneer Headwear Box, and RNPC Headwear Box. See HCOF: New Year Special for details and here for what some players got from the boxes.

I have found a software to throttle CPU usage by limiting specific processes, and thus reduce the tendency for CPU to over-heat, which always happen to me when the game is running for a long time. Of course, when you limit CPU usage, the client might get a bit laggy, but this is fine if you are just staying in one spot for AFK or semi-AFK. Just don't throttle when you need to be active, such as raids or Colony War.

Simply start BES and click Target button to select Sword of the New World process. Click Limit This and Yes to confirm. Click Control button to specify how much you want to reduce resources allocated to this process. I usually throttle it at -50%.

See Battle Encoder Shirase for how-to-use guide and download links.

[ Loading... ]

The default background is a picture of some stupid penguins. I have modified a GE wallpaper to fit the software skin. Simply download the picture here and save it as defskin.jpg in BES program folder (over-write if prompted).

Sword of the New World has introduced Andre's & Karj's Portmanteau II boxes (150 gold each), which include White Vent and Rose Camellia costumes. See Jan 12 Patch Notes for details. The only missing v3.0 costume now is Darkness costume (aka Blackness Rose) for male wizard, which will debut along with v3.4 patch.1

[ ]

About Andre's & Karj's Portmanteau I
Portmanteau I boxes have been removed from the cash shop after being made available for 7 weeks (Nov 24, 2009 - Jan 12, 2010). They may return for a week or so, but not in the near future.2 Expect more of such limited-period cash shop boxes, since G1 had about 20 such boxes planned for this year.

50% EXP Boost & Tiger Events
There is a 50% EXP Boost for 1 week until Jan 20.3 The Tiger Event has been extended to Jan 20, 2010. Unfortunately, the bug is still not fixed after maintenance. Ugh!

Pazuzu (STF) reached Expert Lv.3 in Bahamar Marsh, then Visca (Grace) replaced him to solo-train there. Cthulhu (Poppet) is going to get spanked, since it didn't loot any Snail Shell this week. Qilue (f/sco) and Averroes (Najib) reached Lv.84 in Fire Isle Zone 1, and are now ready to take to Prison de Joaquin Schivarliere. The experts retrieved Grim-Stick and Carbon Knuckles from Bellem's Relics.

After 2 weeks, the Snow Drops Christmas Event finally ended. The family attempted to "sing" the Christmas Carols 20 times, and received 2 Veteran (14m) EXP Cards, several Lv.90 (560k) EXP Cards, and several Event Mystic Potions. But mostly, they received the consolation prizes of Christmas Firecrackers, Christmas Stockings (EXP +30% and stops regeneration for 30 min.), Snowmen, and Christmas Trees.

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All Thai GE players need to type is "Jingle Bells! Jingle Bells! Jingle all the way!"

Participating in the New Year Event, the family played with the tiger, accumulating up to about 2,010 points. Since you need to play 1 more game to buy each tiger, the family played on, and got bugged by getting the correct number on the first guess. The maintenance patch did not resolve the problem for the family, so they continue to wait for G1-Raiden to come to the rescue here.

[ ]

The "reward" turns out to be a bug that stops you from buying the tiger...

Well, at least the family received the remaining 3 free Santa costumes (ele, mus, & sco) from Ninja Claus. Too late for Christmas though... or too early. There were 5 disconnections experienced this week, not including the client hangs caused by the tiger bug.

Korea GE has released its v4.5 Preview. See Japanese translation here and discuss at IAHGames forums here.

1. Catherine Torsche
The real Catherine is a dagger-wielding assassin. She has a dual-dagger stance called Death Chopping, which requires Symbol of Capricorn. You must complete Holy Water Chamber Quest and have a Master-level Catherine (Str, Dex, Int, or Summoner).

See the following screenshots from kGE Screen Board. See also Book of Wind: Catherine Torsche.

2. The Crusader: Expert Blunt Stance
The Crusader stance uses blunt and shield. It requires Symbol of Taurus.
See The Crusader Skills at kGE Screen Board.

3. Stance Rings & Improved Stance Rings
Stance rings can be crafted from Precious Metal Merchant in Auch. Improved stance rings can have additional options, such as max HP, max SP, skill level +1, etc. See Silver Server v4.44 for details.

4. DEF Rating 33 Armors
Greek Croma armor series (DR 33) now drop from top-level raids. Veteran Enchantment Chips are used to enchant them.

5. Quest Window
A Guide tab is added to Quest window to display progression by level for new players. The quest rewards will be improved.

6. Password-Protected Transactions
You can now lock in-game trades with password, as a security measure against other players who somehow acquired your login password. The feature is available from Game Options (Alt-O).

7. Misc. Changes
There are a few other changes.
  • Top-level accessories (earrings, gloves, boots) drop in Occulta Mission only. See Silver Server v4.4.0 for more on Bounty Hunter Guild.
  • When killed, a baron may have his equipment destroyed instead of dropped.
  • Raid difficulty is increased. Rewards are improved.
  • Triumph fillers last for 1 hour.
  • Registration fee at Market Manager will be reduced from 1% to 0.1%.
  • The 3% tax for hiding name at Market Manager will be removed.
  • Each family can register up to 20 items (instead of 10) at Market Manager.
  • Some changes are made to Server Board (currently disabled in sGE & SNW) regarding family names and whispers.
Edit: Added links to screenshots from kGE Screen Board.

Magic Circle (kGE) is now available during Dec 12, 2009 to Jan 11, 2010. There are 2 new costumes (1 male, 1 female) and a new hat for scout.

[ ]

There are also a set for Asoka character card, Recipe - Kurenai (AR33 Great Sword), and a stance ring.

[ ]

More information about Sword of the New World's coming patch from G1-Neume... As usual, bold emphasis mine.

In general we've been releasing all of the content of a patch at once. All of 3.0 came in one patch (save of the Bazaar items) Like 3.0, when 3.4 is released not all Bazaar items will be available day 1. [...]

That said, we do intend on releasing Master and new costume boxes WITH the 3.4 patch. We're also working on releasing 2 new costume boxes BEFORE 3.4. That may not happen but that's our goal. I know everyone is focused on 3.4 right now, but we still have a lot going on outside of that.
  • We *think* we fixed the Ho Tiger event and are trying to determine the best way to compensate for the issue. Hopefully this will go live this week (finger's crossed it's still in QA).
  • We also have our eyes set on making some changes with regards to vis costs when upgrading items. This would reduce the cost to upgrade substantially. This is a major discussion with IMC so don't take this statement as fact but we think the price is currently too high.
  • We also are working on another pass at gold cost to upgrade. One thing we're looking at is creating a new Master Crafter Pack.
  • We're looking at releasing Andre's Portmanteau II and Karj's Portmanteau II which contains a new Female Fighter costume and a New Grace Bernelli costume (respectively).
  • The "voldemort" is currently in processes. We're closer to announcing it now than we were before.
So there is still a lot happening in an insanely short period of time. We're working VERY hard to get 3.4 out the door before the end of the month, however, we don't want to release something too fast or we'll have another issue like we did with BOTH holiday patches. What we're doing takes time and we need to allow time for it to happen or we'll just continue to release bad things. If 3.4 releases in February and doesn't have major game breaking bugs I will be elated. Rushing to get something out isn't smart and I think the past two patches proves that point beyond a shadow of a doubt.

P.S. That costume is not a part of the 3.0, 3.4 or 3.5 patch. [Source]

The Voldemort happens around March-ish so 3.4 has to be well before that. [Source]

Coming Soon™: v3.4
So, v3.4 is possibly delayed again. No real surprise there. Dec, Jan, and now, potentially Feb. Whatever, I'm still not yet Master anyway. On the other hand, I do want the feso stones to be tradable in order to acquire expert stances.

Both SNW and sGE updated to v2.9 at around the same time (Oct 2008). In fact, SNW was actually about a week earlier than sGE. Let's look at their updates in 2009 since then.

sGE - 2009, Jan 22 (v3.0) ► Apr 09 (v3.2) ►Jun 19 (v3.4) ► Oct 22 (v3.5)
SNW - 2009, Jul 08 (v2.9b) ► Sep 16 (v3.0)

If you use sGE as a comparative standard, v3.0 to v3.4 took about 5 months. Since SNW is patching from v3.0 to v3.4, Feb 2010 is actually 5 months from the release of v3.0. So it is actually not that unreasonable. (The crawl from v2.9 to v3.0 is totally atrocious, taking almost 1 year... but we are done with that.)

New Costume Boxes
I know lots of people want Grace's White Vent costume*, but I really hope people won't offer ridiculous amounts of vis to buy those boxes. If that happens as is likely to be the case, the prices of ALL cash shop items and feso rate are going to become even more inflated. One of the reasons why prices in Orpesia have been soaring since v3.0 is probably due to players who are desperate for the new items offering way above the current gold-to-vis rate.

For example, if MP (20 gold) sells for 1m vis (1:50k) and you offer to buy lots of boxes (150 gold) for 30m vis (1:200k), who is going to sell MP? All the cash shop traders will sell boxes instead, so MP/UA/EB/feso/etc. will be under-supplied, and hence inflated to match the new gold-to-vis rate set by the boxes.

Note (*): Which by the way, is already inside the current v3.0 client, since the texture for the costume is currently inside one of the .ipf files... and it's of course going to be White Vent. You are not expecting the "cowgirl" Ixia costume or the latest Santa costume for Grace, are you? Get real.

The female fighter costume mentioned is most likely Rose Camellia.

Edit: Added some comparison and more thoughts about v3.4 patch delay.

Pazuzu (STF) continued killing snails in Bahamar Marsh to reach Expert Lv.2, while Cthulhu (Poppet) looted 2 Snail Shells, Enchantment Arm Ring, Elemental Strife Ring, Hawkeye Ring, and 3 Lv.84 elite armor recipes.

The family recruited the Targan firearms merchant Averroes (Najib Sharif), naming him after the Muslim philosopher who defended Aristotelianism and subsequently influenced Moses Maimonides and Thomas Aquinas. Furthermore, the family elders decided to adopt more children, bringing in Hermes (Ramiro) and Loki (Tiburon), who are named after the messenger god in Greek mythology and the trickster god in Norse mythology respectively.

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For Averroes' rebuttal of Al-Ghazali's work, read the text of Incoherence of the Incoherence.

Averroes (Najib) and Qilue (f/sco) received their training in Gigante Beach, Rion Dungeon Hollow, and Fire Isle. Together, they restored the lost family level from the departure of Empedocles (m/ele). The family finally noticed that Elite Crabs and Elite Coconut Crabs (unlike their non-elite versions) are aggressive, and can attack inactive characters in Gigante Beach...

The family also attempted to "sing" the unreasonably long Christmas carols with the Holiday Minstrel, then play mind-numbing, number-guessing games with the Tiger for several hours. Luckily, Ninja Claus inserted Santa costumes for fighter and wizard into the family's backpack, so the family is waiting for 3 more costumes. See Santa Surprise!.

Ashardalon Family Profile has been updated and re-organized into teams. There was 1 disconnection experienced this week. Beyond disconnection, there was massive server failure. It seems that nobody in Orpesia server can leave whatever map they happen to be in. Whisper, clan chat, and group chat are all disabled. The family was stuck in Coimbra. The issue went unresolved for about 10 hours. See Orpesia Problems 1/1/2010.